Neo Nazi with a gun what could go wrong?

He could shoot lots of people and he did.So you people in the Senate still think a national registration that is complete is a bad idea. It could of found out this freaks background and that he was anti semitic.I
hoped then he couldn’t of got a gun. Put I also hear it might of been purchased through a straw purchase that means someone else bought the gun for him. A law against that would be a great idea.If you buy a gun for someone and they commit a crime you should be charged as an accomplice.

This video gives you an idea of where the country is going if the GOP gets its way

Paul Ryan Math Wizard?

He supposed to be the Messiah of Math,the wizard of economics, but his math never adds up.So what does that say about the GOP Party when their so called leaders are so full of crap no toilet in the world can contain it.

It’s time to flush the GOP Party down the sewer where all old and tired dead things get there eternal rest. Like dinosaurs that could no longer adapt to a changing world the GOP stands at the edge of extinction.They no longer come up with any new ideas and are stuck in the past living on past ideas that have been proven false.Trickle down economics a fallacy of Reagan’s that never worked.Not taxing the rich so they contribute their fair share ,as they exploit the middle class and poor is not the answer to a better America.

GOP Pledge of Allegiance

We Pledge allegiance to the Koch Brothers
We believe everything they stand for
One nation under their control
with liberty and justice for the rich

GOP for sale Bargain prices

To sell out the majority of the American People at any price should be something you shouldn’t do. But some like Paul Ryan prove time and againare ready to do it at bargain basement prices. His so called fair budgets readily throw the middle class and poor under the bus. By taking a butchers knife to any social program there is for helping them.While he does nothing to cut the fat bloated rich from sucking at the government teats.

No wonder his budgets go nowhere ,and really there not created to pass ,there only for show not serious or productive in any way.Games inside games ,waste of the paper there printed on.It’s a shame a tree gave its life for such crap.

When are the Republicans going to get serious ,my guess never

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