Today's Republicans Craziness
  • AP-GfK Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively
  • Giuliani will vote for Trump in NY primary
  • Trump cancels California rally to focus on NY
  • Trump shrugs off loss during first post-Wisconsin appearance
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A sad fact were still living in the age of some men who would never vote for a women president

April 14th, 2016

Personally I’m glad I’m more evolved then those little boys who are sexually afraid of a strong women. Man am I ashamed of some of the comments I see from this sexual frustrated social losers. Most never ever talk policy it’s bitch this or whore that. Sorry You can’t handle strong women I prefer my women with a brain . So you can untangle your panties if they get in to much of a bunch and grow a set someday I guess

Trumps not about equal justice under the law if he was he would of asked that his aid who pushed someone be punished like any poor or Black person would be charged.

April 14th, 2016

Trumps not the person who cares about equal justice he couldn’t give a rats ass that a black or poor person goes to jail for crimes his cronies and rich friends get away with. When he becomes president watch the jail fill up with Latino people or black people. He’ll be giving the wealthy a free get out of jail card specially the ones he’s friends with. His aid forcible put his hands on another person whoever the prosecutor was a Trump lackey who let it slide . Sets a good image of America? No it doesn’t .I heard justice was blind but when did it become deaf and mute. This country need a big overhaul in its justice system it has become justice for the wealthy and not justice for all.

You tell me by this example if justice is balanced wealthy teens put cocaine up their nose they either get a slap on the wrist or get to go to club rehab. A black teen gets caught smoking some pot gets a mouth in jail and zero rehab . If you think that’s equal justice you have a mental problem.

Trump disliked by a majority of Americans

April 7th, 2016

It was a meteoric rise but it hit turbulence and came crashing to earth. He might not even win the nomination of his party. Being vague and not really having any sensible plans worked for awhile but it’s time to bring it or go home. Being rude , mean , and making ugly faces is losing him the beauty contest and who wants an ugly president. The season of Trump is over the leaves are falling as they die from being fertilized with bull shit. I can hear Americans all over singing “na ,na ,na ,na good bye” Put a fork in this turkey it’s done.

Anti-Abortion plus being Anti-Contraception is Cruel and Stupid

April 6th, 2016

Some of these Anti-Abortion nuts even want to stop Contraception from being used. They think everyone I guess is so religious that sex before marriage won’t happen. Kids won’t be born out of wedlock into one person families that give those kids half a chance.

Lets live in the real, world people will have sex, it by all definition is natural not some great sin. Some people at this time in their life would make terrible parents and it’s better if they don’t have them. Contraception is the best bet at this time for not having children if you don’t want to.

It’s cruel to bring children into a world of poverty. Many of these same children the Religious right have forced on women with their crazy new war on contraception ,and on programs like Planned Parenthood which provide things like contraceptive to the poor who can’t afford them. These same right wingers want to cut foodstamps ,cut Obamacare , and cut education. Leaving these poor children in a bad world , where they get nothing to make it better. How can they be so cruel or are they just plain ignorant .

Trump would block money transfers to Mexico

April 5th, 2016

First off would the system put in place to stop money transfers have a cost to American Businesses . I think it would ,plus instead of using money transfers couldn’t they just send something called cash in the mail? It wouldn’t be as safe but it could be done. Finally would it be legal in the first place and how long would it have to go through the legal system. To pay for a wall that will in the end up not stopping illegal immigration very much or at all .Plus a wall will also effect wild life immigration in the area ,Unintended consequences many cause the end of some animal species.

There are way around Trumps idea of blocking money transfers because money can be sent home in other ways and I’m sure it will be, getting nothing to pay for the stupid wall.

Every Wart Picked on GOP candidate’s till the one who survives to the general election dies from the infection

April 3rd, 2016

Can they hurt the party anymore then there doing now?
In the end will any of them have any supporters?

Trump lost the women vote .the black vote ,the Muslim vote ,and for sure the Latino vote. I doubt he’s done insulting people so that total will climb in whose vote he lost.

