Today's Republicans Craziness
  • AP-GfK Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively
  • Giuliani will vote for Trump in NY primary
  • Trump cancels California rally to focus on NY
  • Trump shrugs off loss during first post-Wisconsin appearance
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GOP down to two choices the Ultimate Whiner or the Ultimate Liar .

April 18th, 2016

Trumps looks constipation as another whine burst from the middle of his bowel. The Ultimate Whiner can’t help to moan about some latest something of little interest and turn a tiny mole hill into a Mount Everest size mountain.

Ted Cruz feeling left out cranks up the GOP Lies Machine that was formerly hidden under Dick Chaney’s bed. The gears start a-whirling the lights flicker off and on ,with a small beep beep out pops a small pieces of paper. On that paper in tiny script lay a hundred totally false lies that sound like maybe there true. He reads that paper puts it to memory crumbles it, then burns it.

Next day, put into his own words he spreads these lies like there fact.

Donald Trump was born a women ,he’s transgender

Without skipping a beat

Hillary Clinton is a racist I can prove it

A minute goes by

Bernie Sanders is related to Adolf Hitler , Hitler was his Uncle

Each one more bizarre then the next, but the sheep of the GOP will swallow even the strangest ones without blinking.

After Cruz finishes a slight sheen of sweat dots his brow his mission is done he has confused the GOP again.

Trumps hate speech couldn’t do a better job of painting a big fat bulls eye on the back of Americans

April 16th, 2016

Is it really worth the benefits to use hate to win any political job? Specially when most of it is hot air being used to bring the low information voter to your cause. Feeding crazy people red meat isn’t safe and usually ends up with someone dead. Are there any Rabid Trump Fanatics in his hate cult cabal ready to take a gun and kill for this deluded cause ? Who knows for certain but if I was betting man it would look like a good bet. Then Trump can claim again that it’s not my fault even though he lit the fuse and set off this hate bomb. So if your American keep your eyes on a swivel and do your due diligence. Hate is just around the corner

Sorry Sanders without some big banks big projects either don’t get funded or will end up costing way to much.

April 15th, 2016

Guess Bernie wants the United States to be a land of small dreams and a country unable to go big. It is way more cost effective to have one big source of money to do a big major project. FACT Say a project the size of Hoover Dam ,or some future project like colonizing Mars, Small banks would not have the infrastructure to fund a project of this size. It would be almost impossible to get 1000’s of banks on the same page to fund anything of major importance to humanity.

GOP says they don’t want to add costs to businesses but the cost of a special transgender bathroom will get passed to them first then on to you.

April 15th, 2016

Even if no transgender person goes to your favorite restaurant you make be forced to pay for a extra special bathroom. If by any indication by history extra bathrooms will have to be added to all public places in states where this crazy laws are passed . All because of some people phobias your next meal at a restaurant gets the special transgender surcharge to pay for extra bathroom. Not since the days of special whites only ,black only bathrooms in the south has this form of ignorance been forced on the American People. It’s sad when we go backword . You really worry about someone whose transgender seeing your junk that much that would pay for it. That’s stupid

Americans for whatever or any of those other history revisionist groups

April 14th, 2016

They tangle ,mangle or totally ignore true history to make Republicans look good. No facts needed here by the wealthy people who control these Republican Committees . Fact Issa wouldn’t exist if the Iraq War never happened ,Instead of the waste of American Soldiers lives there they could of been better utilized catching Osama Bin Laden . He would of been put down many, many years ago. The whole terrorists thing would of died a swift death. But it was prolonged way to long ,the whole situation created more and more terrorists now we are stuck by Bush with an endless war on Terrorism that no matter who is president may never end. All the big talk doesn’t mean a thing it’s broke and it won’t be fixed easily or at all.

It’s a new world we are being forced to live in because of overreaching and not understand the middle east at all. Bush dealt the cards from his weak hand and the terrorists called his bluff now we are stuck with a weak hand and we won’t be dealt new cards soon.

