Iran Has Major Problems This Week In West Africa

My American and British friends have been asking me this weekend how the Iran nuclear deal, the agreement Secretary Kerry and his associates signed in a 3 AM ceremony in Geneva’s Palace of Nations, is playing in West Africa and in Senegal in particular. As I write this Saturday afternoon, I am in Paris, just in from Dakar. By one of those weird coincidences that cannot be explained in any rational way, Senegal today severed its diplomatic ties with Iran, not because of anything going on with nuclear weapons or the Geneva conference, but rather because of a seizure last January of an enormous cache of arms that Iran had allegedly shipped to rebels in Casamance, who wish to cut their ties with Senegal and become independent. This is a bad day for Iran, not only in Senegal, but all over West Africa, which has perhaps been following the Casamance issue more closely than the nuclear concerns of Israel and the United States.

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