Ferguson so predictable 3 black cops over 50 white cops in a mostly a black town.

What’s up with that shouldn’t the police department reflect who lives in a town. Shouldn’t the chief of police be black ,shouldn’t most of the police be black.

It’s seems to me to be simple logic.

But I’m sure it was all racist reasons for everything that’s has been happening and continues to happen.

Let the GOP continue to say racism is dead but be dead wrong.

The pictures I saw remind me of the 60′s when dogs ,fire hoses ,and other things were used on people protesting racism.

This was only the tipping point the killing of a kid for no reason wasn’t the first time the police in Ferguson stepped over the line but the most deadly.

Saddam Husein The Devil We Knew

They say it’s better to deal with the devil you know.Now with the outcome of George Bush’s war still uncertain who will emerge as the leader of Iraq is up for grabs. With a civil war going on it looks like it will end up someone who is more a danger to the United States than Saddam ever was.

A breeding ground for more terrorists made possible by a foolish war we never should of had.That I hope is a lesson to future Presidents war should only be used if all else fails.The United States should never ever decide to start a war and make the first move.

When A Republican Claims he doesn’t see racist

I wonder why his house has no mirrors . Because by most of their actions they come off as racists. Calling people welfare queen ,or other names is racist.Treating people who are of Mexican descent like animals is racist.Treating the poor like dirt isn’t racist but is in the same vane as racism.Treating other people different because of their race ,sexual orientation,religion,or because they are just not like you is racism in my book.

The GOP is all about labeling people putting them in boxes ,separating people into groups.That is the opposite of what American is supposed to be about.It’s about taking the best in everyone and bringing it together and creating a better world. I will never be a Republican. I don’t think like them and can never think that way. They play on the fears of others fan them and created chaos.I rather built on the virtues and create happiness.

Robin Williams called a coward by Fox News

Fox News proves again why no one should watch it.Really if you’ve never been in a deep depression you don’t know what it’s like.It’s like being caught in quicksand and not getting out. you lose all drive you fell like nothing but dread it fills you completely and if you believe theres no way out.You can kill yourself if only this feeling will stop.

I was once depressed like that for 3 months if I wouldn’t of got better sooner I wouldn’t be alive today.

Feeling like your down the well with no way to climb out no matter what you do and if you think this feelings never going away That’s depression so for Fox News to call anyone a coward shows how ignorant they are.

Hidden Fee’s a way to hide the real cost of a service.

If you ever signed up for cable TV ,Satellite TV ,or some cellphone service because it said it was this price or that but you ended up paying about 20 to 30 dollars or more each month you got conned by the old hidden fee scam.How can they add more to the price it’s easy and they do it all the time. They will say they need to add tax ok fine but then they add stuff like universal conductivity fees what the heck is that did they make that up.Why the heck do I have to pay money to the FCC why is that on my bill.Equipment rental fees why isn’t that part of the original quoted price. I don’t see how that get away with this crap why can’t they give me the finally price with everything included so I don’t waste my time going to sign up for whatever their selling. $79.95 should mean I get a bill for that amount with nothing else added. Stop trying to con people with deceptive advertising.OK I know this wasn’t political or about gun safety but it’s something I think is wrong.

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