Israel needs to lose it’s war monger leader if it’s ever going to have peace #blackribbonamerica

Do they want peace in Israel or do they want endless war? It seems to most Americans they want endless war ,because they will do nothing to stop the violence.

They want us to join the in their madness.

Well I’m not and no American should risk their lives fighting the battle they want to start. No soldier should be asked to risk their lives when Israel won’t use diplomatic solutions to any of their problems . So far their solution of killing hasn’t produced not one positive result and won’t unless they commit genocide on every Muslim. So get real they want us to use their solution, they want us to bomb Iran. We done enough of their fighting haven’t we in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Once saw a Republicans Brain explode try to figure out what 2 +2 equals #blackribbonamerica

I know I’m .exaggerating a little but how come their budgets never add up. There mystery money they say coming from somewhere to pay for things from who knows where that will mean they can lower taxes on the 1% wealthy.

I will tell you where the mystery money comes from it comes from stealing from the poor ,taking money from your grandmother,and screwing people who really work for a living.

That’s the little secret they hide under the fine print hidden somewhere way on the last page that they hope you won’t notice.

It’s funny when a Republican calls someone a sheep as they themselves quietly get lead to slaughter

Or is it more like a lemmings running towards a cliff. It’s sad to not really understand the world around you without a. clue ,stupid to your impending doom. No such thing as Global Warming it’s just the earth getting warmer nothing to worry about well until the floods ,droughts , and bad weather kills you.

Immigration why don’t we just either ignore the problem or just round up 20 million or so people and send they back to Mexico. Not sure how many trillions of dollars it will end up costing.

Women are either to stupid or mean to run their own bodies and need us superior white old Republicans to make their health decisions for them.

Unions give workers power so big bad business can’t abuse them #blackribbonamerica

There might of been a time when there were some honest businesses that treated their workers like people instead of numbers on a ledger but that’s not how it is now. All those thing you take for granted like getting overtime , having a 40 hour week, or having a safe working environment ,could become a thing of the past as the GOP sticks it to unions.

Because of unions you have benefited greatly you just don’t realize how much blood has been spilled to get you your overtime pay or your next paid sick day.

Look up the History of unions maybe then you get a clue.

You can thank the Tea Party for the next terrorist attack in the USA #blackribbonamerica

All they had to do was pass a clean bill without adding other junk to it. Today we are less safe because Homeland Security has to close its doors. A department the GOP created under George Bush now doesn’t have the funds to stay open. The Republicans have decided to play chicken with your lives.

Well at least if a terrorist attack does happen we know who to blame ,it’s the party that started the war in Iraq ,which created all these terrorists , and the party who destroyed the department of Homeland security with their foolish games.


Week Gun Laws lead to 8 more deaths in Missouri #blackribbonamerica

Bodies found in 3 separate scenes as a crazy gun men kills 7 people then takes his own life. I willing to bet he was either an estranged husband or someone who had a history of mental illness.

I wish they would take guns away of people who where divorced because of violence. It seems like that would be a good idea

Louisiana man shoots his children’s 13 year old babysitter #blackribbonamerica

New Years eve after coming home drunk is not the time to try to fix a gun while it’s loaded. That’s what this not very smart Louisiana man found out. He has been charged with a neglect homicide charge and by all account he should be found  guilty.

A young 13 year old boy is no longer alive.

Some states are still trying to get laws passed where drunken people will be allowed to carry guns in a bar. So if these crazy laws pass look forward to more people to drunk to drive but still not drunk enough to accidently shoot someone cases to rise.

GOP learned nothing from the crying wolf story #blackribbonamerica

We will shutdown the government !!!! How many times they going to try that and fail . No one cares anymore shutdown the government and lose you stupid Republican cause you will be blamed like last time and the time before that. They say you can’t teach an old dog new trick guess that goes for old Republicans to.

No one listening anymore you made fools of yourselves again.


Having Netanyahu speak in congress is a bad idea #blackribbonamerica

So GOP your latest poorly thought out idea will again put American Lives under fire. It’s bad enough that your playing your old games with the department of home security.

It’s time for Americans to not take sides in the Middle East specially when Israel it self is part of the problem. I as an America think it’s time to let Israel know that creating settlement in Gaza is wrong and those settlements will not be protected with American blood.

The only thing working against peace are those settlements, Go home Israel ,if Israel is ready to take European Jews in then there must be room in Israel for those illegal settlers.