How do you decide which country is the best?

If you decide it on wealth or on how big a countries war machine is the United States might be considered the best.

But if you decide it on how well a majority of the people are treated I doubt we be even close to be considered being the best.

The 1% ruling over the 99% doesn’t make us a great country without the 99% being fairly represented it will never happen. As long as it take millions of dollars to run for political office no everyday American has a snow ball chance in hell of ever becoming one.

How the end of PORK killed Washington

It was called pork barrel spending a tit for tat system that oiled the wheels and made the whole thing work. Those days are over and guess what nothing big ever gets done again. The congress moves very slowly or not at all. It has turned into a game of Us versus them where the American people get caught in the crossfire.

Whoever would of thought back in the days that pork was saw as an evil that stopping that evil would completely derail the whole political system. The days of compromise are over with no cards to deal with the game has come to a halt.

Another Reason Not to Vote For Trump Sarah Palin Endorsed Him

Not sure if Sarah’s trying to get back in the spotlight or what but if she likes Trump that makes me wonder. If there’s ever been a more unimportant person in the Republican Party then Sarah Palin I not sure who that would be. She was the main reason McCain lost his bid for President. She seems clueless when it comes to politics. Her own family seems to be crisis. I think Sarah should go home and take care of her family and leave politics to people who know what their talking about

If You ever seen the Pure Michigan ad on your TV you were lied to

I happen to live in Michigan and in my city and the surround country areas are anything but clean. We got an old dumps that was closed by the EPA still polluting our river with years of toxic waste. The sides of many country roads are littered with garbage, Now the people of Flint Michigan have to live with children who have lead poisoning.

It may sound good when Tim Allen says all these good things about Pure Michigan in a TV ad like clean cool majestic Waters but there far from the truth.

3 little girls sing an ode to Trump that reminded me of Hitler Youth singing about Adolf during WW2

It was bizarre and a little bit creepy singing a song to Trump with words like enemies beware and that he would protect us. I don’t want Trump protecting me because I don’t believe anything he says or do I trust him. To me he comes off as a crooked car salesman ,or a sideshow barker at some hinky carny show. If Barnum Bailey was still alive he would get big competition from Donald Trump. A sucker is born every minute and Republican ones are in the majority.

I hope these little girls can get help and be unbrain washed

You could tell Paul Ryan wasn’t even really listening to the Presidents State of The Union Address .He was just thinking about ways to say no again.

He had a smirk on his face like he was above it all as he sat behind the President. He’s above caring about the poor ,He’s above caring about creating more racism , He’s above creating far wages for the middle class ,He’s above creating more jobs.

What he isn’t above doing is lower taxes on the wealthy while cutting benefits to the poor, He isn’t above making it harder for some Americans to vote while the GOP changes the electoral map to favor them. He isn’t above fostering racism as a form of policy. What won’t Ryan do is the question? Except those listed in the first paragraph he will do anything to further the GOP agenda no matter how evil it may be.

The foolish argument about takers and givers .

Everyone what’s a government who does something to make their lives better in some way. That’s just a fact of life so yes everyone is both a giver and a taker to some degree. The rich act like they never get anything but that’s not true they pay a smaller percent of their wealth in taxes but they benefit more by getting a lot of breaks the poor never get. Poor people are more likely to go to jail for the same crimes rich people commit. Example OJ Simpson , Lindsay Lohan, other Rich spoiled people that get a slap on the hand probation while other people who get public assistance lawyers they get to go to jail. The whole idea of equal justice is one great American lie . The wealthy get the best of our legal system while the poor get the worst.

So many benefits for the wealthy .they got advocates to push their agenda in congress .Do poor people have that maybe to a small degree but not even close to the amount the rich do. Congress men and Senators meet daily with wealthy peoples front men giving them their orders on what the rich want.

It has come down to getting the best government you can afford to pay for so the people with the most money get the most benefits. You got loads of money to help pay to some ones campaign you get all the perks. Your poor you get all your perks taken away food stamps get cut ,health care cut ,veterans benefits cut anything that benefits either the poor or middle class is more likely to be cut. Cause we know their all takers really but he rich take way more but their givers right. Take our jobs move them over seas but that means their givers , take more in taxes back but their givers right. Pay wages that are way to little but their still givers. Do whatever they can to destroy unions ? So they can even give less to workers

Texas Governor wants to change the rules cause he can’t get his way.

He wants to change the constitution because otherwise no Republican will ever be elected President and the GOP is on the decline. Lets have a constitutional congress and make things easier for the GOP and harder for Democrats. Haven’t we seen this before with voter registration laws that fight voter fraud that is non existent and laws that destroy union power.

Didn’t they get enough support with gerrymandering their states to win election they would of lost. Don’t like the game change the rules and cheat

Trump proves again how thin skinned he is

Trump had a Muslim women kicked out of one of his latest rallies. Disagree with Trump and like in Alice in Wonderland it’s off with their head. That proves to me he can never be a serious candidate for president. Look at all the crap Obama gets and you never see him act like a two year old having a tantrum. But Donald doesn’t have the class to act like an adult ,no he has to call people names and act like a grade school bully.

Like in a famous movie Donald Trump can’t handle the truth

Trump wants to end Gun Free School Zone ,Inner city Drug Dealers and gangs love that idea parents not so much.

What responsible parent would want to send their kids into a war zone ? Where guns are openly carried by anyone who wants to carry one. The temptations with guns everywhere might be to much for some. Plus you think a gangbanger is going to be deterred in any way by someone else carrying a gun then you don’t get how gangs work. In their neighborhood everyone carries a gun and it doesn’t stop them, a teacher with a gun isn’t going to faze them one bit. It just gives them another target.

Donald Trump is just playing to the guns anywhere nuts ,but he forgot about the parent who love and care about their children more than political bullcrap.