Thursday, October 17, 2019

Why Do So Many Americans Got Sucker Plastered On There Forehead When It Comes To Donald Trump?

Sheep follow the shiny object and Trump is loud and lives to make himself the center of the universe. He does everything he can to get attention even if he doesn't deserve it. He a child starved for attention never getting any from his parents. He grew up being deprived of a parent's love shipped off to private schools never getting what he needed to be a human. So he grew up or he never grows mentally staying a child who never learned manners or how to feel normal emotions. He can't feel love or any good emotions. He feels only hate and negative emotions.

But people who aren't wise, or what I call Streetwise buy the facade that is Trump. Trump puts up the biggest phony front playing on the stage of life. It's all smoke and mirror to hide how insecure he is s a person. He constantly talks himself up which proves how insecure he is. But some people buy into the bull crap and that I think is a problem of education. We are not educated or some of us don't learn to find the truth but accept whatever comes our way as true. I never bought what anyone says, I always check facts as much a possible. With Google and the internet, you don't have an excuse to be stupid. Sorry if your to lazy or only watch FOX News you only got your self to blame for being stupid.

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