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The Human war against nature

Humans have been trying to tame the wild forever but instead they are more likely to destroy it.How long before the only animals will be the one in zoos?How long before we either flood the world or turn into one big desert?Some still claim humans have no impact on the climate either though there is lots of evidence to the contrary. The American Dust Bowl caused by human trying to turn a place of buffalo grass into one growing wheat.The Sahara desert is as big as it is because of humans. Acid rain because of humans.Every tree that is cut down effects the climate in a small way but if you add all the trees cut down in a single year it can change things in a big way.Every concrete jungle out there changes climate by becoming a city size heat sink.All the pollution that enters the air goes into the clouds causing changes in those clouds, that changes the environment.So people who deny human have an impact on the climate just are ignoring all evidence that proves their ignorance.

GOP water fairies

They take any law water it down and make it totally useless. Once good ideas get turned into laws that do nothing at best ,but in most cases do more harm then good. The House of Representatives is where good ideas go to die.That’s a shame just think how better many American’s lives could of been better.How many new jobs could of been created ? If the GOP would of been about creating instead of destroying ,at first they were bent on making Obama A one term president. Not in making America a better place. Well when they failed at that and Obama was reelected ,they decided instead of helping the American people,to start a smear campaign of all of Obamas accomplishments . A pathetic ,petty attempt to make it like Obama was never president,but I think in doing that they did more harm to their own party. They to my view made them self look like spoiled children forgetting what their true job they were elected to do was, make America a better place. A politicians true value should be based on, Did they make America better during their political life? The answer for most members of the GOP is no.

KOCH Brothers the ultimate hoarders.

Koch-brothersWhat their hoarders?

Yes ,but it’s not things they hoard it’s power.

Their need to be in control is a form of hoarding ,and the GOP is ready, willing, and able to fill that need.I think it has come to a point where the Koch Brothers can not control themselves.

Only thing now it’s time for an intervention,maybe a stay in a mental hospital.I’m not joking I’m serious.

To want to control everything is a mental illness,To control everyone like your the puppet master and every other person is your puppet is sick.For the GOP to exploit that sickness well that’s really sick.

I feel sorry for the Koch Brothers no one has the guts to help these sick twisted men.

The slow decline in HUD Housing Communities

This is based on my personal experience.

It all starts out as a way to help low income people and families have a decent place to live but in the end it ends up a place for unwed mothers,druggies,and lives refuges .Whose fault is that I place it on those that manage the housing.

At first the place I live thats is a hud apartment, they fixed things on time ,Sidewalk were ice free in the winter and you saw maintenance around more.Now you only in winter see them when it snows they plow the parking lot and leave. They do nothing about the sidewalk and if there icy you walk at your own risk and if your hurt they may pay the first 10 grand but if its something major you get stuck with the bill.In my case I had a major head trauma with bleeding in my brain. The bill a little more like 25 grand.State medicad denied to pay anything I think they think HUD should of paid.the local HUD said we will pay 10 grand because our insurance is limited to that. So I get a 15 grand bill while I’m on food stamps and every dollar we get goes to bills I already pay.So unless I can make my own money out of paper there’s no way I will ever pay. One more little law they passed in Michihan you can not sue any government agency So suing the local HUD ,Sorry nope. So who but he dreads of society would live in subhuman condition HUD Housing provides only people who are very desperate.

Stand Your Ground being used again in Florida by Racist

A young black kid may of been playing his music a little to loud but did that carry a death sentence in one racists mind it did.Now to justify this crazy mans action he’s using Florida’s stand your ground law.But as he said to his girl friend after he shot in to a car full of teenage black boys,”I hate that music” showing his real motive for killing unarmed people.

People are Corporations?

If Corporations are people then does it also mean people are corporations?So then we all get corporation tax rates or have loopholes to pay no taxes at all.Seems logical if Corporations are people people are corporations .So people should get all the benefits of incorporation.

See how crazy the idea that Corporation are people seems to most thinking Americans.I for a fact know everyone who owns stock in some company doesn’t believe the politics those corporations are pushing or supporting.Maybe the Companies president or chairman of the boards views are not in line with the stockholders of the company as a whole.So these companies may be pushing political views of a few key people and not the corporation.

So I don’t know how a corporation can be considered a person or at least a sane person.At best a corporation would have the worst case of split personality in history if it was a person.

Puppet Masters of the GOP

puppet clown

Who pulls the GOP’s Strings?

I know some of their puppet masters here’s a list.

  • The Koch Brothers are at the top.
  • Samuel Adelson is on the list
  • Donald Trump seems to have influence
  • Rush Limbaugh weirdly enough pulls a few strings
  • The NRA
  • other rich who want favors they pay for dearly

They pay for the privilege to control the economy ,and most aspects of the American Dream ,decide who gets it and who is denied. Who is worthy and whose worthless.They decide your value by their set of rules.Your poor to bad you have no value or worth. your rich sit down and be given gifts you don’t really need because you have great value.

We at the bottom know you at the top are holding us down and someday the wheel will spin and it will be us looking down on you who were once our masters.Slaves don’t stay slaves forever

What is it with all the GOP Creepy Talk?

Death Panels Where does your mind have to be to come up with that? Were you once in a concentration camp? What experience do you come from to make that statement? Oh none so basically you don’t know what your talking about.

Uncle Sugar a new one from the GOP,to me it’s a little creepy and gives me a picture of a sick clown who lures kids with sweet sugary treats then butchers them.

Feminazis that’s a Rush lingo term I guess means any women who won’t be a his slave

How many new phrases can the GOP come up that has no real meaning and is total gibberish?

That can be infinite, Obamacare another, anything they don’t understand gets a label so its endless because they understand very little.

Latest news feeds on Gun Control added

I added some rss feeds related to gun control,latest one tells about how a 4 year old girl killing a 4 year old boy with a gun her grandfather left loaded and under his bed just another victim of people who never heard of a gun safe or are to stupid to unload their weapons before putting them away.

The GOP is stuck in the 80′s of the last century.

Sure the 80′s had some great music but it’s politics if you look back really sucked.Reagan had become president and his radical idea called trickle down economics was adopted by the GOP. That idea never worked because in a global economy the trickles were shared with to many other countries to help the middle class and poor in the United States.Reagan was thinking small when we needed big ideas,big world wide ideas.

Fast forward to the 21st century and what do you find the GOP still trying to sell the trickle down theory.Even though overtime it has been proven not to work.Why? To pander to the wealthy and get their financial support for their party and their campaigns.

Call me stupid but that’s not why they were voted in.They were voted in to help everyone in America,not just the wealthy and rich elite.

It’s the monster greed that in the end will be the downfall of the Republican Party.They let themselves be bought by the glitter of gold and have sold out the American People.Their willing to sacrifice every poor and middle class person in this country to feed their twisted and sick ideals that only the rich and wealthy deserve the American Dream.

Reagan their pagan false prophet would be proud.

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