Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sorry Trump there is no such thing as an instant DNA test so your wrong again, if there was there wouldn't be 10,000's plus untested rape kits

Trump proves he stupid again claiming they did an instant DNA test on some terrorist leader and right then that very minute proved they had the head of ISIS,


It takes days to do a DNA test not seconds, not minutes, not hours., Of course, Trump who has no clue when it comes to science wouldn't know that.

Lots of rapists would be in jails if DNA tests were so easy but sadly 10's of thousands of rape tests are sitting on shelves rotting away becoming useless.

I don't the rest of the lies in his statements today, I try to limit the amount of crap I put in my brain
so I put a strict limit to the time I watch Trump lay brain farts.

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