The Land Reagan Built a Place of False Hope and Imaginary Dreams #blackribbonamerica

It’s been a long time since Ronald Reagan came up with idea called Trickle down economics.In all that time it never once worked as promised. In fact when George Bush tried it out the country as a whole almost went bankrupt and belly up.

It was a dream and a bet that the wealthy would reinvest in America instead of hoard the money they didn’t spend on taxes. But like Ebeneezer Scrooge they hid more money in their secret off shore bank  accounts and instead invested money in China and other countries places where they could use people like slaves.

So as the wealthy beat their chests and claim to be patriots remember who sold out the American Dream.

Obama turns to private sector to fund fixing of America crumbling infrastructure #blackribbonamerica

Since the GOP congress doesn’t think bridges falling down with people on those bridges is an important issue the president once again has to do a run around them. As the GOP tries to tear down every good thing done in the last 4 years out of spite ,they ignore immigration, infrastructure ,creating jobs ,and homeland security.

Obama takes his hat in his hand and goes to the private sector asking them to invest in the countries infrastructure.Sad when those we voted in can’t or won’t do their job. GOP stop acting like spoiled children get to work on what’s important to most Americans not just the wealthy ones ,who you have your hand in their wallets.

Latest Study Proves what we all know the Rich pay the least amount in taxes #blackribbonamerica


As they get the most benefits from the government and legal system they pay the least for those services.While the Middle Class gets less and less but pay more. How is that right?

Trickle down has been proven by time not to be true.Last time it almost brought this country into a total economics breakdown. Remember Bush’s lower taxes on the wealthy.Remember the total almost collapse of Wall Street.The bail out that came out of the pockets of Middle America not the wealthy. They gamble with their money, the middle class ends up saving their ass. But no wealthy man wants to help you if you lose your job. No health care for you ,No Food stamps . You have to live in the street well that’s to bad. I wish I could of said that when  they bailed out all those banks and rich men.

Let the GOP know you no longer believe in the myth of Trickle Down Economics. Email them,tweet them,snail mail them,facebook them ,call them, Do it any way you can ,not sure it will matter but it may make you feel better.

A Person Named Apathy Voted in 2014 He Won’t Be Voting in 2016 #blackribbonamerica

I hope the GOP isn’t counting on Apathies vote in 2016 because if the are they may lose.They over the next couple years are seemingly trying to piss off a lot of people. The repeal of Obamacare ,the messing with immigration and the getting the wealthy off paying their fair share. You don’t think the Black ,the Latino ,or the Middle Class Communities won’t notice that your up to your old tricks that tanked the economy in the first place.

Trickle down this message if you don’t stop being the party of stupid you’ll never be President again.


Rand Paul Criticizes Romney for Thinking about Running Again But #blackribbonamerica

I can see his point it is kind of stupid for Mitt to run for president again but in that same vain isn’t  it also stupid for Rand Paul to run for president. Isn’t he just a clone of his father who lost how many times in his bid for president?

His father ideas didn’t make him president so wrapped up in a new package won’t they still lose?

I don’t think the apple falls far from that rotten old tree.


Rand Paul Says mental health isn’t a disability #blackribbonamerica


Rand Paul: Disability Insurance Wasted On People With Anxiety And Back Pain
He somehow dismisses out of ignorance the real suffering of people who have panic attacks. If you ever had a serious Anxiety attack you know it’s like feeling like your dying.Your heart feels like it’s about to burst from your chest ,your head feels strange and like your spinning. This loser Rand Paul who knows nothing about how that feels thinks you can just get over it. Back Pain can be debilitating if it hurts so bad you can’t move without pain. People have committed suicide to relieve that never ending pain .So Rand Paul dismisses your pain get a Tylenol and shut up.
Who wants this loser for president?
Not Me

La Brea Tar Pit = The Sludge Going Through the Keystone Pipeline #blackribbonamerica


Some people need a visual to understand,think of the La Brea Tar pit and all the dead animals caught in it. Then imagine a spill from the Keystone Pipeline. Get the Picture ,not pretty but thats basically what these tar sands are. You want oily tar getting in the water system in the area of the pipeline.You think oil in the Atlantic was bad that will be nothing compared to oil in peoples drinking water supply. No one can guarantee that won’t happen. America takes all the risk where Canada gets most of the profits. Doesn’t seem like a good deal to me.

With current oil prices is it even worth it?


Terrible news on Keystone


President Obama has indicated he’ll veto the Keystone XL pipeline if Republicans rush it to his desk. But he’ll need to veto much more than that.

Terrible news: The House has approved the Keystone pipeline. The Republicans, who just took control of the Senate, have made clear that this is a top priority—and they have the votes to send the bill to President Obama’s desk.1

The Gene pool for a GOP President becomes even more strange #blackribbonamerica

All the usual suspects are dipping their toe into the pool again. Mitt Romany ,Donald Trump, have already made statements that they may run. Waiting for the godfather of 9-9-9 Herman Caine to rear his ugly head. Already Huckabee is girting his loins and getting ready to jump into the pool. Can Sarah Palin be far behind.  Christies already kissing Cowboy asses . Scott Walker thinks he has the calling.

Oh Jeb where are you another Bush in the White House wouldn’t that be a laugh or a cry.


Guess Ohio Students didn’t get the memo that only black people riot #blackribbonamerica

Recently during the Ferguson mess and what happened in New York a racist told me with complete sincerity that white people never riot or act like that. I knew it wasn’t true

Today proves that’s not true by the action of one college town going nuts after a football win.White people do riot and their reason for doing so are stupid.

They were not fighting for any social purpose but just because a football game. Violence for no good reason.