Today's Republicans Craziness
  • Obama Created ISIS NOT
  • Will or won't he debate
  • Trump falling further behind
  • Republican will vote Hillary
  • Trump Meltdown
  • AP-GfK Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively
  • Giuliani will vote for Trump in NY primary
  • Trump cancels California rally to focus on NY
  • Trump shrugs off loss during first post-Wisconsin appearance
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Every Wart Picked on GOP candidate’s till the one who survives to the general election dies from the infection

Can they hurt the party anymore then there doing now?
In the end will any of them have any supporters?

Trump lost the women vote .the black vote ,the Muslim vote ,and for sure the Latino vote. I doubt he’s done insulting people so that total will climb in whose vote he lost.

On the road to the White House they seem to forget they need votes of these groups to win. In many Southern States the Latino vote is key to winning many states. Women’s votes are also very important to become the President. So why are they throwing these votes away. I’m not sure the angry whites votes will be enough any more to become president. I guess the party of stupid is still stupid

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