On the road to the White House they seem to forget they need votes of these groups to win. In many Southern States the Latino vote is key to winning many states. Women’s votes are also very important to become the President. So why are they throwing these votes away. I’m not sure the angry whites votes will be enough any more to become president. I guess the party of stupid is still stupid

Trump would allow Rich Muslim’s into the United States he says at Wisconsin Rally

April 1st, 2016

Not sure Trump knew this but good old Osama Bin Laden was a rich Muslim. His Father was a millionaire he had access to millions of dollars . Not all terrorists come from poor families Donald if you paid attention you would know that. There are many wealthy terrorist out there because its not about wealth to them is about freedom of religion. Freedom in their countries ,freedom from those who are in power. Freedom from people like you Donald Trump

Trump speaks his true thought about women ,gets in trouble

March 31st, 2016

If abortion become law Trump will put women who have one in prison. Well he didn’t come out and say those words exactly but those women would be punished some how. It’s like women make the decision to have an abortion without any thought. Some do it because they are not capable of being a good parent. Their drug addicts the kids would be born addicts and most likely would have serious health problems. A women who was raped doesn’t want to carry the child of a rapist . Some don’t have good reasons I grant you that but it should be up to them. No religion has the right to control certain choices a person makes. Now the Right wants to get rid of birth control ,then get rid of abortion, and destroy planned parenthood mostly based on religious reasons. One Religion pushing its form of religion on everyone .Isn’t that why many people left Europe in the past to get away from religious prosecution.

Trump now says sorry brain fart didn’t mean it because it will cause him votes not because its not what he thinks

The hate and crap coming from Trump and Sanders supporters is becoming the same.

March 30th, 2016

If you look at Tweeter it’s becoming harder to tell the difference between Trump supporters and Sanders supporters they both use lies created by the GOP to define Hilary Clinton. They both use vulgar words like cunt ,bitch ,and other language only people of low IQ would use. The lines are blurring . Is this how we choose who the president should be?

It’s sad that we get dragged through the gutter daily by Trump ,and now we dragged their by supporters of Bernie Sanders . Isn’t it time to act like adults and quit calling names like children. Policy is what you should make your choices for president on. Not Debates ,Not Polls, Not Sound Bites , Not the News.

So far the only one out their making realistic policies is Hilary Clinton .
Trumps policies don’t make economic sense they would greatly add to the national debt and help less people,
Bernie’s stuff sounds good if we lived in a vacuum with no enemies around the world, but that’s not a reality I think Bernie trying to appease or talk to people who have a gun to our head just isn’t going to work. He’s not going to change the minds of the people in North Korea or Iran that count. Higher wages aren’t going to happen with one man asking , His power as president can only go so far. You want to get better wages simple pick a day and everyone not go to work the next day you’ll get better wages. It’s not up to any politician to make your life better it’s up to you nothing is handed out for free.

Why a wall between U.S. and Mexico is a bad idea specially if Mexico has to pay for it

March 30th, 2016

The money from Mexico will be have to be taken from some other place. Let’s say they cut their drug enforcement program to pay for this wall. It leads to more drugs entering the United States ,that leads to the federal government hiring more DEA agents ,It leads to big city’s having to increase their drug enforcement police. It also causes things like murder , theft ,and other crimes to go on the rise. Where are we saving the costs ? Nowhere we’re just paying in a worse way.

Ok they don’t take money from drug enforcement they take it from social programs. That creates more people wanting to flee to the United States. So you think a wall is going to stop people , it didn’t stop the Mongol horde from attacking the Chinese. Their wall was massive. For a wall to work it can’t be a thin cement war it would have to be thick enough to withstand explosives ,high enough for ladders not to work ,and it would have to be buried deep enough not to be tunneled under.

It would have to be patrolled 24-7 by lots of men , Use Drones some people say might work until some smart hacker learns to hack them and take control. Cameras right nope a camera can be beat by a simple bullet or a can of spray paint.

The cost of this wall keeps going up as the benefits keep going down. In the end no wall will ever defeat a person with nothing to lose whose desperate.