Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Trump Is A Negative Black-Hole That Sucks All The Positiveness And Goodness Out Of The People Around Him

Most people who work for Trump in the White House get all the goodness and positive emotions sucked out of their souls. In that empty husk, all that's rotten and evil comes in to fill the void. Lies become normal, hate becomes expected, they give up ideas like honor, freedom is only something they want for themselves, others freedoms don't matter.

Trump a disease of the soul enters them and takes over completely, Pompeo has the disease, Sarah Sanders is still sick, Many Republicans are still invected by the Trump bug. Truth is the cure, they need to quit lying to others and to themselves.

Reality will come back someday and hit them like a ton of bricks, hopefully, the world will still have a chance and it won't be too late

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