I remember Nuclear Bomb and Fire Drills at school now kids got Gun Fire drills

Even though those things never happened much or at all we had drills. It’s sad now that kids have to learn what to do if a crazy with a gun comes to school and that’s been happening way to often. They say kids lives are harder now then before and it may be true. To many kids now days have to dodge bullets on a daily bases. A walk to school in some places has turned into going across a battle field. What does the NRA think should be done ?

Instead of doing the most reasonable thing and taking guns away from those who are using them to kill people they want to add more guns into the equation. Really more guns won’t that cause further gun violence. Even if it’s in the hands of a school guard it’s not going to stop some nut from attacking at a school 100% of the time . Most gun nuts are bent on committing suicide by cop and could care less if they get shot. If they shoot that guard it just adds another body to the death count. Taking the guns away won’t stop violence 100% of the time either but it does have better odds then bringing more guns into the problem. The NRA drags it heels saying a better gun registration won’t stop all gun violence but neither will any idea they’ve come up with do that. But right now the best idea is to limit guns from going to certain people we know are ticking time bombs ready to go off and shoot people.

Just what America doesn’t need a President whose a Right wing conservative religious fanatic

The Religious Right Wing Fanatic see Boehner’s leaving as a sign from god that a President whose a Right Wing Religious Fanatics time has come . The rest of us don’t see that or would ever let that happen . I don’t believe we need a president that’s so far that type of religious that it destroys the United States. I don’t believe in a vengeful god who goes around punishing people but one who gives us free will to make up our own minds. I believe in a god who want us to treat everyone with honor and respect. I believe in a god who doesn’t want us to go around making judgement on how other people should live.

If you live in Michigan give Melissa Gilbert your support

I rarely give any politician support or tell people how to vote but in this case because we have a Republican Governor bent on destroying unions ,who doesn’t care about global warming , or about helping the less fortunate Michiganders. We need someone to stop the Republican crazy train from taking us all off the tracks. Melissa Gilbert isn’t a shill for big business , is not in the pocket of the wealthy , and has a brain that hasn’t been brainwashed with 30 years of Reaganomics which doesn’t work. She is really for the workers ,not with phony bills to kill unions but with real ideas to bring good jobs to Michigan ,she is also a person who cares about the environment and stopping global warming. It would be a better choice than any Republican anti union job killer who thinks global warming is a myth . I Support Melissa Gilbert . Black Ribbon America Supports Melissa Gilbert.

The Myth called Parental Choice.

It’s just another thing wealthy people claim they have but deny others from having. Do you think poorer Americans are given much parental choice. Do they get to decide what school their children go to? How they punish their children? How they feed them ? Do they get to make any choice they wish? The answer no ,government agencies like  social services take most of their parental choices away from them and these agencies decide how they should raise their children. If they fail to listen to these agencies their children are taken away.

I doubt many wealthy families get a visit from social services , they don’t have people looking through their cupboards to see if their bare. Their not told how to feed their children ,what doctors to go to, or what schools they must send their children to.

The wealthy want another double standard when it comes to raising their children. They think they can have Parental choice with out parental responsibility or responsibility to society as a whole.

In the case of vaccinations they think their choice is more important then other parents choice to not have their kids get sick and possibly die. In infants that can happen way to easily ,if their the age before they can get vaccinated they can die from things like the measles ,the mumps ,and other things vaccinations can stop from spreading.

So why should wealthy parents be able to make choices that can effect other peoples families and have no consequence for making those choices.

We know some quack in England put out a statement that said vaccinations cause autism. But do you know that same doctor had his medical license taken away because it was found that he purposely put out false statements to make financial gain. No one doing any research has ever found that autism is caused by vaccinations but once the false information got out their it was to late.

We all remember them thinking spinach was higher in iron then it actually is.  Just because the wrong information got out there people believed spinach could make you into Popeye. It took over 50 years to learn that the iron levels were way less then reported.

Same with ulcers we now know it’s caused not by stress but a bacterium in your stomach.

Don’t see much blood letting do you ,but that was a common treatment once.

