The Reason Most Gun Nuts have against Gun Registration Makes No Sense and could apply to every law ever created #blackribbonamerica

If you have a gun registration law that covers every gun  some crooks will get guns anyway. Yes they may but not as many will and it will keep hands out of the mentally ill. I could care less if some crooks get guns because the facts is their not the ones who kill mass numbers of people.  That is done by terrorists and people not playing with a full deck. No law stops every act of crime. Do people no matter of the laws still commit murder ,steal , or commit any crime. No ,no law can prevent every crime. So why do gun nuts want to set an impossible standard on any gun law? Why does a Gun Registration Program have to be 100 % perfect? No law created by man is 100% perfect

Let’s vote on what was accomplished by congress next time #blackribbonamerica

That’s a statement the GOP fears because over the last 8 years they haven’t done very much. No Jobs bill , no raise in the minimum wage ,not much positive things done by the GOP. So voting on their record would give them a big F for failure. So why do people still vote these do nothings in your guess is as good as mine.

A new low in GOP Politics comparing Isis to Planed Parenthood #blackribbonamerica

So according to some Republican Extremist Planned Parenthood is like a terrorist organization that beheads people. Really Nope , It saves many women’s lives with healthcare they couldn’t of afforded . Cancer Testing ,and other women’s healthcare is a mainstay of planned parenthood to say that is a terrorist act is foolish and shows this member of the GOP is an ignorant buffoon.

Giving out birth control is a terrorist act no ,giving women a choice is terrorist no again.

Remember these stupid statement given out by Republicans the next time you vote

Boehner has again lost control of the Tea Party Circus #blackribbonamerica

As you can probably tell the nuts are in control of the asylum again. The house has completely lost its mind with Boehner the Mad Hatter losing control of the Tea Party. The war on immigrants is in full swing with crazy Sarah singing off with their heads, and other Tea Party member screaming send um back to Mexico as they try to stuff them into a bus.

The clowns in the senate are not to far from joining the parade of fools who think deporting 20 million people will be easy to do. Not realizing what may bring about a labor hole into the farm economy as they throw the people who do most of the farm labor out of the country. Can’t wait for a dollar an orange prices at your local grocery store. A bag of cuties 30 dollars a pop.


Boehner set a ransom on Homeland Security should we give in to GOP Terrorists #blackribbonanerica

I’m calling it like I see it holding someone hostage is an act of terrorism .The GOP is holding all our lives and safety hostage  to their terrorist demands that Obama give up his plans for immigration reform.

Is that how America should be governed by bullying the President and congress into getting what you want?

By not giving a rats ass about the safety of the American people and using fear tactics to sway their minds.

Immigration put on hold by GOP Judge #blackribbonamerica

Well the GOP got their wish Obama’s executive orders about immigration have been put on hold . A Federal Judge has put a stop to everything until after all states that have a problem with the orders have gotten their say.  All of these states are in the hands of Republicans. My guess this act just cost the GOP the Presidency. In states with large Latino communities you just may of lost the electoral vote. Good Job Boehner  and your Tea Party cronies.


People with Anger Management Problem Shouldn’t Have a Gun #blackribbonamerica

A  women and a mother was killed by a car driver with a gun who had road rage. You can’t tell me this was the first time this crazed shooter lost his cool. This all could of been prevented by a law keeping a gun out of the hand of people who have a history of losing their temper.

A Registration for Guns that keeps track of a persons mental status would of known that this person shouldn’t have a gun. A kid would still have his or hers mother.

Support a Gun Registration program that includes every gun sold and that uses a mental health database to keep mentally ill people from getting a gun.

Scott Walker will lose his own state if he runs for President#blackribbonamerica

I’m  sure of this statement . The only reason he was reelected in Wisconsin was a poor Democratic choice for Governor was going against him. Mary was poor public speaker often tongue tied. She let herself be defined by the right.

The Democrats running for President won’t be so easily led down that path.


Mardi Gras a good time to shoot People? Least one gun nut thought so. #blackribbonamerica

Mardi Gras get drunk having fun throwing beads but someone decided to throw lead killing one person and injuring another just think if a real nut started to open fir,e hundreds dead maybe like shooting fish in a barrel .

How long before terrorist types make big public gatherings a thing of the past?

Nuts with a gun making a name for themselves going into crowds letting lead fly. With more and more people that could be a big possibility with easy guns bought at gun shows with no real oversight. Louisiana is one state with weak gun laws, next time it could be many more dead.