Monday, February 19, 2018

Mental health used as a catch all alibi for gun violence.

Every one who kills with a gun has a mental health problem , no not under the law. The legal definition is you have no idea of right and wrong there for you can't be held responsible. Plus if we only focus on Mental Illness as it pertains to gun violence people will slip through the cracks , the most dangerously mentally ill people are ones that act and look totally normal , are very smart , and hide in plain sight. There ticking time bombs building up to explosion , So no registration will stop them , they will have no police record ,and nothing in there past to point them out. The only reasonable way to stop them is mot have assault rifles available to anyone.


When the constitution causes the Death of Millions of Americans Will We change It.?

So far the answer is no , we will not adapt a law written 200 years ago to relate to modern times. Millions have died because any one no matter there mental status can get a weapon of war. We arm are own boogie men and set them loose on our children's playgrounds. At One Time the boogie men where relegated to under the bed or in the closet. Modern boogie men are more real and could be anyone or could be anywhere. Right now in America nowhere is safe , schools have become battle zones , churches once havens now have become blood fields, going to a concert or movie can end in death, and that pretty much becomes every where you go you could die at a moments notice. Guns allowed everywhere mean they can be used anywhere. No place becomes safe. America is becoming the most dangerous place on earth

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jill Stein is way out of her league and should go away.

Why would anyone have there picture taken with Putin ?

Stupid, Naïve , She is a person not living in the real world as much as Trump living in his little bubble.

get real is all I got to say of course by meeting with Putin she put herself into his hands to be used as a puppet.

She wrongly thought she could change Putin mind about anything. She's just not wise enough to ever be President or any government official. She was used , made a patsy, now in history she will be known as a fool.

Trump it's not time for name calling and passing the buck

You yourself signed an executive order that stopped keeping gun out of the hands of the mentally ill. So you are to blame. Simple laws could be made to keep guns out of the mentally ill. A real background check , not a half ass easily defeated check with loop holes the size of Mack trucks. If they can keep drunks from driving they can keep the mentally ill from getting a gun. Weird that people underage can get gun but can't get cigarettes or booze. What's wrong with this pictures.

Trump is again doing nothing but playing the blame game Enough games we are sick of games start doing your dam job , maybe you should quit going on a vacation every week and get off your fat ass and do something. Didn't know being president was a part- time job.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Trump is still not going to do anything about Russia or stop future cyber attacks.

Trump is only thinking about himself and his own personal future. By not protecting this country from future cyber type attacks we are in great danger of getting Russian puppets running this country. It's like handing Russia the keys to the United States saying do what you want. It should be war I'm sure we got some great hackers of our own we could hit Russia with some serious Cyber attacks of our own. Let's cyber nuke them back to the stone age . Put viruses that are geared to hit Russia servers if they enter our cyber space in our computers, I'm sure we could create a virus that attacks Russia IP servers that Try to access US Servers. Why am I the only one coming up with this stuff? It's not rocket science. WAKE THE FUCK UP THIS IS WAR OF THE FUTURE

GOP may loose Florida if they don't change there views on Gun Violence

Many People in Florida have had enough after what happened at Pulse Night Club and Now at Florida High School . Gun Violence has hit to many times and to close to home. The tide of change is coming in Florida ,it's been coming for awhile . No one truly believe the crap the NRA is selling anymore , No one fears the boogey men that are supposedly coming to take every ones guns. Only the mentally ill believe this crap , first there has to be hunting in some form to control Animals from becoming overpopulated and causing major problems. Bambie is cute but not when he comes in your yard and eats your garden or runs in front of your car almost killing you. Yes we want you to be able to protect your property but within reason. Get a shotgun or something not a AK-47 , or AR-15. Some gun are only made for one true purpose to kill large amounts of people quickly and efficiently. Whatever happened to lever action Winchesters , Bolt Action Rifles , or Pump action Shotguns ? Really why does everyone need a gun with a 20-100 round clips? Have people instead of learning to shoot and actually hit a target just trying to throw as much lead as possible so by luck they actually hit something. That's pathetic. Dam are Americans that bad at shooting , go learn then. Last thing a bad shooter needs is a gun that shoots 20+ times , that's not going to make them a better shooter.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Concentration Camps of Higher Learning #resist

Metal Detectors on the doors , armed guards , and razor wire surrounding the playground. Buses made bullet proof , teachers carrying guns and wearing Kevlar vests. Kids looking nervous and feeling like there in prison , no one learning anything that's been given up to provide more safety. Teachers having to go through basic training learning how to kill.

Grim world the NRA and Republicans want to create so they can sell more guns. Create a war right at home and cash out in blood money. How much blood money is your child's life worth. You like the idea of child being put in a prison on a daily basis . That basically what will happen if the GOP has there way.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Donald Was The Shooter In Florida High School One of The Good Nazi White Nationalist?

Donald once said there were good Nazi's , good members of the KKK , and good members of the Aryan Nation. Really it's good to look down on other races based on false ideologies. To think of certain people as inferior simply based on there race.

It's good to kill , abuse these people because there not really human.

NO it's not alright and anyone who claims it is , is evil. There are no good Nazi's , no good members of the KKK , and no racist is good. Already the leader of the Florida White Nationalists has claimed this High School Shooter as a full fledged member proudly. He's this sick groups hero and martyr.

How many more members will take his example and do more violence?

By Trumps grace these losers have been unshackled and have been let loose on America.

Trumps loose lips and tweets have put many American in the cross-hairs of mentally ill who thought Trump has give them a greenlight to shoot whoever they think doesn't fit there small idea of this country.

Trump and the Governor of Florida are trying to lock the barn but all the horses have already escaped, there jokes on reasonable gun laws

The Governor and the President created the current conditions that let the recent school shooting happen.

How can I say that ,easy Trump by executive order cancelled Obama order to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. The governor of Florida is in the back pocket of the NRA , he lets them decide the gun laws of his state.

If guns make you safer shootings in states like Florida and Texas you would think they wouldn't happen there. Not what happens. Places with lax gun laws are not more safe more gun violence happens in those states. The 2 of biggest mass killings happened in Florida, so stand your ground didn't stop anyone , being able to carry a gun any where you want didn't stop anything.

FOOLISH , BLIND , STUPIDITY kills children in America

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Trump idea for the foodstamp program SUCKS

How many dried beans can a person consume ?

How much powder milk would you be willing to drink?

I'm not saying everything you get from government food programs are gross but some of the stuff is just terrible. The spaghetti sauce is so sour you will want to throw up. Spinach if your not Popeye is kind of gross.

I receive the so called commodities monthly , it used to be good but over the years it has degraded , the no fat cheese is like plastic. Now Trump wants to replace half of your food benefits with this stuff . Would like to see Trump eat this stuff on a daily basis. He wouldn't so why does he expect others to.