We’re all forced to play Russian Roulette with the gun crazies

Is it my day to get shot by some nut with a gun?Did I lose, is my number up? In some cities, on some streets that’s the nightmarish reality.No one should have to live like that,but because of the easy access to guns they are forced to. Gang Banger terrorists run the streets,yes they are […]

Most Doom and Gloomers are mentally ill and shouldn’t have a gun.

Waiting for aliens to invade,or the zombie apocalypse them you might be not right in the head.Waiting for god to come down and smite someone not sure about that happening.Fear can be in some cases an over reaction to things you think might happen but never will.What if;s can turn you into a person whose […]

Let Me Run This By You Another Mass Gun Shooting Happens and……

The NRA goes into hiding turn off their website ,put all their social sites on hold. People cry say something has to be done,Lay a bunch of flowers,stuffed animals at the scene of the shooting. A Month goes by and the NRA Gives a Press Conference telling how Gun Safety should be handled there mention […]

The Black Ribbon Campaign get yours and wear it proud

A black ribbon why a black ribbon ? It’s like a black arm band worn when someone dies and everyday in America someone dies from gun violence.The ribbon will make American realize and remember that fact. Where should you wear the Ribbon? It should be worn tied around your arm. To learn more about the […]

My Hopes for the Upcoming Election

My Main hope is that people aren’t falling for the down right lies and half truths they saw in politic TV ads.I hope people did their work before voting and researched the candidates.They looked at their voting records not just took the crap they say as true facts. I hope as a voter your just […]