Living in An American War Zone

Some places in large cities are no mans lands where young guns, and old veterans of gangs terrorize every person that lives there.In a place where guns are easy to get on the street as candy in a candy store.Violence is a daily occurrence with gangs fighting other gangs with innocent bystanders getting caught in […]

Time to Disprove Another Myth White People Don’t Riot

I heard it, I thought about, now I’ll tell you why it a lie. White people do riot, and for a very stupid reasons a college football game. After winning a bowl game it has been reported that college students turned over cars ,started things on fire,and have broken windows with rocks,that sounds like a […]

How to bring about better race relation in the class room.

It’s time to throw  away those one sided out dated history books most schools use written by white Anglo Saxon Christians .One view of history never tells the whole story or is ever 100 percent accurate. I’m sure the history of George Custer and little big horn is a lot different if told by a Native […]

If you paint with a broadbrush #youmaybearacist

Do you think all black people sell drugs and are in a gang? You may be a racist   Do you think all white people are racist? You may be a racist.   Do you think all Mexicans are lazy ? You may be a racist   If you like to clump people up and say […]