If You ever seen the Pure Michigan ad on your TV you were lied to

I happen to live in Michigan and in my city and the surround country areas are anything but clean. We got an old dumps that was closed by the EPA still polluting our river with years of toxic waste. The sides of many country roads are littered with garbage, Now the people of Flint Michigan have to live with children who have lead poisoning.

It may sound good when Tim Allen says all these good things about Pure Michigan in a TV ad like clean cool majestic Waters but there far from the truth.

How easy would it be for terrorists to hide among the biggest cities invisible people?

You know the people I mean the homeless people living in the shadows of most if not all of our major cities. Most people tend to totally ignore people that are so poor they live in the forgotten subway tunnels ,back alleys ,city parks or other out of the way places in our larger cities. How easy it could be for foreign terrorists to blend in with our nation invisible people. Go to New York find your way into the underground places the homeless live and it would make a perfect hideout for terrorists. There’s a saying that our defense is only as strong as your weakest link. America weakest link is it homeless populations. They give a perfect place for terrorists to blend in, it’s a miracle that weakness hasn’t been exploited yet in someway.

The Cure stop homelessness by lifting the mental ill in most cases out of the gutter and giving them a decent place to live. If we don’t it may be the way the next 9-11 may happen.

Trump has Zero real ideas

So far I haven’t heard one idea that would work in the real world or could ever be implemented in and real way. Ideas like lets put a permeant army on the border between Mexico and the United States might work if a big if we would like to create the biggest national debt in the history of this country. The cost would easily add trillions of dollar of debt plus since he also plans on lower taxes it would really put our economy in the crapper.

Making every Muslim register or something sounds good but their this pesty thing called the constitution that kind of prohibits that kind of thing. Specially if they happen to be American citizens who happen to be Muslim. You think Mohammed Ali is going to register? He wouldn’t fight in Vietnam because of his principals. Some people kind of forget some of the people who happen to be Muslims are great Americans. We don’t need to be South Africa during apartheid where they required every Black Person or Muslim to register and carry a card. We don’t need to be like Nazis Germany and tattoo a number on people like they did to many Jews. Singling people out just because of their religion is not the American Way.

So many of Trumps ideas at first thought look good and make a good sound bite but when you look under the hood, they fall apart and would never work. He appeals to the worst in people and gets the lowest type of people to follow his pipes tune. The worst of this country who blame others for their failures kind of like Trump does when he resorts to name calling of people who disagree with him or just don’t like him.

I’m sure there are some skin head racists ,members of the K.K.K.,Aryan Nation, and Religious Right Wing Nuts that agree with Trump about banning Muslims

When he say Americans Donald Trump doesn’t represent me or a lot of Americans I know. I do not think banning people because of their Religion ,race ,or even political beliefs is the American Way. I never will jump om the ignorance bandwagon that blames whole groups for the actions of a few wingnuts. I’m even sure not all Republican had their brains sucked out be aliens. Claiming to know the constitution and understanding it are two separate things just because you can say every word in the correct order and not forget one doesn’t make you a genius, I know parrots that can do that. Trump stop making being an American a bad thing ,your example demeans us all. When you throw your last tantrum Donald we will still be here and you will fade from the American conscience like a bad dream. Good bye to this generation Boss Tweed and his cronies.

When’s the GOP going to stop being the party of stupid as they try to repeal Obamacare for the zillionth time and defund planned parenthood again.

Are they stuck in a time warp or have they become a broken record that’s stuck in the obanacare ,planned parenthood groove . Are they just to stupid to move on from going off the same cliff to stop their own inflicted injuries to themselves. Going after programs that help the poor and the less fortunate is that going to make them more human or make them more monsters. They still think it’s the billionaires that make the economy work but in reality it’s the consumers who make the economy work. Until their deluded vision of the economy is changed they will be the party of stupid

You got an answer to gun violence vote Democrat

You know most GOP politicians are firmly in the pocket of the NRA . So any reasonable gun laws won’t have a chance in the House or Senate unless their controlled by enough Democrats to make a difference. If a Republican becomes president be ready to give up more of Americans children to gun deaths. Just like those one issue Republicans whose only goal is to keep guns available to anyone, you can become a one issue Democrat whose only goals is to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill ,terrorists ,and people convicted of domestic abuse. If you never voted before this is the time to start to stop more children’s deaths.

Isis Strategy of getting more countries pissed at them will be their undoing

You think your invincible so you get crazy and just start making more enemies than you can handle. Ask Hitler about that when he started a two front war with England ,United States ,and Russia . Isis is biting off more then they can chew. Russia’s seems to be their only friend ,and maybe Iran. Their enemies grow daily with every terrorist attack like in England, France ,or any other European country. When Europe bands together it will be the end of Isis. Isis doesn’t realize if we choose not to play their game we can always blow up the board with a nuke and the game will be over.

Christians believed lots of things that have been proven false.

Once the earth was flat and the earth was the center of the universe both things believed by most Christians. There are many other things Christians believed that just don’t jive with reality ,creationism is the just one of the latest ,Does anyone really believe the earth was created in 7 days? How is that even possible? That everything the water ,the earth ,and every living thing was created in 7 days. Can God even do that and how much energy would that take. I don’t care what you believe but I know something can’t be created out of the nothing.