It’s so easy in the world we live in to spread garbage medical science so do your research don’t buy every claim. There are no instant cures ,no Indian miracle medicines. Use your common sense

Please have your kids vaccinated don’t leave them to there fates. Things like measles ,mumps ,and other diseases can have very serious complications that can lead to death in some children. Don’t play Russian roulette with your child’s health and the health of other parents children

American Businesses who send money to China are they Traitors ?

Each of us who buy things that have the Made in China sticker on its bottom are supporting oppression of the China people and are buying the weapons which could be used against American Soldiers in some future war. Isn’t that what traitors do support the enemies war machine against their own country. We know the true ones to blame are American Companies willing to send jobs overseas to places like China without any thought to future  conflicts. Most average Americans have had their choice taken away and must buy what the can afford and that happens to be stuff that’s made in China.

Finally Republican Candidates grow a set and challenge Donald Trump

So far Trumps had it easy and could say anything without really being challenged, but the gloves have finally come off .It’s about time his stupid ideas get challenged and proven that they will never work.

Scott Walker wants to kill workers safety net by gutting unions

Like he did  to unions in Wisconsin ,which damaged Wisconsin’s Education system, if he becomes President which as it stands now is a long shot, he wants to take workers voices away nation wide.  He will hide it in the lies of right to work laws which kill workers bargaining rights more than give people more jobs. If there are more jobs they will be low paying jobs that will not support a family. He says nothing about increasing the minimum wage so more jobs at current minimum wages isn’t going to help anyone.

Does it say something about our education system when 47% of Republicans still think Obama is Muslim?

Is it a failure of education or is it that Republicans are so easily brain washed ? Maybe it’s just all about most Republicans being southern racists ?With  zero evidence to support the idea the Obama is Muslim why does almost half the  Republican base believe in a lie. Well we who live in reality know this isn’t the only lie that they will believe. They believe the lies they get daily from Donald Trump ,they watch Fox News which lies on a daily bases. The Republican people seem to live to be lied to and they like it that way. They seem to live in an alternate universe where lying is the norm, and to some extant that’s truth to them.

Citizens United ,the Tea Party ,and other organizations with Patriotic names ,whose really behind them.

Didn’t ever wonder who are the puppet master pulling the strings behind these groups?

Couldn’t it be people like the Koch Brothers ,Karl Rove ,and other well known wealthy Republican Backers ?

Do you think they really are Patriotic or just using people by using Patriotism to hook them?

Do you really think they care about Everyday Americans who live a simple life?

So many people don’t know are behind these groups ,they see the figure heads the false fronts who are the puppets of the real leaders. The true leaders who have hidden agendas that have nothing to do with being a Patriot. It’s sad that so many Americans are so easily fooled by these groups and by certain people like Donald Trump. Their lives so empty that they buy the first person who gives them a little attentions lies.


In every war people migrate and leave why shouldn’t the war on drugs be any different.

Has any one ever thought of how the war on drugs effects the people who live in Mexico? Maybe that many may be crossing into the United States to get away from the violence and the seemingly corrupt legal system in Mexico.

I’m almost sure  that and poverty are reasons most Mexican people flea to the United States. Not because their rapists or criminals.

Donald Trump who likes to take the actions of few and paint a whole race by those actions is way off base.

The key to stopping illegal immigration is ending the war on drugs and doing something about poverty in Mexico. I’m not saying to stop getting rid of Drug Lords but to put the resource into it that would get the job done. All these GOP ideas that would spend large amounts of money and in the end only treat the symptoms’ instead of cure the disease are not the answer. Lets put that money into really curing the illegal immigrant problem. Helping Mexicans get a real living wage , would go a long way at curbing the flow. As long as they see America as a place they can have a way better life their going to come here.

Donald Trump Says Megan Kelly is not a quality journalist but…………

He won’t take the next reasonable step in that thought process will he, we all know what that would be.

Most of the people know most of the so called Fox News Reporters are not quality journalists.

But Trump won’t bite the hand that feeds him ,the ones that will let him say anything without challenge. So its all a show for the benefit of the lazy who do not check facts. They buy hook ,line ,and sinker of whatever their told .