Is This a Joke? GOP call on Dick Chenney to help them with ideas on ISIS

Really it’s true ,Now I know the GOP is Stupid. Dick Chenney’s war in Iraq in essence created ISIS. He’s the one who made it Possible for ISIS to exist. It’s like asking a murderer to solve the murder he committed.The GOP is so out of touch with reality I’m always caught wondering what planet are they fucking living on.Can some one be so much in denial that they forgot the whole screw up of the Iraq war like it never happened.

What next call up George Bush for advice?

It wouldn’t surprise me.

How many need to make a sacrifice to the 2nd Amendment?

A million enough, no a gun nut would tell you no not even a billion people shot down would feed their need to carry a gun. It’s a sick twisted addiction to gun violence that fills some peoples souls.The movies ,the games ,sometimes become not enough of a fix. So then the gun nuts take it to the next level and get a real gun and do some real damage.

I won’t lay it all on the games or movies but they do deserve some blame by devaluing life.But if I’m truthful I give most blame to the NRA who tries selling this guns wet dream that guns will make you safe and safer than anything else.More violence is the answer to violence Really and hows that working for you.

Not to well my guess.

Nine year old Girl with an Uzi Good Idea Answer NOOOOOOOOO

A kid kills a shooting instructor after he hands her an Uzi and tells her to fire. Whose fault I’m putting it on her parents who the kid said to that the gun was to big for her to handle. But they forced her to shoot anyway.I put it on the instructor for going along with this stupidity.

When are people going to learn that guns are not toys to play with?

To many people treat guns like there toys and then when someone gets hurt you think it would change that.But it doesn’t and the brain dead people like Ted Nugent still won’t get it maybe till it hits closer to home.Maybe if his own kid gets killed by some nut with a gun he will wake up.I doubt it

Sad how much any of these gun nuts care about kids of others .Very Little if at all, life has no value to these losers

Whatever happened to American Pride?

Remember the pride of making things in America ? Remember when we were number one in industry and manufacturing?How the mighty have fallen and why the mighty have fallen? It was the wealthy of this country selling it out because of greed.Now the call their selves patriots what a load of crap.They destroyed unions across this country ,they are the ones who decided to use third world slaves and pay them a dollar a day.

They sold out the middle classes American Dreams and now no one has job security. At some lazy rich persons whim your job could vanish without a trace. By magic the job you broke your back doing is now in the hands of some underpaid Chinese or Mexican person.

It happens all across this country factories , closing in small town everywhere.Small Towns then struggling on the best they can with people now living under bad conditions.That’s the picture that across the United States becomes more and more clear.

If all the small towns die America dies its not the big cities that grow your food or provide many of the things you need to survive it’s small town America that is the heart of America.

Truth,Justice,and the American way is not the slogan of the GOP Superman.

It’s more like Lying, Corporate Greed , and the Wealthy Way. The GOP Superman wouldn’t be like the Superman we grew up with, he would be fat,lazy ,and resemble one of the Koch Brothers. He wouldn’t lift a finger to help the poor or even care.What powers would he have to lie and make lots of people believe those lies,to hide behind the congress he controls and make them do his bidding,he would be an invisible puppet master pulling he strings of the slaves he has converted to his cause.The stealing of the future from the American People.

The S on his chest would be a dollar sign,his suit the color of a crisp dollar bill.No One would ever call him for help unless they have a six figure income it would be a waste of time otherwise.

His Secret Identity has been cut down to these people

Paul Ryan
One of he Koch Brothers
Rush Limbaugh

It is one of the above , but it can’t be determined which ,this Superman is fat and you would think that would eliminate Paul Ryan but it has been found out that he keeps a fat suit in his closet. Why?

Rush Limbaugh is fat and would fit the bill except his IQ is somewhere around 52 ,Is he smart enough?

The Koch Brothers are the most likeliest but which one or do they take turns.

We will keep investigating and find out

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