Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Wouldn't it be ironic if Kurds joined with Isis and commited terrorism against the United States

That has become a possibility that wasn't there just a month ago. Trump has created more people that hate America, it's not like there aren't enough of those after 4 years of Trump's actions on the world stage. He's alienated our allies in NATO, he alienated most Latinos, he alienated most Muslims,  he alienated most truly religious people, not the fake and phony religious right who sold out Jesus Christ for personal glory.

So I can see new hoards of terrorists looking at the United States as a great evil in the world. We willing invited the devil in and gave him a crown. We let him lead us down a hole into the pits of hell. We bring hate and every negative emotion and sin once kept in a box and let free by Pandora, to life and spread it with lies to others and many who lie to themselves. We are doomed unless we change course toward heaven and the light.   GOD SAVE US FROM OURSELVES

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