GOP can go blue in the face blaming the President Obama or the Democrats But in reality Obama got Osama Bin Laden which was the true mission the only true mission. This detour through Iraq wasted American Boy’s and Girl’s ways of life and their very life. The cost doesn’t even come close to the benefits. It’s even sad the GOP won’t pay for their stupid war by paying VA Benefits and forgetting the people who fought in the Iraq War. There shouldn’t have to be charities to pay to help wounded vets. All the people should pay the fair share of this bill. They talk about the poor getting a free ride ,the GOP’s free ride is more expensive and more massive it’s time to call the note due and vote out as many as possible

The party of just say no to anything Obama taught the American people to just say no to anything GOP

April 14th, 2016

It might be a lesson to well taught and no Republican will ever be President again unless they do a major reboot and rebrand. The Southern strategy is dead the appealing to Southern Racist doesn’t play well across large parts of America. They are going to need to appeal to Latin Americans , African Americans ,and women. If they keep pushing racist hate of Latinos they lose a major voting block in some states ,If they don’t work for a unbiased legal system they will lose another large voting block of African Americans. If they don’t get off this kick of telling women how to run their health decisions there goes another large voting block. I know most of the GOP is not good at doing the math but it equals no becoming President.

A sad fact were still living in the age of some men who would never vote for a women president

April 14th, 2016

Personally I’m glad I’m more evolved then those little boys who are sexually afraid of a strong women. Man am I ashamed of some of the comments I see from this sexual frustrated social losers. Most never ever talk policy it’s bitch this or whore that. Sorry You can’t handle strong women I prefer my women with a brain . So you can untangle your panties if they get in to much of a bunch and grow a set someday I guess

Trumps not about equal justice under the law if he was he would of asked that his aid who pushed someone be punished like any poor or Black person would be charged.

April 14th, 2016

Trumps not the person who cares about equal justice he couldn’t give a rats ass that a black or poor person goes to jail for crimes his cronies and rich friends get away with. When he becomes president watch the jail fill up with Latino people or black people. He’ll be giving the wealthy a free get out of jail card specially the ones he’s friends with. His aid forcible put his hands on another person whoever the prosecutor was a Trump lackey who let it slide . Sets a good image of America? No it doesn’t .I heard justice was blind but when did it become deaf and mute. This country need a big overhaul in its justice system it has become justice for the wealthy and not justice for all.

You tell me by this example if justice is balanced wealthy teens put cocaine up their nose they either get a slap on the wrist or get to go to club rehab. A black teen gets caught smoking some pot gets a mouth in jail and zero rehab . If you think that’s equal justice you have a mental problem.

Trump disliked by a majority of Americans

April 7th, 2016

It was a meteoric rise but it hit turbulence and came crashing to earth. He might not even win the nomination of his party. Being vague and not really having any sensible plans worked for awhile but it’s time to bring it or go home. Being rude , mean , and making ugly faces is losing him the beauty contest and who wants an ugly president. The season of Trump is over the leaves are falling as they die from being fertilized with bull shit. I can hear Americans all over singing “na ,na ,na ,na good bye” Put a fork in this turkey it’s done.

Anti-Abortion plus being Anti-Contraception is Cruel and Stupid

April 6th, 2016

Some of these Anti-Abortion nuts even want to stop Contraception from being used. They think everyone I guess is so religious that sex before marriage won’t happen. Kids won’t be born out of wedlock into one person families that give those kids half a chance.

Lets live in the real, world people will have sex, it by all definition is natural not some great sin. Some people at this time in their life would make terrible parents and it’s better if they don’t have them. Contraception is the best bet at this time for not having children if you don’t want to.

It’s cruel to bring children into a world of poverty. Many of these same children the Religious right have forced on women with their crazy new war on contraception ,and on programs like Planned Parenthood which provide things like contraceptive to the poor who can’t afford them. These same right wingers want to cut foodstamps ,cut Obamacare , and cut education. Leaving these poor children in a bad world , where they get nothing to make it better. How can they be so cruel or are they just plain ignorant .