You got an answer to gun violence vote Democrat

You know most GOP politicians are firmly in the pocket of the NRA . So any reasonable gun laws won’t have a chance in the House or Senate unless their controlled by enough Democrats to make a difference. If a Republican becomes president be ready to give up more of Americans children to gun deaths. Just like those one issue Republicans whose only goal is to keep guns available to anyone, you can become a one issue Democrat whose only goals is to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill ,terrorists ,and people convicted of domestic abuse. If you never voted before this is the time to start to stop more children’s deaths.

Isis Strategy of getting more countries pissed at them will be their undoing

You think your invincible so you get crazy and just start making more enemies than you can handle. Ask Hitler about that when he started a two front war with England ,United States ,and Russia . Isis is biting off more then they can chew. Russia’s seems to be their only friend ,and maybe Iran. Their enemies grow daily with every terrorist attack like in England, France ,or any other European country. When Europe bands together it will be the end of Isis. Isis doesn’t realize if we choose not to play their game we can always blow up the board with a nuke and the game will be over.

Christians believed lots of things that have been proven false.

Once the earth was flat and the earth was the center of the universe both things believed by most Christians. There are many other things Christians believed that just don’t jive with reality ,creationism is the just one of the latest ,Does anyone really believe the earth was created in 7 days? How is that even possible? That everything the water ,the earth ,and every living thing was created in 7 days. Can God even do that and how much energy would that take. I don’t care what you believe but I know something can’t be created out of the nothing.

A math Equation the NRA Doesn’t like : Take a gun add a man with road rage and that equals a dead toddler.

A man who couldn’t control his road rage took a gun shooting into another car killing a small toddler. This is a normal day living in the war zone of the American Constitutions Second Amendment taken to the extreme .Do you think the Founding fathers are happy or rolling over in their graves every time an innocent life is taken ? Do you really think they would of supported this toddlers death or all the other deaths daily. Sorry I don’t

Millions wasted on Benghazi got ya game played by the GOP

If the money wasted on this game of got ya would of been spent on better security of embassies the whole Benghazi thing would of never happened .  Just think of what other things this wasted money could of been used for.

  1. Cutting the Defect
  2. Feeding the Poor
  3. Fixing failing infrastructure
  4. Health Care
  5. Fighting Terrorist’s
  6. Getting better gun laws
  7. Etc . Etc. and on and on

So how is this being fiscally responsible when many Republicans admit that it’s all a political game to bring down Hillary Clinton that we all are paying for through our taxes . I don’t support the Benghazi investigation so why am I expected to pay for it. Sometimes I wonder if everyone who doesn’t support this use of taxes decided to protest by not paying what would happen. I’m sure they couldn’t put millions of people in an already over crowded prison system. What would the GOP do?

So now Donald Trump could read the future and could of prevented what happened on 9-11

What other magical mystical powers does he have beside being able to see the future ? Can he time travel ,can he teleport himself anywhere .or does he read minds. Does he have gypsies  in his family tree or is he a closet voodoo queen. My guess he’s talking out of his ass again. If he had been president it would of all happened the same way . No difference 9/11 was what it was I doubt anything could of stopped it from happening at the time it happened. The American people before it happened didn’t have the right mind set . We should take it as a learning experience and move on. Enough said Arm chair quarterbacking after it’s over is useless and a waste of time thinking about.

Religious right still wants to ban sex ed , birth control ,and abortion.

Republicans worry about Sharia law but then plan to impose their own form of sexist laws on American Women.

No sex education taught in school ,No birth control , No abortions , No homosexuality , No sex before marriage. How are they going to complete these goals ? Answer they won’t and unless Americans decide to let these nuts take away their freedoms they never will. The Religious right isn’t about free will . It’s about controlling every aspect of a persons life from birth to the grave. That’s the same goal of Muslim extremists ,weird how no ones ever picked up on that similarity. Do either group truly represent their religions chosen book. No both groups cherry picked the most extreme parts and kind of forgot the rest of the stuff they found inconvenient. But that’s what extremists do.

Donald Trump plans on Tweeting his thoughts on Dem Debate ,Oh still my heart I’m waiting to see them ,NOT

Donald I quit caring about any you said after your first few lies . During your debate you should of had someone tweet every time you lied but it would of overloaded the twitter server. No one needs your comment from the peanut gallery. Isn’t it time yet for you to crawl back under the rock you crawled out from under the one you and Sarah Palin Share

College turns into a shoot out at the OK corral as students have a gun fight,

Two Groups of students turn into street gangs and have a shoot out at a college in Arizona . Lets students have guns to protect themselves turns into let students have guns so they can shoot each other. In another state with weak gun laws that almost anyone can carry a gun violence erupts again probably over something most young man would of had a fist fight over without causing death.

I remember Nuclear Bomb and Fire Drills at school now kids got Gun Fire drills

Even though those things never happened much or at all we had drills. It’s sad now that kids have to learn what to do if a crazy with a gun comes to school and that’s been happening way to often. They say kids lives are harder now then before and it may be true. To many kids now days have to dodge bullets on a daily bases. A walk to school in some places has turned into going across a battle field. What does the NRA think should be done ?

Instead of doing the most reasonable thing and taking guns away from those who are using them to kill people they want to add more guns into the equation. Really more guns won’t that cause further gun violence. Even if it’s in the hands of a school guard it’s not going to stop some nut from attacking at a school 100% of the time . Most gun nuts are bent on committing suicide by cop and could care less if they get shot. If they shoot that guard it just adds another body to the death count. Taking the guns away won’t stop violence 100% of the time either but it does have better odds then bringing more guns into the problem. The NRA drags it heels saying a better gun registration won’t stop all gun violence but neither will any idea they’ve come up with do that. But right now the best idea is to limit guns from going to certain people we know are ticking time bombs ready to go off and shoot people.

Just what America doesn’t need a President whose a Right wing conservative religious fanatic

The Religious Right Wing Fanatic see Boehner’s leaving as a sign from god that a President whose a Right Wing Religious Fanatics time has come . The rest of us don’t see that or would ever let that happen . I don’t believe we need a president that’s so far that type of religious that it destroys the United States. I don’t believe in a vengeful god who goes around punishing people but one who gives us free will to make up our own minds. I believe in a god who want us to treat everyone with honor and respect. I believe in a god who doesn’t want us to go around making judgement on how other people should live.

If you live in Michigan give Melissa Gilbert your support

I rarely give any politician support or tell people how to vote but in this case because we have a Republican Governor bent on destroying unions ,who doesn’t care about global warming , or about helping the less fortunate Michiganders. We need someone to stop the Republican crazy train from taking us all off the tracks. Melissa Gilbert isn’t a shill for big business , is not in the pocket of the wealthy , and has a brain that hasn’t been brainwashed with 30 years of Reaganomics which doesn’t work. She is really for the workers ,not with phony bills to kill unions but with real ideas to bring good jobs to Michigan ,she is also a person who cares about the environment and stopping global warming. It would be a better choice than any Republican anti union job killer who thinks global warming is a myth . I Support Melissa Gilbert . Black Ribbon America Supports Melissa Gilbert.