Monday, April 16, 2018

James Comey way more truthful then Donald Trump

If you believe every word that Donald Trump or Fox News says you may be a moron. Sorry but it's the only explanation that fits. Some of the stuff they come up with is so far out of left field that it is impossible. So in a match of truthfulness Trump loses against almost every person on earth. With Comey, Trump becomes the biggest loser in history.

This crap calling James Comey the worst FBI agent in history is a joke coming from the worst president in history. No president is more corrupt , more incompetent ,and more devoid of morals then Donald Trump.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Without a State Department And Ambassdors Peace in the Middle East is a Dream

We don't have ambassadors in Egypt , Saudi Arabia , and many places in the Middle East so how is any peaceful outcome going to come about. Really with a gutted State Department who is out there dealing with the differences in an half ass way how can peaceful outcomes come about? Nothing good is going to come out of the Middle East it's just going to keep dragging us back into war. Wars that basically been going on for over a 1000 years.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Look At The Bottom of Most of The Things In Your Home It Will Say Made In China Now think about having To pay 2 or 3 times what you used to pay for it that's a trade war.

Lots of have just enough money to make it every month , Now add having to pay way more for all those products you buy that come from China and your going to have to go without a lot of things. Think of all those stores being basically forced to lose customers of sales they would of made. It will force them to lay people off so then it becomes a down ward trend that effects more and more people. It widens and expands and effects more and more people. More people get laid off in other places . Job rates take a major hit. Stock market goes way down. Trade War isn't just going to cause Minor Pain , at least not to people barely staying above water now it will be a massive blow to the lower middle class. It will take them under.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Trump and GOP over reaction is a common thing

Sending Troops to the border when illegal immigration has gone way down. Crazy over reaction to a problem that is almost mon existence just because Trump gets a bug up his ass. A wall costing billion to build and how many billion in the future to maintain it. Over reaction. Lots of decision made by Trump and the GOP go way beyond what is needed to solve them. OVER KILL using a nuke when a bow and arrow is needed. In the end it takes money away from real problems leaving us less safe.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Return Fire From China Strike Blows Across Trump Country in Trade Wars.

Mostly businesses that where for Trump are getting the most flack. Farmers are getting hit . Car Makers are getting hit , We all take the hit by paying higher prices. This is not going to create jobs ,it's going to lose American jobs. Get ready for the fall it's not going to be painless. It's going to hurt like hell

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hooking your star to a dictator like Putin always ends badly for America

Remember when we supported a dictator in Iran named the Shah of Iran when he fell it wasn't good for America. That dictator in Egypt who fell who the United States was friendly with not good for the United States. People who are fighting against dictators don't look on friends of those dictators kindly when those dictators get overthrown. In the End all dictators fail. There is always a fight for freedom and in the end freedom always wins, It might take years or generations of people but freedom comes no matter what. Trump stands in the way of freedom both here and around the world but even like a kidney stone it will pass

Monday, April 2, 2018

Dictator Trump's Tokyo Rose is Fox News

During World War 2 Japan had a propaganda Woman named Tokyo Rose who would spew lies across the air waves on a daily basis. Trump's got a whole army of liars all on one so called news station called Fox News. It isn't just the National brand of Fox spewing lies it's all those little local versions of Fox News also spewing half truths and lies.

Sad how a News organization in the United States acts like a puppet of a dictator. News should be free from political influence , they shouldn't be parroting the lies of one political party or the other. They should to the best of there ability being reporting the truth based on verified facts.

Trump is like the devil who is the father of lies , he lives by his lies ,he run this country based on his lies. Those sick lies determine how people will live there life.

Creating policies based on lies can hurt a large part of this countries people. We in the end will all in some way become a victim of Trumps lies, We may be thinking how can they effect us but by the time we get the answer it will be to late, WAKE UP

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Emma Gonzalez a modern day Joan of Arc

I'm sure Joan of Arc was hated by some who didn't agree with her actions,some wished her death.

Sorry today some people wish the same for Emma Gonzalez , some will hate her for standing for what is right. Some will wish her harm. But I don't think that will stop her , that's what make heroes they will fight no matter the risks to themselves. They won't let the agents of evil silence them. I will support Emma as much as I can she is a light in the darkness a person who deserves your respect.

Those congressmen who never had a dog in the fight , who are clueless to how it feels to be under the cloud of gun violence in a place that should be safe. You should shut your mouth till you walk a mile in these young Americans shoes.

I never had to worry about being shot in school as a child it's sad our children of today have to.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

All the ways Trump is failing as president

Here's a list probably not complete.

Comforter in chief :
Look at his actions in Puerto Rico they were totally wrong , he did very little to make those people feel better it was more a photo op for Trumps benefit then anything else. In many other instance when comforting was needed he just failed.

Commander in chief :
Does he got the respect of the soldiers I doubt it. He was deferred multiple times over something so small as a bone spur that could of been corrected with a simple surgery. Plus his judgement on war is something no one believes is stable in any form.

As a role model:
Not many Americans want there children to have Trump as a role model. He's a liar , who uses women , lives by the rule money before anything and he treats others as inferior to him in everyway.

There are more things that Trump fails at that most presidents hadn't. You go through your mind and think of them yourself.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Being A Lawyer For Trump Is A Career Killer

The best lawyers act like they don't get the call from the Trump White House asking for there services. The best lawyers say no way when asked to serve Trump. The major reason Trump is his own worst enemy he can't keep his fingers off his keyboard or his mouth shut. He gives others lawyers and the special consul more ammo every day. He gives them the weapons to destroy him by foolishly thinking he smarter then he is. He's a moron whose brain farts are like shooting blanks they smell cause a little smoke but can't get the job done.