Newtown Families Suing Gun Makers and Sellers #blackribbonamerica

Good idea but it may be a long shot.The Federal Government as it was once run by the republican party put a lot of roadblocks in the way of anyone suing Gun Manufactures .But who knows someone might develop a brain or a soul and let the suit go through.

It’s been for to long that makers of guns got away with no responsibility for the products they make and sell. Any other products that killed that many innocent people would of stopped being sold a long time ago.We all know that’s not ever going to happen ,but it would be just that they help pay for the deaths caused by their products in some way.

Dish is thinking about blocking Fox News #blackribbonamerica

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They want you to tell dish not to  I want to know where I go to tell Dish that that’s a good idea.I don’t understand how fox news can even claim it is a new channel. Their news is mostly fluff stuffed with piles of crap.No real news just inane commentary with very small nuggets of true the size of pinheads.Dish keep up the good work flush the Fox News channel down the crapper were it belongs, If you get a chance tell Dish Network you support the idea here

Most Important part of any Gun Registration program is the database #blackribbonamerica

If your database is crap your gun registration program will be crap.So if your promoting a Gun Registration program in every state for ever gun sold also remind people it must have a good database system to be effective.There most be a system to get the names of mentally ill people who should not be given  a gun.There should be a system to get the names of people who have a violent history. There should be a database of people who are members of groups that commit acts of terrorism.Those groups I would include the KKK ,Neo Nazis ,Street Gangs ,the Mafia, of any group who has committed acts of violence in the past.Any member of one of these types of groups should not be allowed to purchase a gun.

If a person purchases a gun through illegal sources the penalties should be very serious and severe.Anyone selling guns illegal the penalties must include major jail time.



Today marks two years since tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary School. For the families of Newtown, we know the pain will never go away.
In the aftermath of this horror, politician after politician vowed to honor those who were killed. They said they would make our communities safer from gun violence. That no other families should have to experience what the families of Newtown did.
Yet today, two years later, Congress has done something remarkable: nothing.
Congress remains in the gun lobby’s grip. They have refused to act to make communities safer. Yet for all this dysfunction and obstruction, Americans are still calling for commonsense solutions. The fight to reduce gun violence goes on. And we will never forget Sandy Hook.

You’ve only got two days:

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Here’s what you need to know: If you need coverage that starts on January 1, you’ve only got two days left to enroll at and review your options for 2015 coverage.

National Police Training Standards Law #blackribbonamerica

NYPD Officer Kenneth Healey, second from right

Should all police hired be required meet some training standards laws set by the federal government? We think yes,it would make things like the recent problems in Ferguson,New York,or Cleveland less likely to happen if certain standards were set on the employment of Police Officers or Sheriffs Deputies.

These are the standards we propose.

All Police should be trained in non lethal ways to apprehend a suspect, Those can include ,martial arts, tasers,mace,and other non lethal devices.

Check out our new projects section sign up and volunteer on one of our projects #blackribbonamerica

Signing up is easy can use Facebook login. You can then decide what you would like to do  join the sign 10 petitions a day project ,or any of the other projects by joining the related group. Just go to this page and see what you can do to get a reasonable gun registration in your state.

Been awhile since the head of NRA,( Wayne LaPierre) pulled a rabbit out of his ass after Sandy Hook #blackribbonamerica

Conservative Luminaries Speak At Annual CPAC Gathering In Washington

If you can’t remember the infamous NRA news conference that tried to put all the blame on Video Games and Movies or said the best way to stop gun violence at a school was armed guards at every school in America.

Both of these ideas were pulled out of mid air with no real thought , Blaming violent games and movies the usual scapegoat answer what more can  I say, but theres’ no proof that watching violent movies or playing violent games makes you into a mentally ill gun nut who will massacre a lot of people.

The next brain fart of someone at the NRA ,guards at every school,was glossed over with no meaningful information beyond the basics.No how much it would cost ,no how many guards would be needed,Nothing.

Senate to vote on Surgeon General

The Senate announced that it will vote as soon as today to confirm the President’s nominee for Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy.
The NRA fought against Dr. Murthy for more than a year. But tens of thousands of people sent messages and signed petitions asking for the Senate to hold a vote. Now it’s happening, thanks to you. This is our chance to beat the gun lobby in the Senate, and we need your help right now to make it happen.
Can you call your Senators now and ask them to vote to confirm Dr. Vivek Murthy?
Dial 1-888-556-4737 now and we’ll automatically connect you to your Senators’ offices.
This is a huge moment. Dr. Murthy’s confirmation has been delayed for a year because the gun lobby doesn’t like that he once said gun violence is a “health care issue.” Because of that, the country has gone for too long without our top doctor.
Now that the Senate’s scheduled a vote, there’s a really good chance we can get Dr. Murthy confirmed — dealing the gun lobby a big setback in the process.
A number of Senators still haven’t said how they’ll vote. We need you to call your Senators to show that people like you who want to make communities safer from gun violence have their support.
Dial 1-888-556-4737 now to call your Senators in support of Dr. Vivek Murthy for Surgeon General.
Thank you so much for your support. We’ll keep you updated on this vote.
Peter Ambler
Americans for Responsible Solutions