More guns found in luggage at airports

This year is setting a new record for guns being found in luggage and being confiscated. The excuse I forgot that was in there is becoming a lame joke. I can’t believe all these people don’t know bringing a gun on board a plane in any way is illegal . Remember 911  because of that day you can’t even bring a razor or pocket knife on a plane. A gun is like the ultimate no way Jose thing to do.

Just what America doesn’t need a President whose a Right wing conservative religious fanatic

The Religious Right Wing Fanatic see Boehner’s leaving as a sign from god that a President whose a Right Wing Religious Fanatics time has come . The rest of us don’t see that or would ever let that happen . I don’t believe we need a president that’s so far that type of religious that it destroys the United States. I don’t believe in a vengeful god who goes around punishing people but one who gives us free will to make up our own minds. I believe in a god who want us to treat everyone with honor and respect. I believe in a god who doesn’t want us to go around making judgement on how other people should live.

We may see how extreme the GOP’s ready to go by who they pick as the next Speaker of the House?

I predict soon us Democrats may be wishing for John Boehner to still be Speaker of the House. I know we all wanted him to go like most of us wanted Sadam Hussein to go . Remember how that’s turning out not very good.  I believe the Republicans will pick someone who’s more extremely right than Boehner ever was. I pray the elections coming up will save America with the Dem’s taking over both the House and the Senate , if not we’re in for a very bumpy ride most of us won’t like. Sometimes when you get what you wished for it turns out badly ,this might be one of those times.

It’s funny when the GOP calls the poor and middle class takers while the rich and wealthy suck the money out of the American economy and send it to places like China

Who takes the most it’s surely not the poor ? It’s the wealthy who make their money off the middle class then move the profits overseas to keep from paying taxes. It’s the ultimate shell game with no balls under any shells. American people buy their products but no American workers get any benefit from those sales. That’s why trickle down will never work ,to many leaks in the system where money goes overseas instead of back into the American economy. I think because of the crooked game to many companies play ,the giving to the poor who need it is only fair . Because their greed and need for slave cheap labor in third world countries and not hiring American workers, plus them getting a free ride on paying taxes ,I can’t see how they with a clear conscience can complain about the poor taking food when their starving. The middle class asking they also get to share a little of wealth so they to can have a better life. To say the poor are the only takers is a lie they tell themselves so they don’t feel guilty about their own greed.

Kim Davis gets an award from church organization ,didn’t know they had an award for narrow minded religious fanatics.

This same award if it had been around in the puritan days would of been given to the people who burned witches in Salem. Using Religion to persecute others isn’t nothing new. It was used as an excuse for slavery , wars , and torture. Religious intolerance was used as the reason for hitting two building with planes on 9/11 . The Religious right wants to bring back the god of fire and brimstone who punishes those who don’t follow their beliefs. Lets start burning witches again ,lets torture people like they did during the Spanish Inquisition. They need another holy crusade to force others to follow their religion .  Religion instead of being used as a force for good has been corrupted turned into a force to persecute people who don’t share their idea of god.  It sad they gave  Kim Davis an award ,they missed the part in the bible that says judge not or you will be judged ,turn the other cheek , and those without sin throw the first stone. I’m almost certain Kim Davis isn’t without sin , she’s using religion for her own person reasons that has nothing to do with god.

Will Boehner’s Final swan song be a government shutdown over planned parenthood funding?

He’s decide to take his final curtain call ,make his last bow on the stage of the House of Representatives . Will his last lines in the drama called the GOP make him a hero or will he play the villain in his final plays final act ? Will he let the Government Shut Down again over a thing most American’s disagree with the defunding of Planned Parenthood over some video created by  fanatic whose bent on the destruction of the democratic way of life.  These got you videos are to easy to make ,there are always people you can find in any organization that will say stupid things. In any group you will find misfits who got it wrong and don’t get it. Unless you get it from thee horses mouth ,the leaders ,and the true representatives of a group ,you got crap. These videos are crap. I could make a video that shows members of the NRA that agree with universal gun registration. Big Deal. That would prove nothing . There are many examples of the rank and file and their ideas not jiving with the leaders. This is America people have the freedom to state their minds. So Boehner get real you know this is a smear campaign to profit those who are anti-abortion. State your mind Boehner time to cut the Tea Party strings.

If you live in Michigan give Melissa Gilbert your support

I rarely give any politician support or tell people how to vote but in this case because we have a Republican Governor bent on destroying unions ,who doesn’t care about global warming , or about helping the less fortunate Michiganders. We need someone to stop the Republican crazy train from taking us all off the tracks. Melissa Gilbert isn’t a shill for big business , is not in the pocket of the wealthy , and has a brain that hasn’t been brainwashed with 30 years of Reaganomics which doesn’t work. She is really for the workers ,not with phony bills to kill unions but with real ideas to bring good jobs to Michigan ,she is also a person who cares about the environment and stopping global warming. It would be a better choice than any Republican anti union job killer who thinks global warming is a myth . I Support Melissa Gilbert . Black Ribbon America Supports Melissa Gilbert.

Wisconsin runs the lamest Anti Ross Feingold Ads Saying he’s living in the past.

Really Russ is living in the past when they haven’t had a new idea in 30 years. The Republican parties been anti – taxes for the wealthy ,anti – labor ,anti abortion ,anti any idea democrats had even if they had the idea first for over the least 30 years since Reagan was president. They’ve been stuck in the past so long that they forgot their stuck. Not sure when they last had a new idea. All this American for growth crap that is code for rich greedy Americans wanting to grow their bank accounts. American for progress another front for people like the Koch Brothers trying to grow their wealth on the backs of everyday Americans.

So far every government shutdown has hurt the Republican Party more ,My question are they stupid?

Like lemmings jumping off cliffs or whales beaching themselves . The GOP can’t seem to help itself from inflicting wounds to its own body. It goes down the same road and expects a different out come each time but surprise it always ends the same. I will never understand the Republican mind .

It doesn’t take long for Republicans to commit political suicide by playing to their base.

When your base consists of racist ,uneducated ,southerners ,it doesn’t take long for a Republican to alienate over 50 % of Americans. When your playing to the worst of America you won’t be President. If your not bringing hope but more of the same old tired Republican ideas that have never worked or will they ever work your not going to gain anything. To the GOP Reaganomics ,been there done that ,move on already. Racism been there done that  ,time to move past that. Picking on the poor ,been there done that ,time to bully some one else. It’s like the same broken record stuck in the same old worn out groove, You got 2 choices to stay mired in the past or evolve and move on into the future. I choose to grow and expand my horizons to break the chains of hate , to turn from racism in any form ,to not judge a whole race by the actions of a few. It’s easy to be narrow minded just quit thinking ,it’s hard to see past the bullshit to get to the truth . To many lazy Americans just settle for the tradition ,just cause something been done that way forever doesn’t mean it’s the best way.