Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The New Symbol For The GOP Has Been Decided , In a Race Between Spineless Jellyfish and Ostrich With It's Head In The Sand The Winner Is......

The Ostrich with its head in the sand. GOP has decided to not listen or see anything Trump does that is illegal or unethical. They will totally ignore anything no matter how bad it is.

You Know as Soon as Trump isn't President The GOP is going to suffer mass amnesia and forget he ever exsisted

Trump who? 

 Republican case of amnesia is coming as soon as the spotlight goes off Trump. No one will remember him in 10 years. He if, remembered at all it will be as a mistake and as a clown. No one currently a Republican politician who hasn't been purged from office will own up to ever supporting Donald Trump once he's gone.

He is not Ronald Reagan, there will be no rose-colored memories, He will be remembered as a little hate-filled man with no morals who by hook or by crook became president through lies.

Monday, November 4, 2019

The Ying-Yangity , Flippy-Floppy , GOP Response To Trump's Impeachment.

Was it Prid Pro Quo was it not, It's like listening to someone talking out one side of their face and out of their ass at the same time. One says yes one says no. One says high one says low. There is no one answer from the GOP because they have no answer. They can't tell the truth because it will end up destroying them. So all they got is lies.

Here's the truth a president cannot legally ask other countries to do things that will help him in an election. Not if he has that as his only reason. Sorry, Trump had no other reason. Not that make sense, that crap about fighting corruption, why only one instance of corruption about a political rival.

So far Trump has done almost nothing about corruption as it relates to Russia    WHY?