If the Founding Fathers were Conservative we would be now a part of England.

Conservatives would never of come up with the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution because they are afraid of new ideas or changes. Look how long they’ve clung to idea of trickle down economics which time and time again has been proven not to work. They still have this notion that a war will solve everything which in the case of Iraq only made us less safe.

Can you picture a conservative filling up his wagon to go out west into the unknown . I can’t see it not by the way they act now. I don’t see Conservatives as scientist or inventors to take us out of this countries infancy into a new world.We would still be riding horses and living on farms. This country would in all likely hood be still stuck in the past with no future.

It to me is funny how they all rally behind the Constitution that would never have been created if they had been in charge.It took bold forward thinking to create this country not old tired living in the past type thinking which is at the foundation of the GOP as it is now.

They deny global warming
They deny women the right to think for themselves.
They deny others the right to vote.
They deny so many things in science.

We would still live on a flat world ,where the earth is the center of the universe ,that would be in the dark ages if the GOP got it’s way.Don’t let them take away this countries future, don’t let them keep us locked up in the past.

If the Declaration of Independence was written today what would it say?

We the people, not the corporations ,but actually breathing people, in order to form a more perfect union so humans could be free from the tyranny of the rich and wealthy,declare our independence from men like the Koch Brothers ,whose sole purpose in life is to enslave the less fortunate to their will.

We the everyday Americans who struggle with bills want the wealthy to pay a fairs days wage for a fair days work,to equally share the benefits of being an American citizen and to share the burdens equally as well so everyone gets a fair chance to thrive to obtain their full potential.

We the middle class and poor seem to be taken for granted even though we are the reason this country still stands.Without us there would be nothing. No money in the world could do what we have done in building this great country it was our blood,sweat,and tears used as the building blocks to create the United States of America.


In a violence loving society are we more safe with more guns.

Look at the movies we watch ,the TV shows we love ,the sports we crave,and music we listen to and you’ll see a pattern of violence the American Mind is subjected to daily.So I would be surprised if their was less violence committed everyday across America.Add in guns to the mix and that violence increases 10 fold.

It’s simple math

The NRA I guess flunked math with the GOP because none of their ideas ever add up to less violence but only add more fuel to the fire.Let’s arm everyone with no background check so more mentally ill people can carry guns around like there toys.Let anyone who wants to carry a gun no matter if they have a problem controlling their anger and have committed acts of violence in the past.

To me that seems stupid and if your thinking correctly it should seem stupid to you.

If corporations are people,are people still people?

If you look around you’ll notice some people are treated better than others based on how wealthy they are.They get away with stuff the rest of us would be put in prison for. A rich person drives drunk he may get a fine a poor person drives drunk he gets jail time and his license taken away. So are poor people even considered people any more by the way some are treated I would have to say no. Would you let a person have their only source of food taken away would you let a person freeze living in a cardboard box in winter in some alley.

Stuff like that happens everyday across this country.Someone is treated worse than you would treat a dog. So in the time of corporate people I say again are people still people.

Enough Smoke and Mirrors GOP offer solutions or get voted out.

I’m sick of all the crap with nothing getting done.I don’t got a problem with the GOP not agreeing with the President I do got a problem with them not offering any ideas of their own to solve anything.

I guess it’s easy to say no but hard to get off your ass and do anything constructive.

The reason there is an immigration problem is because the GOP sits on it’s collective ass and does nothing about it.Just think if they actually did something about creating jobs,global warming ,and other problems instead of denying there is a problem.

I don’t have time for them to smell the coffee and wake up and nether does the USA.

They’ve been given enough chances to do the right thing but keep choosing the wrong path catering to the rich and wealthy isn’t the yellow brick road to a better America it’s the highway to hell.

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