Trump more armed civilians in Paris would of stopped terrorists?

I doubt that, the terrorists would of just got better guns before they attacked and I’m sure the terrorists were better trained. These terrorists train in camps ,most civilians don’t .These terrorists are ready to die, most civilians are not. The only thing I see is more civilians would of died.

Pathological Liar Trump says Carson has a Pathological temper as more Republicans become Pathologically stupid.

Aren’t all Republican Politicians Pathological Liars to some degree. I don’t believe not one of them ever tells the full truth about anything. Fact checkers make their money off things Trump says every day. Double talk and meaningless political speak that meanders without saying a thing is the bread and butter of the right wing. How to dance around the truth is a college course taught to GOP members I think

Trump talks about Hillary’s hair when he got the worst case of permanent bed head in history

If Trump was a dog he would be shot for having mange. The man with one of the worst heads of hair in America making fun of someone else’s hair is just funny. Does he have no mirrors in his world or does he have a blind spot to his own nappy head. That tangled mess on top of your head Trump is not the latest fashion . You should fire who ever you pay to cut your hair or get them to stop taking drugs at least.

The Prophet Michelle Bachmann says Jesus is coming soon !!!!

Okay Right so she knows what god is thinking just like most rightwing speakers for god. You know how many time Jesus was said to be coming soon probably 10,000 plus times. How many times were right ? None. How many times was Michelle Bachmann Right about anything? Well I won’t say none but it’s closer to that then closer to 100%. So don’t be hurrying to confess your sins or getting ready for the end of the world just sayin be cool don’t worry.

Picking Debaters by polling numbers leaves Huckabee and Christie out.

If your not polling well your not invited to be in any Republican Debates so sorry Christie who was once thought of as the next in line to be the nominee of the Grand Old Party your out ,along with Huckabee who if your honest only appeals to rightwing fanatic religious people. So not every republican candidate for President will even get a chance to get a say in their own futures. But goof balls like Donald Trump will be in the center sucking all the air out of the GOP. I would if forced to vote Republican would choose Christie or Huckabee before I ever Voted Trump.

Christians believed lots of things that have been proven false.

Once the earth was flat and the earth was the center of the universe both things believed by most Christians. There are many other things Christians believed that just don’t jive with reality ,creationism is the just one of the latest ,Does anyone really believe the earth was created in 7 days? How is that even possible? That everything the water ,the earth ,and every living thing was created in 7 days. Can God even do that and how much energy would that take. I don’t care what you believe but I know something can’t be created out of the nothing.

It’s not a big think but Ben Carson Pyramids were not grain storage.

I’ve studied history for years and never has it been stated anywhere that the Pyramids were grain storage. Pulling inane stories out of your ass doesn’t impress me or make me want to vote for someone. The Pyramids were death chambers for the both the Pharaoh and his Queen. There was no place to store grain unless it was their to feed them on their journey to the underworld. I hate revisionist history or people who actually believe the world was created in 7 days. Just because you don’t like historic facts doesn’t give you the right to change them. I know most history is seen through only one view in most cases and some difference are true but this isn’t one of those times. Ben is off his rocker

Benghazi is like picking a scab to keep a wound open and bleeding.

You can’t believe it’s helping the families who had family members die on that tragic day in Benghazi to keep the event alive and not let it rest. It’s not it keeping them from moving on dealing with the deaths. Holding these people hostage like the GOP is doing is wrong and very disgusting. For political gain their keeping the pain alive for some Americans who would like to move on and who need to move on and not be reminded on a daily bases. It’s time to let the wounded hearts heal. It’s time for selfish people to let it go.

How Global Warming could become a planet killing event.

As the death toll from global warming rises from Tornados , Hurricanes ,droughts ,floods ,and heat waves . Each of these things are directly connected to global warming. In the future more things that will happen that could easily contribute to millions more deaths of people ,animals ,and plant life. First the increase in the water level of oceans caused from the thawing of the north pole and glaciers. We will lose many coastal areas like New York and low lying areas like New Orleans will disappear. The Plants that help provide our Oxygen will be killed so the oxygen levels in the earths atmosphere will drop. Deserts will grow and cover larger areas. Drinkable water resources will diminish. You know what people will do? They will become animals trying to protect what they have and start killing each other. The human race will slowly die out.