In every war people migrate and leave why shouldn’t the war on drugs be any different.

Has any one ever thought of how the war on drugs effects the people who live in Mexico? Maybe that many may be crossing into the United States to get away from the violence and the seemingly corrupt legal system in Mexico.

I’m almost sure  that and poverty are reasons most Mexican people flea to the United States. Not because their rapists or criminals.

Donald Trump who likes to take the actions of few and paint a whole race by those actions is way off base.

The key to stopping illegal immigration is ending the war on drugs and doing something about poverty in Mexico. I’m not saying to stop getting rid of Drug Lords but to put the resource into it that would get the job done. All these GOP ideas that would spend large amounts of money and in the end only treat the symptoms’ instead of cure the disease are not the answer. Lets put that money into really curing the illegal immigrant problem. Helping Mexicans get a real living wage , would go a long way at curbing the flow. As long as they see America as a place they can have a way better life their going to come here.

Donald Trump Says Megan Kelly is not a quality journalist but…………

He won’t take the next reasonable step in that thought process will he, we all know what that would be.

Most of the people know most of the so called Fox News Reporters are not quality journalists.

But Trump won’t bite the hand that feeds him ,the ones that will let him say anything without challenge. So its all a show for the benefit of the lazy who do not check facts. They buy hook ,line ,and sinker of whatever their told .

Chicken Little Trump after only one bad day in the market declared the sky on Wall Street was falling

He should know how Wall Street works, one day it drops the next day it goes back up. But he played to the ignorant of the GOP saying China was dragging us down. Chicken Little Trump after only one bad day in the market declared the sky on Wall Street was falling. Did anyone fall for his bad acting ? Sure remember the Republican fanatics fall for any good Dog & Pony Show ,they did fall for Sarah Palins act .

Today the sun came out the doom and gloom went away and Wall Street went right back to where it had been before the bad day. Sorry Trump your fired as a fortune teller.

Tom Brady stop acting like a Republican.

He played football at least since high school and he couldn’t tell the ball he was holding was underinflated  .   Really?  That’s right there is enough to suspend him. So don’t act all mister innocent Brady if you were handed a ball that was underinflated you should of said something right then and there and asked for a different ball.

Tom Brady should of taken his punishment like a man instead of like a whinny little baby.

I know this has nothing to do with politics or gun safety but I lost my faith in the NFL when outside judges can change the rules. Because of Tom Brady being a cry baby he’s lost all my respect and credibility. Take it like a man. This isn’t the first time New England broke the rules. You can’t tell me Brady couldn’t tell the ball he was holding wasn’t underinflated. But he played with it anyway. That right there is all the proof I need.

Guess what the fact checkers said about the Republican debate?

There was a lot of exaggerations and lies.

My reply  NO SHIT

Republicans been doing that for years why should this bunch of clowns be any different. You would think they would realize that everything they say with the internet can be checked. Trump talks about people being stupid ,maybe Trump was being stupid when he made the claim he was a 10 billionaire when by all accounts he’s  just a 2 and a half billionaire.

Maybe like most Republicans he has a trouble with math

Scott Walker’s math was also off when he claimed he created a lot of new jobs in Wisconsin guess maybe 4000 jobs are a lot in  a state the size of Wisconsin.

Rubio’s claim that 40% of all small banks failed because of Frank Dodd bill. But nope only 18% and that’s been the same rate as way before the Frank Dodd law.

So as usual the math was messed up.


If you were looking for truth you looked in the wrong place.

My cat got caught on the roof you think the local police or fire department would help.

The myth of getting help from the local fire or police died in the small town where I live Menominee ,Michigan.  They will not help to get your cat out of a tree or off a roof. That must be some urban legend. Seems strange you would think local police departments would do whatever they could to foster a better public image ,a image they used to have but sadly lost . Whatever happened to the police you could count on, guess there  aren’t any Mayberrys  or Sheriff Taylors left in the United States anymore. That’s sad

MSNBC becoming a clone of FOX NEWS

It’s sad all the reason I watch MSNBC are fading and the reason I won’t be watching are growing. First  MSNBC let Sarah Palin bully them into firing Martin Basher . Now they are getting rid of some of their best shows   WHY ? because their pro liberal and pro democrat. Now there will be no counter to FOX News lie factory . That’s not cool.

There putting Chuck Todd on even more ,he’s one of the most boring News Casters I’ve ever seen. They think it will save them in the ratings which more likely is tanking because of firing people like Martin Basher. I see a major loss of even more viewers . We don’t need another CNN or FOX NEWS.  We needed a counter to those networks.

Donald Trump still pushing the birthier garbage.

Even though he isn’t facing Obama in the next election he still shows his ignorance over the birthier issue.

Why ?

Can a person who clings to stupidity be President?

Do you want pig headed fool for President  that when proved wrong over and over again still believes his own lies?

Didn’t we have a President like that named George Bush?

This country will be in big trouble if Trump Becomes President and can anyone with a brain take him serious ?

I Don’t understand why southerners want to fly a symbol of losing

The colorFlying a symbol of a lost cause seems stupid to me. Anyone who clings to them doesn’t live for a better future but dwells on a bitter hate filled past.

Symbols like the confederate flag or the Nazis swastika were symbols of racism ,and hate of people who just because they were different  were used as a scapegoat for what was wrong with the world and  were thought of  as inferior.

We all know that was a pile of crap.

The color of ones skin or the race of a person in no way determines how smart a person is, that is proved every day by people like Rush Limbaugh ,Sarah Palin , and Ted Nugent.

People like Donald Trump with his all Mexicans are drug dealers and racists. Is just a racist who forgot to put his white sheet over his head. Anyone who goes around blaming a whole race of people for the actions of a few losers is a racist.

It’s time to separate a persons action from what race they happen to belong to

Assholes come in all shapes ,sizes ,genders , sexual persuasions and colors.

Democrats rejoice as Donald Trump becomes the poster boy for whats wrong with the GOP

Can anyone be more out of touch with regular Americans then Donald Trump?

Did all those people kissing his ass and being brown noses to him rot his brain? It seems he’s living in a different world from the rest of us ,he doesn’t have a clue to what happens in real American, As he sits in his ivory tower looking down on us ants down here, he tries using his experiences to describe what he sees and gets it all wrong.

He’s never had to worry if he had enough money to buy food or that if he got sick how he would pay the bill.

He never did an honest days work in his entire life as he had people to cater to his every whim. Him as President would but the final nail in the coffin of the American dream of the middle and poor.