Trumps family call him a visionary in my family that’s what we call my crazy uncle Larry

Right if you look through history most people referred to visionary end up in the long run to be just plain nuts. His family probably knows he’s making an ass of himself but want to save face by saying visionary instead of crazy Donald.

Trump the king ass monkey sitting on his golden throne surrounded by people with brown noses and the taste of butt on their lips.

We all know Donald Trump hates anyone who disagrees with him. His own children act like Stepford wives and will blindly agree with anything he says. He has no window to the real world in his glass tower in trumps tower. He surrounds himself with ass kissers who tell him every brain fart he has is made of gold and should be cherished

Trump decides to dumb on Scott Walkers.

When does Trumps school yard bully act end?

Next he will be stealing poor Christies lunch money and we all know how Christie hates missing lunch. Now his next act of verbal bullyism he goes after Scott Walker . It’s not that that bothers me that much but does give me pause thinking if Trump ever becomes President do we really want America to look more like a bully. We are still having to live with the effects of George Bush’s act of bullyness . We want to get more haters of American to think of us as targets.

I can see Trump as President offending most of the other countries around the world. Mostly because he has no filter and will say anything.

The picture is becoming crystal clear that no place is safe from gun violence.

You would think going to church , to a movie ,or sending your kid to school was safe from the threat of gun violence.

But sadly you may be wrong , not if you go by recent history. Gun Violence has reared its ugly head again in a movie theater and even at a military recruiting center.

Think of all the possible next targets and it will give you a nightmare that will make you dread your kids ever leaving the house or maybe even going on your next vacation.

A little truth about illegal immigration Donald Trump doesn’t want you to think about.

Donald Trump and other wealthy people who send jobs over to places like Mexico don’t want you to realize that because of the slave labor wages paid by them to most Mexican workers some of those workers are forced out of necessity to make the trip over the Rio Grande to survive.

Those people Trump has labeled Rapist ,Drug Dealers ,are in reality just regular everyday people struggling to provide a decent life for their families. If companies based in America stopped exploiting the Mexican People with jobs that pay not even close enough to lift them out of poverty, they wouldn’t have to cross the boarder. In Trumps so called financial discloser  I wonder how many sweatshops are hidden in its pages?How many people has he exploited to get his billions?

I’m sure he has exploited a few.

Another Nut With A Gun Goes Hollywood Gun Fight In A Theater.

Like in a shoot out movie this crazy in the shadows of the silver screens flicker pulled out a gun and just started shooting. Sounds like plot of the latest action movie but sadly it really happened again this time in Louisiana  not in Aurora.

When will things like this quit happening in this country most likely never. No one will ever be 100% safe while taking their family to the movies. Maybe we need metal detectors at movie theaters with armed guards at the ticket booths. I hear that is the NRA latest idea,  just joking but it would be their answer.

Guns in the hands of the mental ill are a public health risk and may someday out strip many real life diseases in the amount of people killed.

Of Course Jeb Bush would faze out Medicare none of his wealthy friends need it.

It doesn’t surprise me when a Republican wants to get rid of something that benefits the Middle Class and Poor if their wealthy friends don’t need it’

They have zero experience being in the Middle Class or Poor . They have never lost all their saving to pay off over inflated medical bills that seem to be getting even more inflated.

It sad they have no empathy for actual people who do a real job and aren’t living off the fruits of other peoples labor. They think employers will be willing to pay workers medical bills honestly and fully. But in reality too many employers will do any thing they can to short change their employees. They can’t even pay a living wage so can they be trusted to do what’s right?

Trump Working on losing another segment of America population by turning on Anderson Cooper

He’s already lost the Latino vote so forget about the South West  and probably Florida. He lost the Veterans vote by picking on Mccain. Now he’s turned on Anderson Cooper who happens to be gay losing him the gay vote.

In his end he will only end up with the racist stupid vote can that make him president?

Scott Walker can do the same for the Federal Government make a mess like he did in Wisconsin

Wisconsin economy isn’t doing so well and education in the state has been slashed to the bone. There is no looking for a better future in the state run by a Koch Brother paid for Governor named Scott Walker.

Now he’s running for President but not on his record as Governor because that would make him look like a fool. He won’t be talking about his political career that’s not a winner. How he destroyed the states teachers union isn’t going to win him many brownie points with parents . Cutting large amounts of money from education isn’t going to go over with soccer moms.

Him not having a clue or idea on handling international matters except the same tired old idea of sanctions on Iran. Sanction sure didn’t work for over 50 years on Cuba. Sanctions didn’t stop the United States from having to go to war in Iraq. I’m not sure sanctions every accomplished anything.