Going Extreme Right to Win The Your Parties nomination will lose the Presidency #blackribbonamerica

You think after the last two presidential elections they would of got the clue that extreme right politics is a loser when running for president. But here we are again the GOP pulling out the extremist ideal that turn on the religious right but frighten the average American. No one wants a religious theocracy running every aspect of their lives. You see how that works so well in the Middle East.

Not saying morals are a bad thing and should be all thrown away but there has to be a limit in a country that has a freedom to choose your religion of choice. If a government is to pro one kind of religion isn’t that unfair to all the other religions. Personally I’m a Native American my religion isn’t Christianity mine is more nature based. I don’t want to have Christianity shoved down my throat.

I’m not sure the Religious Right is really Christian.

Whatever happened to judge not lest you be judged? or those without sins throw the first stones.

Stones are throw daily by the religious right at anyone they say are not Christian. Who decided they are the judges  it wasn’t any god that I know of.

So let the GOP cater to these kinds of racist ,sexist ,and religousist people. It will just make the rest of us vote for someone else




Why terrorism doesn’t work #blackribbonamerica

Why it doesn’t work is simple by committing acts of terrorism you create more enemies. They think it will scare people into giving in but when was the last time that ever happened. Never.

So in the end the terrorist will lose every time. Only get him and innocent people around him killed.

Terrorism just doesn’t work against countries that will fight back.

Every person beheaded or tortured is one more nail in terrorism’s coffin.

So ISIS is a dead cause running around like a zombie to stupid to lay down and die.

The fight really starts after a responsible gun owner law is passed when the right starts the repeal #blackribbonamerica

Look how many times they have tried to repeal Obamacare, so you know they will probably try to repeal any law made to create responsible gun ownership. As it stand no one is responsible if somehow a kid gets a gun and shoots or kills someone, it’s treated  like an act of nature or a tragic accident but is it really or is it something a reasonable gun owner would let happen in the first place. Any truly reasonable gun owner wouldn’t leave a loaded gun in a place a kid could get its hand on it and fire it. Sorry if you think your a responsible gun owner and don’t have the brains to keep your gun out of a kids hand. You failed the test for being reasonable or responsible.

2 recent cases make my point ,a 2 year old kid reached into his mothers purse while shopping at Walmart ,pulled out the loaded gun in that purse and killed and shot his mother. You can’t tell me that mother was a responsible gun owner.

In a hotel, a 3 year old got his mothers gun ,and shot his father in the ass and his mother in the shoulder. You can’t tell me that mother was a responsible gun owner.  At least this time no one died but easily could have.

So in places laws have been passed ,the right is already trying to stop them from being implemented .So the fights only just begun even when laws are passed you don’t have time to celebrate. It’s right back to the fight

GOP better have a better strategy then going so far right it will be impossible to become president. # blackribbonamerica

It wasn’t a winning strategy when Mitt tried it in 2012. But it seems their trying it again already by catering to the way far right. It’s not even really started and they seem to be the party of stupid. Kissing Trumps ring or  bowing to Rush Limbaugh  is only going to get you brownie points with the crazy right the rest of America will not be impressed.

Already doing things to alienate  the Latino vote ,the Black vote ,the Gay vote ,and the Women’s vote. The union votes already going Democrat. So how in any way will they become president. I just don’t see it, unless they cheat with crap like voter id laws ,or limiting votes of everyday Americans.

Gerrymandering won’t work in a presidential election sorry that might get you house reps.

So what you going to do when middle America says no to you ?

Sarah Palin from the Peanut Gallery #blackribbonamerica

Sarah if you don’t want to get criticized than you should keep your mouth shut specially when you don’t know what your talking about. Criticizing the president really Sarah  that’s funny you loud mouth wannabe. You’ll only ever be a wannabe never becoming nothing more. Your a punchline to a joke ,an after thought. Isn’t time to crawl back under the rock McCain found you.

Huckabee running for president again ,why? #blackribbonamerica


Is anyone still buying his phony religious act?

After years supporting Fox News bullshit factory does he got any creditability left.He was one of the major lie factories on Obama ,a birther from the beginning ,claiming Obama was raised in Africa and taught in a Islamic school system .He used half truths and down right lies spreading bullshit in such big piles it blocked out the sun.

So does anyone proven to be a big liar want him as the next president. I don’t get enough lies from the GOP in the Senate and the House.

Another strong supporter of Gun Responsibility has died ,thank you Mario Cuomo #blackribbonamerica


It’s sad when a good person dies and a little of the worlds light is diminished.Thank you Mario for being a guiding light in the fight for reasonable gun laws.I hope others take inspiration from you and continue to fight for responsible gun ownership.The rights of the 2nd amendment comes with great responsibilities that can not be ignored or dismissed. They cannot be used as an excuse to let crazy gunmen run wild killing anyone that happens to get in their way. They can not be used to take away others rights of free speech , life ,liberty ,or the right to be happy.Everyone should have the right to not live under a specter of fear that having everyone having a gun puts us all.

The Mentally ill have no good reason to have a gun.

Remember that fact the next time one kills a lot of people.

2 year old shoots his mother at Walmart #blackribbonamerica

I don’t know why this women thought she needed a gun in her purse at Walmart. It was another so called gun accident waiting to happen. A two year old reached into that womens purse and pulled the trigger fatally shooting his mother in the head. So how did having a loaded gun make her safer? It didn’t

Will this change anyones minds about carrying a gun?

Probably Not.


It’s sad but may be true New Towns may have to happen more often before anything is really done about gun Violence #blackribbonamerica


I know it may sound harsh but the reality is most people have short attention spans. News cycles flash by so fast that most of us get news burnout and can’t keep up. Only the big tragedies get on the radar and everything else becomes a blur. One gun death or a slow trickle doesn’t grab most peoples attention or notice. Things fade fast replaced by less important things.

The fight for gun registration slows down to a crawl and only picks back up again during a new firestorm of more mass killings by crazies with a gun. It may take more shooting like at New Town ,Aurora,or Columbine to keep the fight alive and not on life support ,I wish it was different but that’s the way it is.

National Police Training Standards Law #blackribbonamerica

NYPD Officer Kenneth Healey, second from right

Should all police hired be required meet some training standards laws set by the federal government? We think yes,it would make things like the recent problems in Ferguson,New York,or Cleveland less likely to happen if certain standards were set on the employment of Police Officers or Sheriffs Deputies.

These are the standards we propose.

All Police should be trained in non lethal ways to apprehend a suspect, Those can include ,martial arts, tasers,mace,and other non lethal devices.

All police should have strict guidelines on when lethal force can be used.

All Police who commit acts of racism or sexism against any other person should be fired

All police should have mental status evaluations periodically.

Any police officer who shoots an unarmed person should be suspended and a complete investigation should be made in to shooting.

All police related shootings crimes should be handled by the FBI.

We believe local prosecutors have to much of a conflict of interest in police related crimes so federal prosecution should happen.


My mom died protecting her students

Below is a note from Erica Lafferty whose mother, Dawn Hochsprung, was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary with 20 of her students and five other staff members. If you feel moved by Erica’s words, please forward this message to your friends and family and ask them to be part of this movement




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Everytown for Gun Safety is a movement of Americans fighting for common-sense gun policies. We are moms, mayors, survivors, and concerned citizens