Friday, September 22, 2017

GOP on a suicide mission given to them by there donors

Will they break there addiction to there donors money and do what is right or sell there soul to kill, most likely with a rotten health care bill that most of America doesn't want, many American people. People lives are at risk as they create death panel in each state that will decide who lives and who dies. That basically what there bill will do by making states decide who will get health care or not by limiting the amount of money states will get to provide health care. Will you be chosen to die ,will a friend ,or a relative.

One thing the leader of North Korea got right is that Trump is a dotard

He pushes healthcare laws he hasn't even read or has a clue about. He uses childish name calling as a way to deal with problems. He I don't think puts any thought into anything he does. Trump is not a big idea thinker ,he doesn't see the whole picture , he short sighted ,small minded ,and completely out of his league as president. Yes America Trump is a Dotard

Monday, August 21, 2017

Did Trump ever have any Moral Authority ? NO

He said basically all immigrants were rapists , drug dealers ,or worse. He fomented violence daily during his campaign. The things he said about women made him sound like a sick pervert. I doubt he has any morals he's a person who never had any , when you make money your god you become a person with none. He has no higher purpose in becoming president except feeding his own ego. His continuing of his campaign type rallies prove that. He needs to be the center of attention and he will get that by saying anything.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tell #directtv and #cabletv Fox news should be removed from their basic lineup of channels

Everytime you pay your bill to either cable or satellite your putting money into the coffers of FOX NEWS. I decided not to do that I switched to Sling TV and to my delight FOX NEWS isn't anywhere to be found. So not 1 cent of my money goes to those hate mongers and Trump propaganda ministers. Even if you block FOX NEWS your still paying for it. That's the solution Direct TV gave me. That solution was not enough specially after what their hate speech is causing across American. I don't what to support violence like they want to formant.

@WWE #RACISTWRESTLING What with the double standard Hogan Kicked out but not Trump?

If you don't know what I'm talking about Hulk Hogan was kicked out the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame for making racist comments on the radio. I believe Trump way over crossed that line many times but he's still in their hall of fame. First his Anti-Latino ,Anti- Mexican stuff should of been enough to kick his ass out. It spit on the careers of many great Latino wrestlers like the late Eddie Guerro . Now his showing sympathy to racists of groups like the KKK ,Neo-Nazi's and other White Nationalist Groups stepped way over the line of decency . WWE needs to dismiss Trump and Linda McMahon needs to quit Trumps administration. No more sitting on the fence , Either your a racist or your not. By your actions to this date your racists

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I predicted violence if Trump became president.

If you read my old tweets or old posts on my blog you'll see I predicted racial violence that Trump egged on during the campaign to come back and bite him. He opened a Pandora's box of hate and I knew it wouldn't easily be put back in that box. Now people are dead and more will become dead at the hands of Trump minions in the so called alternative right. Neo Nazi's let off their leash along with closet members of the KKK coming out of their closets who feel Trump gave them the go ahead with his racist remarks on Mexicans ,Muslims ,and others. I'm putting this all on Trump and his bid to win the elections at any cost no matter who gets hurt. Trump is only about Trump and no other persons except many be his family. Our very safety is at stake in the hands of a person who could care less about others. He would start a nuclear war and dam the expenses of human life . He would start racial violence right here at home by saying things that get those crazies pumped up. We are now prisoners of Trumps world a world where violence is an acceptable form of conduct in all situations.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

United States becoming more isolated as Trump cuts more ties with Europe

He didn't say United States would support NATO in any good way. He decided to leave the Paris Accords on Climate which every country but 2 have joined. Who is going to ever come to Americas aid if it is needed? Are we so full of ourselves to think we don't need the rest of the world . Trump is thought around the rest of the world as a fool ,even the Russian probably think that as they use his stupidity against us. Stroke his ego and like a dog he becomes a faithful servant. Trump is weak acting like he's strong.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump I guess doesn't understand what confidential means

How many times did Trump during the election call out Hillary Clinton about not understanding confidential information. Now he shares information that most likely will be used against our own interests by Russia. It was total crap about Hillary but about Trump it's a real problem. His incompetency is going to hurt more Americans and our allies . Someone please stop this fool before it's to late

Firing Comey was stupid

If he didn't want to look guilty this was one big way not to accomplish that. Firing the head of the FBI while he was investigating your administration was not a great political idea. It's funny when they do something the rest of us can see a mile away as being stupid ,surprises them when there's blow back. Then they come out with some phony bologna excuses that they did it for Hillary that no one believes . Trump then throws the whole bunch under the bus and admits it was about Russia. The ship is sinking under the flood of lies

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lets call Trumps new Voter Fraud Commission what it really is a voter supression commission

The GOP is always looking for new ways to disfranchise more American voters. Why because they find it more harder each election to win without cheating in some way. They created a false fear of voter fraud that did allow Trump to win the presidency. In the state of Wisconsin alone over 200,000 voter were denied their right to vote. I'm sure in other states where voter fraud witch hunts were many voters were denied the right to vote. Trump wants more witch hunts that will only do one thing cause more Americans their right to vote to be lost. It wasn't enough to have Russia meddling in our elections, it wasn't enough to smear Hillary Clinton with fake news. No now they work to undermine the very process of voting. It used to be fair that is slowly dying to become the one who rigs the system the most wins. That's not the American Way