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Basically Trump wants to end free speech and freedom of the press can you say sounds like a dictator

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

No one who is honest and open fears a free press but someone who has a lot to hide like Trump would be happen to stop free speech and close down the free press. If Trump is president of course he will never be able to do anything about the press unless he changes the constitution. So he just showing his ignorance of the constitution again and that it says the press is free to print whatever it wants.

He can create no laws to limit the press in any form at all. Sorry dictator Trump if by some miracle you become president the press will still find all your hidden sins and yes the American people will hear them.

Bobblehead Trump is so life like ,yes his head is really that big

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

It’s a perfect model of Trump specially it’s big head. To most people it doesn’t seem normal to have a head way out of proportion to your body, but Trumps ego requires having a head the size of a pumpkin to fit it. So yes our realistic Bobblehead Trump Dolls head is twice as big as a normal bobble heads head size. It’s tremendously hugely and bigly sized exactly like Trumps real head.

This is a joke and no we don’t want to really sell a Trump Bobblehead it would cost to much to make and it’s market size way to small limited racists with orange skins

If Hilary’s an enabler then what is Melanie Trump?

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

I guess she’s an enabler to she doesn’t seem to be accepting the word of 10 going on whatever accusers ,plus many witnesses now coming forth to prove the accusations. The tape saying he does the same thing he accused of doing should be enough you would think. It was kind of a omission of guilt.

Trump calls Hilary an enabler for doing the same thing and standing by her husband so it stands to reason that he thinks he’s wife has enabled him. If he doesn’t why not? With lots of evidence pilling up daily against her husband she has to be blind or lying to herself. Maybe because if she accepts the true she’ll realize Trump is incapable of loving anyone but himself.

If it’s rigged then why bother voting Republicans Really just stay home.

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

It’s sad that people will believe the crap coming from Trumps mouth. What kind of education have we in this country that sucked the brains out of so many people. So if you believe this crap that it’s rigged just stay home don’t bother to vote.  Really why bother stay in bed cover his head or stick it in the sand like an ostrich. Ignore all data ,ignore truth . Just go to sleep

Trump biggest lie yet that there is large amounts of voter fraud

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

It’s been studied to death and voter fraud is almost nonexistent .There is no fraud in any amount that changes the elections. So Trump is pulling facts out of his ass that has 0 data to support them. The only fraud I see are Republicans using voter I.D. laws to limit the vote of the African Americans and the poor. There are no cases of dead people voting ,there are no cases of illegal aliens voting ,and only minor numbers of any voter fraud at all. So Trump is making excuses for him being a loser. He can’t except a women is beating him.

Trump Childhood possibilties

Monday, October 17th, 2016

He was playing a game of checkers with another kid ,sadly he lost ,then being the poor sport he is he fell to the ground stamping his feet screaming it was rigged he cheated. By his actions as an adult this is a very real possibility.

He didn’t have an friends as a child and was raised by a nanny , I can see that being a big possibility because he doesn’t seem to have very good social skills and treats women as sex objects so I’m assuming he wasn’t close to his mother.

He wasn’t the kid who shared his toys, Does he share now or does he want it all like the rich spoiled kid in the chocolate factory. Big possibility here don’t you think.

He was the school bully , He sure is a bully now might it have started at an early age.

Trump the Illusion and the myth

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

Is he really the great Business man?

Only in his own mind and in those who bought the myth

If you look at his business record compared to other Billionaires it”s mediocre if your being kind. He has had to many businesses end in bankruptcy and has stiffed to many contractors by not paying them. He has thousand of law suit filled against him ,he has used emanate domain to steal people homes and land, it has been reported he has done business with Cuba during the embargo that was illegal . One of the most telling facts is that most true billionaires think he is a joke.

Is he really a good person?

Look at how he made fun of a deaf person, and one who has a disability. Is that something a religious Christian would do? Would a truly religious person say the things he has said about women? He has been accused by 9 women at the time I wrote this of him groping them . You really think this women would put themselves under the eyes of crazy Trump supporters and risk their lives if this stuff wasn’t true. I don’t put it past thunpets to act violently if they think Trump is being threatened. We’ve seen them act violently before and many say they will start a civil war if Trump is not elected President. So his pathetic Trump accuses don’t pass the smell test.

Finally what has he done to prove he would make a good President?

Not Much ,acting angry and yelling might work for a dictator but not a person whose president. When has he proved he can work with others? Never he is now embroiled in a screaming match with many in his own party,. Even if you forget about that he has alienated many ethnic groups in this country. He’s not going to get the African American vote ,the Latin American vote , the Chinese American vote ,the educated American vote, and I’m sure there are many more. A presidents job is to unify the country , Trump will fail at that in his own words bigly.

Women are greatly offended by Trumps attitude towards them . He thinks women are here only for his own pleasure , they have no minds of their own. They need Trump to lead them like they are mindless, useless  ,creatures.  Really he values women as arm candy ,and pretty things to look at.

So if you still think Trumps all the things he claims he is real , you have been brain sucked by alien Trump and your further resistance is futile.


Trumps Body Language says he’s lying

Sunday, October 16th, 2016

He doesn’t look anyone in the eye ,he seems to be always looking to the right to think about his next lies. I’m not a profession body language reader but I am able to tell when some ones trying to hide something, His grandiose arm gestures are over the top and seem to be used to get you to believe his lies. To me he comes off as untruthful ,trying to hide something. and just plain making stuff up. Any people who are profession body language reader want to add something or tell me I’m wrong go to it.

The biggest mistake in the History of the GOP was letting Trump in

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

I’m glad he decided to run as a Republican and not as a Democrat. He drags down everyone around him like a sickness or disease. He is a person devoid of a moral compass with no empathy for others. He crass ,rude ,and has no social grace. He’s classless so he appeals to people who have no class.

He tells us to look at the people at his rallies and I see angry people who have no sanity that let their emotions cloud their judgement. No rational thought allowed to be a Trump supporter only blind obedience with thinking frowned upon. He wants to capture the dumb American vote ,the  vote of the people who think every problem they have is caused by others. No it’s never their own fault for them being losers. They need scapegoats people to blame ,blame the Mexicans for stealing my job ,blame the black man for all the crime ,or blame big government for my life. Are all their mirrors broken because the reflection they find there is the real cause. Only stupid ,lazy people expect society to fix all their lives problems. Normal people face their problems and find solutions to deal with them ,not sit in a corner making accuses.

Trump Didn’t understand that calling a African American an Uncle Tom was racist.

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

Really I thought he knew everything he never heard of a play called Uncle Toms Cabin. It’s about a black man who stills acts like a slave even though slavery was abolished. From that time on calling an African American an Uncle Tom meant  a black person who still acts like an inferior to a white person.  So yes that is racist.