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@WWE No one who works likes the authority storyline #MITH

Anyone who works for an asshole boss isn’t interested in or entertained by the current authority storyline.We get shit at work we don’t want it on TV Think About That

used to be a fan of @WWE but they have gone lame #MITB

How predictable and boring can you be, Money in the bank a screw job no shit was expected.What happened to the attitude era why is it now the flatitude era.I think creative needs to get their head out of their butt and start coming up with better story lines.I could do a better job been watching wrestling for over 45 years seen it all.It has become crap in the WWE

Iraq the war we lost

I remember George Bush Standing in front of a sign saying mission accomplished but that’s like over 10 year ago and nothings been accomplished.Iraq is a country that is in civil war,no weapons of mass destruction were ever found. There are more terrorists in Iraq then there ever was before so we in America are less safe instead of more safe.So I don’t think any of the objective of the war were ever achieved so that means sorry to tell you this we lost.

So to all those who counted their chicken before they hatched American Soldiers lives were wasted for nothing.I know that’s being brutally honest but that’s the fact.

Billions wasted in money .Thousand of lives thrown away,and we are not one step closer to being safer .We are more likely closer to the next 911 to happen again.Thanks you George Bush

Republican Limbo ,How low will they go to alienate American Voters?

They decided to do nothing about immigration ,that loses them the Latino vote

They keep up with their war on women that loses womens votes.

They keep up with their war on gays by stopping gay marriage that loses the gay vote.

They keep trying to destroy unions that loses them the union vote.

Forget about ever getting a poor person to vote for them

They black vote because of attempts to stop their votes will never vote Republican

Those that believe in Global Warming won’t vote Republican

What’s left Religious fanatics,gun nuts,and rich people.

I don’t think there are enough of those to ever win the Presidency for them ever again.

Hoarding of Guns in Large Amounts ,Mental Illness

I’m not saying people who are real collectors of Antique Guns are Mentally Ill but people who need large amount of gun and say they need them to protect them self may in reality just be hoarders who have a problem with being insecure .A hoarder collects thinks because they are insecure about the future and in some twisted way think they will need loads of things in the future to protect them from some unforeseeable event. Isn’t the need for lots of fire power basically the same thing. It’s caused by fear of the future ,they have fears that someday a corrupt government we takeover ,aliens might invade,or a really crazy idea that there will be a zombie attack. These are the fears lots of people who are mentally ill have. So are gun nuts just really nuts up to a point they may actually be. The NRA feeds this craziness with lies about a shadow government that want your name so they can come and take all your guns.They Feed the Fear with ideas of turning schools into basically a prison camp surrounded by armed guards.Once we start adding guards where do we stop just at the school or will we need guards at high school football game,at the prom,on every school bus,or on every school field trip. Do your kids have to be filled with fear by going to school everyday?It sure wouldn’t make me feel more secure seeing armed guards everywhere ,it would do just the opposite.

Difference between the Religious Right and the Religious Left

There are many glaring differences between what I call the Religious Right and the Religious Left.

The Right is more into judgment of others instead of trying to bring people together.The Right is more about condemnation instead of understanding. The Idea of redemption and forgiving others seems to be lost in the Rights idea of their faith.

Now the Left is more likely to try to help those who are less fortunate ,Less Likely to criticize others, more likely to except people as they are.Left is more likely to forgive and move on. People on the Religious Left are more about doing what is right by treating all people with respect..

The Right talks about religion but in practice doesn’t do many of thing a truly religious person would do.They seem to gloss over parts of the bible like there not even there.

Turn the other cheek isn’t part of their faith. Judge not less you wish to be judged ,Those without sin throw the first stone.Those that live by the sword die by the sword .

All of these parts of the bible and many more are totally ignored. Cherry Picking to fill your own needs is not religion it’s fake religion The Bible is not something you have a choice in believing parts of, either take it in whole or your a phony.

Most on the religious right come off as phony , their against abortion but not against the death penalty or against war. Where are exemption to the do not kill rule. Does it say unless this or that ? NO God made no exemptions so don’t tell me your against abortion, but for any other form of killing. It just makes me think you’re not honest.

I believe someone who is truly religious is judged by their deeds more than their words .As it says in the end of days many will come before the lord and say we said this or done that in your name but the lord will turn away and say I do not know you.The Lord doesn’t want us to greedily create our wealth on earth but to create wealth in heaven by helping our fellow man. Praying all you can doesn’t buy you a room in heaven. Picking up fellow fallen soul and giving of your light does.

Benghazi a issue kept alive by the GOP which no one cares about

The GOP witch Hunt Continues with keeping a subject we all know was a very tragic accident which in hindsight could of been handled better but it is what it is.You can’t go back and undo what was done or not done.The time from learning from it is over and rehashing it till hell freezes over is time being wasted that could be used on immigration and job creation.

It’s just another case of the GOP trying to make the President and the democrats look foolish but in the end they make themselves look like the fools.When you of the GOP get done fooling around there are people out there who would like to work.

You’ll never see me fawn over a rich person

It’s not in my nature to kiss anyones ass,Shows like that one with Donald Trump and people treating him like hes a king make me want to hurl.Money Doesn’t make you special to me it shows what’s important to the wealthy. It’s greed

Some have more money then it would ever be able to spend in a life time.But they still will do anything to get even more,their the ultimate hoarder and if you ask me have some type of mental illness.Most aren’t any happier then the rest of us ,we all see the wealthy drug users if they are happy in life would they be that way.It’s a very shallow life being wealthy not having true friends but only people who want to feed off the crumbs of money you have. A Sad life in a golden prison of their own making.

The Human war against nature

Humans have been trying to tame the wild forever but instead they are more likely to destroy it.How long before the only animals will be the one in zoos?How long before we either flood the world or turn into one big desert?Some still claim humans have no impact on the climate either though there is lots of evidence to the contrary. The American Dust Bowl caused by human trying to turn a place of buffalo grass into one growing wheat.The Sahara desert is as big as it is because of humans. Acid rain because of humans.Every tree that is cut down effects the climate in a small way but if you add all the trees cut down in a single year it can change things in a big way.Every concrete jungle out there changes climate by becoming a city size heat sink.All the pollution that enters the air goes into the clouds causing changes in those clouds, that changes the environment.So people who deny human have an impact on the climate just are ignoring all evidence that proves their ignorance.

GOP water fairies

They take any law water it down and make it totally useless. Once good ideas get turned into laws that do nothing at best ,but in most cases do more harm then good. The House of Representatives is where good ideas go to die.That’s a shame just think how better many American’s lives could of been better.How many new jobs could of been created ? If the GOP would of been about creating instead of destroying ,at first they were bent on making Obama A one term president. Not in making America a better place. Well when they failed at that and Obama was reelected ,they decided instead of helping the American people,to start a smear campaign of all of Obamas accomplishments . A pathetic ,petty attempt to make it like Obama was never president,but I think in doing that they did more harm to their own party. They to my view made them self look like spoiled children forgetting what their true job they were elected to do was, make America a better place. A politicians true value should be based on, Did they make America better during their political life? The answer for most members of the GOP is no.

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