GOP there’s an old saying that you can’t serve two masters

You can’t serve a majority of the American People, that includes the poor and middle class,if your trying to serve the rich and wealthy at the same time it just won’t work.So far your way behind in serve the masters that voted you in over the one that gave you money to run. Doesn’t that show that your selling your votes in congress to the highest bidder.Is that what the ideals of our founding fathers meant to do. I don’t think so note when it was clearly stated that all men are created equal, everyone show be treated equal under the law.That crap about justice being blind isn’t the way it’s working now and we all know it.The law has been corrupted by greed ,ideology ,and yes one religion over all others.You can all believe in whatever religion you want ,that is another crock full of shit and we all know it.Many Religion are persecuted by others all across this country.The Religious right is more about hate and inequality and creating that inequality.They want to be an exclusive club of the wealthy who has a blinder when it comes to the fate of the middle class and poor.

It’s sad the word of Jesus twisted to sell hate of others that are different.

Don’t ever make a vote by what you see in a TV Political ad

If your stupid enough to believe the half truths you see in a 30 second political ads you make be shouldn’t vote at all.The Latest one Scott Walker made the State of Wisconsin’s debt disappear but he never says how he cut education ,cut the program most needed by the poor and middle class and how they haven’t expanded medicare in that state.

They did it all on the backs of the middle class and poor with no help from the wealthy.
There was no balanced plan and the rich out of this generosity created very few new jobs. Guess no trickle down happened in proportion to the lack of not paying taxes.Did that ever work? Nope it was a pipe dream.

The State is last in creating new jobs in the mid western states. Without expanding medicare they will also become the last in medical care for its people.Scott Walker gives more importance to giving his wealthy friends more money that doing his duty as a governor working fairly for all people.

The Founding Fathers roll over in their grave as the GOP tries to take the Peoples Power Away

They claim they guard the constitution but then they do things that weaken it by denying people their right to vote.So we all realize that crap about the constitution they harp on is only a political stunt with no real truth behind it.

If they really knew what the constitution stood for would they do the things they do?

They don’t get what freedom of speech is all about. Voting is an act of free speech your stating who you want to represent you in your government.

By messing with the voting system with arbitrary rules that in no way are really needed that is taking too many peoples freedom of speech away.

Freedom of Speech is more important they stopping the minuet number of voter fraud cases that never have changed who won in any election.

Voter Fraud has been around ever since voting has been done in this country.I’m sure if could look back in history its always been here.Why is it such a big thing now the only reason I see is the GOP using it to stop legitimate voters who won’t vote for them from voting.

It’s a sad state of affairs that a political party has to do things to rig an election to win.


Stopping voters from voting

Destroying Unions
All these things to weaken the Democrats voting base.

But I think in the end at least I hope the American People got more honor then to let that happen

Koch Favorite song: If I was A Rich Man I’d Make the GOP My Bitch

I know the song from fiddler on the roof isn’t exactly like that but this is a revised version written by the Koch Brothers.

A new rap version written by the Koch Bros

If I was a Rich Man I’d Make the GOP My Bitch da da la la

All Day Long I’m make them Kiss My Ass ,If I was a Wealthy Man

They Would be my Puppets hanging from my hands doing whatever I demand

It’s so easy to control their mindless brain easy as pie

As Long as I live and until I die

Their stupid ass will be mine.

Is This a Joke? GOP call on Dick Chenney to help them with ideas on ISIS

Really it’s true ,Now I know the GOP is Stupid. Dick Chenney’s war in Iraq in essence created ISIS. He’s the one who made it Possible for ISIS to exist. It’s like asking a murderer to solve the murder he committed.The GOP is so out of touch with reality I’m always caught wondering what planet are they fucking living on.Can some one be so much in denial that they forgot the whole screw up of the Iraq war like it never happened.

What next call up George Bush for advice?

It wouldn’t surprise me.

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