GOP for sale Bargain prices

To sell out the majority of the American People at any price should be something you shouldn’t do. But some like Paul Ryan prove time and againare ready to do it at bargain basement prices. His so called fair budgets readily throw the middle class and poor under the bus. By taking a butchers knife to any social program there is for helping them.While he does nothing to cut the fat bloated rich from sucking at the government teats.

No wonder his budgets go nowhere ,and really there not created to pass ,there only for show not serious or productive in any way.Games inside games ,waste of the paper there printed on.It’s a shame a tree gave its life for such crap.

When are the Republicans going to get serious ,my guess never

Something to think about a national gun registration that tagged mentally ill people might of stopped the Fort Hood Shootings

If the NRA and GOP would of let the bill to create a national gun registration system pass it may of caught that the person who committed the resent Fort Hood Shootings was under mental health care and not let him purchase a gun.

Three people would be alive today and over a dozen or more wouldn’t have the pain of recovering from gun shot wounds to deal with.But nothing has changed since Sandy Hill elementary in New Town or will it most likely change because of Fort Hood.

Another mentally ill person kills 3 people and injures lots more.

The person who shot others was under mental health care but easily purchased a gun and used it in the recent Fort Hood incident.Three people are now dead and about another dozen injured.It wasn’t from lack of guards ,there are plenty on an army base ,so no NRA more guns isn’t the answer ,the answer is doing a full background check that doesn’t put guns into the hand of people getting mental health treatment. Another easily prevented tragedy, I put the blood for it on the NRA

Supreme courts just makes buying votes and congressmen legal.

That’s basically just what they have done by saying individuals can now give political campaigns up to 40 some million dollars.So they just sold out the 99% in favor of the 1%.It will give the Republican machine even more incentive to cater to the wealthy.So all you middle class and poor lazy asses, sorry you matter even less, Said the Supreme Court if you read between the lines.

Sometimes the answer is somewhere in the middle

Most of us live in the middle we believe the rich could pay more taxes and there should be cuts to some programs.But we do not believe those cuts should only be put on the backs of the middle class and poor.Not when oil companies get billions in subsidies or big corporate agrofarms get subsidies. Now when we got the biggest military complex in the world that is way to big or necessary. I’m all so sure if programs for the poor were run more efficiently you could cut costs.But inbuilt by government are always ways to waste money to benefit a few and screw most of us.It would be great if the welfare of the largest amount of people possible was a factor in how government worked but it’s not.It’s about keeping the rich and wealthy happy.

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