National Police Training Standards Law #blackribbonamerica

NYPD Officer Kenneth Healey, second from right

Should all police hired be required meet some training standards laws set by the federal government? We think yes,it would make things like the recent problems in Ferguson,New York,or Cleveland less likely to happen if certain standards were set on the employment of Police Officers or Sheriffs Deputies.

These are the standards we propose.

All Police should be trained in non lethal ways to apprehend a suspect, Those can include ,martial arts, tasers,mace,and other non lethal devices.

All police should have strict guidelines on when lethal force can be used.

All Police who commit acts of racism or sexism against any other person should be fired

All police should have mental status evaluations periodically.

Any police officer who shoots an unarmed person should be suspended and a complete investigation should be made in to shooting.

All police related shootings crimes should be handled by the FBI.

We believe local prosecutors have to much of a conflict of interest in police related crimes so federal prosecution should happen.


My mom died protecting her students

Below is a note from Erica Lafferty whose mother, Dawn Hochsprung, was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary with 20 of her students and five other staff members. If you feel moved by Erica’s words, please forward this message to your friends and family and ask them to be part of this movement




Forward this email to share Erica’s message or click here to get involved in the movement

Everytown for Gun Safety is a movement of Americans fighting for common-sense gun policies. We are moms, mayors, survivors, and concerned citizens

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Take Action

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Celebrating service


I’ve seen Bill take on many roles over the years — from father to grandfather, from public servant to philanthropist — but everything he’s done in his life has been tied together in his belief that if we work together, tomorrow can be better than today.

When Bill left the White House, he opened the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Arkansas with a vision to continue his life’s work of strengthening communities and empowering people everywhere to live their best life story.

This year we’re marking a full 10 years since the Clinton Presidential Center first opened its doors.

On behalf of the Clinton Foundation, I want to invite you to commemorate this moment, and to thank Bill for the lifetime of service that I hope you admire as much as I do.

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Bill has devoted his life to making sure people everywhere can achieve their dreams, whether it’s increasing access to life-saving HIV/AIDS medicine in Africa, helping children here in the United States live healthier lifestyles and overcome obesity, or helping more people in more places around the world get access to clean water, clean air, education, and economic opportunity. Bill has always believed we have to put people first, and that’s still at the core of the work we do here at the Clinton Foundation and at the Clinton Presidential Center. The measure is simple — are people better off than when we started? For millions around the world, the answer is yes.

I hope you’ll join me in saying thank you and congratulations on 10 years of the Clinton Presidential Center.

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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Really, White Cops Saying Their Discriminated against.

NYPD Officer Kenneth Healey, second from right

I haven’t heard any black cop shooting anyone lately so the white cops are full of stuff that comes from a cows rear section.If you do the crime you do the time as old jail house residence would say.Your the ones that seem to be using their guns to much.Not all white cops are major class butt wipes but there are some.

We all hear of the cops who bail their kids out when ever their in trouble ,some of us even know some cops who do that.I would like to be discriminated against like that. To many cops think their above the law and that it doesn’t pertain to them ,their families or friends.

Wake up call, just because your a police officer doesn’t mean the laws of this country don’t pertain to you, no law enforcement agency member has a license to kill.Most cops never take their gun out of it’s holster but some can’t keep it in their pants,and like to wave it around.

So it’s not discrimination against white cops, it’s discrimination against stupid ones.

Any Police Officer, who is against Gun Registration,is one playing Russian Roulette with their life and yours #blackribbonamerica


I don’t understand cops that aren’t for a gun registration that includes every gun sold. They must think it’s a good idea that the mentally ill can carry a gun. Why would any one in their right mind think that was a good idea?

Guess they want the old days when sheriffs had to have a shoot out at high noon to prove their men. To bad that rarely happened in real life, but only in the movies.It is irresponsible to put any one, but your own life on the line, That’s what these law officers are doing when they publicly state they are not for a reasonable gun registration program that covers every gun sold.

Let your local sheriff and police know that you support a reasonable gun registration program that covers every gun sold.Tell them any police officer who states they are not for it, are playing Russian roulette with your life and that is  unacceptable.

Mandatory Police Training Standards Could end wrongful shootings.

I know some places have police academies but not everywhere,some places they sign up people like to any other job or they take some school course that are nothing like real life.Too many cops are unprepared for some situations and that ends in tragedy like what happened in Ferguson.

What needs to happens is every one trying to be a cop needs a psychological exam and testing under pressure situations to see how they react.If they fail they don’t become police officers.

My next one they,need training in other ways to stop a suspect ,Mace use,Taser use,and yes some kind of martial arts training. Using a gun and shooting someone can not be their only option.

Next real life simulation courses can be the best way to train someone , you can train till it become almost automatic that they do the right thing.

A better police training program will make it less likely something like Ferguson happens again, unless it’s willfully done,then the cop will have no excuse.

That’s what I came up with ,that’s my solution


Fear Can Make a Fool of us All

We all have let our fear run amok and then have done something stupid.

But some people seem to live under a cloud of fear that always is over their heads

I don’t understand extreme survivalist ,I think it’s better to live your life for today.I don’t understand some people ,they need enough guns to fight an army

.My Question is why?

The Answer is fear,they’ll tell you they don’t fear any one or anything, but then why spend large amounts of money on building an underground bunker.Why Fill your house with hundreds of guns that you can’t shoot all at once.As President Franklin Roosevelt once stated the only think to fear is fear itself.Because when people let fear run their lives they become irrational and do stupid things.



We’re all forced to play Russian Roulette with the gun crazies

Is it my day to get shot by some nut with a gun?Did I lose, is my number up? In some cities, on some streets that’s the nightmarish reality.No one should have to live like that,but because of the easy access to guns they are forced to. Gang Banger terrorists run the streets,yes they are terrorists and should be treated like one.They force people to live in terror afraid to leave their homes,afraid to let their children play outside.

You would think I’m talking about Iraq but no I talking about Los Angeles,Chicago,New York,and some other cities across America. Young punks with guns with no conscience willing to kill to make themselves into big-shots get street cred.

How many dead before we make it harder for these punks to get a gun?