Wednesday, June 20, 2018

We The People Used Our Power And Forced Trump To Do The Right Thing.

I'm not giving Trump any Brownie Points for signing an Executive Order stopping a problem that he created and never should of ever happen in the first place.

That doesn't impress me at all , I would rather have a president with enough brains not to cause problems in the first place.

But we don't have that but likely in the midterms we can vote in enough Democrats to curb this renegade idiot. Then they can evict him from the peoples house. If not hopefully we can last another 2 years till we vote him out.

But till or if that happens we the people will exercise are rights by speaking out and forcing the issues till the right thing happens.

Never forget that the government works for us , we pay there salaries , and if we ever get the balls to say no more we can decide to not pay them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

So this how Nazi Germany looked in the beginning .

It smells like it , taste like it , and looks like it. Treating certain people like there subhuman , and don't matter or are evil and need to go. Pretty soon we come up with more and more extreme methods to problems we created. Locking little kids up , letting racists run wild , putting are worst foot forward. That's were we are now and it's only going more south real fast.

Right now we seems to want to resurrect the worst part of our history . Why do we want to bring back things we settled in the past? The civil war is over , we been through segregation that's over, We been through unneeded wars , Now we are again treating others like being less then human. When will this end?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump Could Sign an Executive Order Tomorrow to Stop Children From Getting Seperated From There Parents

Lies while children suffer is SICK

When Trump if he every gets to the pearly gates tries selling this one he will get a one way elevator ride to hell. It's on Trump , and on Sessions they can't wash their hands on this one. Every bad thing that sprouts and causes damage from this evil seed in the future got fertilized by Trump.

I'm not going to let people forget , sorry folks if you let this crap happen I'm going to keep smashing it into your face. No one getting a free ride on this. An act of terrorism in the future happens at the hands of one of these children , I will bring this up and remind you that it's on you. One of these children die of violence , I will remind you it's on you.I'll be your conscience that some how you missed having , I'll be whispering in your ear every bad thing that happens because of this , reminding you ,you are to blame.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

In Trump Backwards ,Upside Down World Allies Are Turned To Enemies And Enemies Turned to Allies

So now I guess we are enemies of Democratic Countries and friends with countries run by dictators. What good does that do the world or the United States?

I don't want America turned into a dictatorship , I want a free press , I want Freedom of speech and expression, and I want what the founding fathers created not some screwed up version created by Donald Trump.

How low will we let our country be dragged down ,be ostracized by the rest of the world, and end up alone in the world.

Next war if you think all those dictators Trump worships are going to come to rescue you are a deluded fool. Trump by every stupid action might be signing this countries death certificate. Unless we stand up for the constitution the republicans seem to be ready to tear up and forget.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Is it safe when Government Programs become privatized and it becomes more about making a profit

I really don't trust private companies running government programs if they make it more about saving money and making profits. I live in HUD housing and it's declined greatly from what it used to be. As it became more about saving money then upkeep of the apartments ,it has really become bad. Things get fixed not in the correct way or in some cases not at all. When you get a replacement say like a refrigerator it's cheap and breaks fairly soon. Cheap plastic doesn't last long.

Do you want you health to be run in the same way or social security to be run for profit ,really? Now they decided to give some veterans health coverage over to private companies. I see crappy care ahead as profits get put over patient care.

Monday, June 4, 2018

How Many American Farms Will Go Under With Trumps Tariffs?

It's going to get tight for a lot of family farms as China and other countries but Tariffs on American meat and produce. The very people who put Trump in the White House may lose the family farm because of Trumps policies. They didn't realize they were when they voted they would put there family business in jeopardy.

Votes have consequences , if you don't do your due diligence , study on the history of the people you vote for, you get people like Donald Trump as president and you put your families future at risk. If you ignored that his businesses went bankrupt 4 times , if you ignored that he was sued over 300 times for not paying his bills .and if you ignored his racist past you deserve what happens but the rest of who didn't vote for this clown don't and if they hate you , you deserve that too.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Get Ready To Pay More As The United States Starts A Trade War With Pretty Much The Whole World

It's not just China now , Trump has added Canada , Mexico , and most of Europe to his list of trade tariffs. Pretty much everyone we trade with.

Then they claim it we only raise prices on metals a small percent. But that's a false narrative because those countries we put tariffs on will put tariffs on our products going to there counties, Farmers will suffer as those countries find other countries to purchase from. Other American companies will lose out to foreign companies who produce the same thing but now at a cheaper price.

There almost no way to see how America benefits in a trade war.

These same type of trade policies made the Great Depression worse and last longer. So get ready for a bumpy ,bad rid.

You All Know NFL Owners Caved To Donald Trump On This Anthem Policy.

I didn't vote for Trump , I will never vote for Trump. He's a bully , a bore , and a moron. He makes his policies based on how it benefits him and not the country as a whole.

The NFL embarrasses it self trying to bow down to Trump. I expect lots of teams paying penalties because you can't stop freedom. It will find a way around the rule , no kneeling raise a fist or do something else.

Weird how Trump was ok with Roseanne Bar grabbing her crotch during the National Anthem.

I thought the NFL was about real patriotism obviously not there about this fake patriotism that breaks every rule in the constitution except the right to bear arms

Monday, May 21, 2018

As The Gun Shot's Still Echo Off The Wall.

Bang , bang , bang like the beats of a drum a song sings out echoes through are schools. It leaves behind blood spattered art spread across the walls. The smell of death and gun powder floats slowly through the air. Another death of our future spilled and wasted never allowed to grow.

Is that what we want or what we need?
Do we want the next person who might of cured cancer killed before they even try? We are playing Russian Roulette with the future , who dies could be important to the future , it could mean the end for us all made by a crazy person with a gun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

North Korea Just Another Trump Failure?

It's on the border of Failville as North Korea has a change of mind.

All this premature Nobel Prize talk is starting to look really silly. As the wheels come off the Trump to North Korea Train, Trumps is getting a plate full of eggs on his face. Did the dropping of the Iran Deal put a wrench in the North Korea deal? Probably it showed the United States breaks it's deals and can't be trusted. People told Trump that was likely to happen and he stupidly took an axe to the Iran Deal. Now we get 2 enemies with possible Nuclear Bombs for the price of one , good job orange yeti.

Again by his ignorance Trump makes America a bull's-eye for more terrorists and the world as a whole less safe.
P.S making Jerusalem our embassy to Israel just poured more gasoline on a wild fire we are just more likely to get burned by.