The Republicans haven’t made a believer out of me!!

The math just doesn’t add up to fixing the budget or creating new jobs.They spend so much time playing gotcha with the president instead of doing what they should be doing it’s no wonder congress gets nothing of importance done.

Another vacation, then sit on their collective ass throwing paper airplanes at Obama with meaningless conspiracy theories written in side.

As a American I could care less about Benghazi or Iraq or any other country who wants to have a civil war. I’m tired of playing street cop around the world it’s time those other countries handle their own business.

If some stupid terrorists wants to mess with us then it’s our business till then we should stay out of it because in the end we always get labeled the bad guy.

I thought we had freedom of religion ,so whats with having the religious right cram their religion down everyone else’s throat. Is that freedom, to me it’s more like harassment.I don’t buy their brand of Christianity where you help the rich become more wealthy and you mistreat and starve the poor,My Bible doesn’t say that anywhere does yours.

So GOP You didn’t brainwash me yet I’ve not become a Stepford man or a zombie of the right.You will never convert me into one of you. Sorry I have free will and will use it when I vote and just to let you know it won’t be for you.

My Hopes for the Upcoming Election

My Main hope is that people aren’t falling for the down right lies and half truths they saw in politic TV ads.I hope people did their work before voting and researched the candidates.They looked at their voting records not just took the crap they say as true facts.

I hope as a voter your just not a one trick pony where you only have one issue that you decide to vote on.I hope you truly vote for candidates that help you as a person not ones that cater to some special interest before the American People as a whole.

I hope you don’t let the wealthy buy your vote and you sell out the middle class and poor because of false hopes they try selling.

I hope people who aren’t serious about their vote stay home and leave voting to those who really care.

To Many People Except Lies with a Grain of Truth as the Whole Truth

I don’t think I ever saw a campaign ad that told the whole truth. But the GOP is the master of lying with just a sand grains amount of truth and getting some people to believe it.It sounds good to balance the budget and cut the deficit right but they leave out how many things that they want to cut to get that job done.

Let see do you like better education, well sorry we want to cut funding for that.

Breathing is over rated so forget about money to fight air pollution.

Eating, do the poor really need to eat come on there’s leftovers in dumpsters they could eat.

Health care do people need that, can’t they just go bankrupt and lose everything to pay their medical bills.

Global warming ,global swarming,a few tornadoes, floods, droughts, hurricanes, never hurt anyone

And how many things other things that the middle class need do they want to say sorry to like fixing roads ,bridges ,and other infrastructure gets left in a dangerous state.

Nothing the rich need gets cut they still give rich and wealthy land owners subsidies that don’t need.They still give millions to oil companies and let companies that make billions pay very little or no taxes.

The GOP’s idea to pay off the deficit will destroy the middle class and poor leaving them at the whims of the rich basically making them slaves.

GOP there’s an old saying that you can’t serve two masters

You can’t serve a majority of the American People, that includes the poor and middle class,if your trying to serve the rich and wealthy at the same time it just won’t work.So far your way behind in serve the masters that voted you in over the one that gave you money to run. Doesn’t that show that your selling your votes in congress to the highest bidder.Is that what the ideals of our founding fathers meant to do. I don’t think so note when it was clearly stated that all men are created equal, everyone show be treated equal under the law.That crap about justice being blind isn’t the way it’s working now and we all know it.The law has been corrupted by greed ,ideology ,and yes one religion over all others.You can all believe in whatever religion you want ,that is another crock full of shit and we all know it.Many Religion are persecuted by others all across this country.The Religious right is more about hate and inequality and creating that inequality.They want to be an exclusive club of the wealthy who has a blinder when it comes to the fate of the middle class and poor.

It’s sad the word of Jesus twisted to sell hate of others that are different.

Don’t ever make a vote by what you see in a TV Political ad

If your stupid enough to believe the half truths you see in a 30 second political ads you make be shouldn’t vote at all.The Latest one Scott Walker made the State of Wisconsin’s debt disappear but he never says how he cut education ,cut the program most needed by the poor and middle class and how they haven’t expanded medicare in that state.

They did it all on the backs of the middle class and poor with no help from the wealthy.
There was no balanced plan and the rich out of this generosity created very few new jobs. Guess no trickle down happened in proportion to the lack of not paying taxes.Did that ever work? Nope it was a pipe dream.

The State is last in creating new jobs in the mid western states. Without expanding medicare they will also become the last in medical care for its people.Scott Walker gives more importance to giving his wealthy friends more money that doing his duty as a governor working fairly for all people.

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