Thursday, October 24, 2019

No Impeachment is open to the public in the beginning

I've lived through two impeachments, Nixon then Clinton, both started out with private hearings, that's the way it works. Even most of the so-called waste of time Benghazi hearings were closed to the public.

All this fake outrage by the GOP is just there only way to try to save Trump, It is pathetic, funny, and contrary to anything they've said or done in the past and makes them look foolish'

All you have to do is look old video footage of Graham or ODonnell during the impeachment of Clinton and you will notice the complete opposite of what there trying to sell now.

Trey Gowdy during the Benghazi hearing said closed hearings were a good thing.

So now they build mountains out of molehills. like good lemmings Trumpets, they gladly jump off the cliff with a stupid grin on there faces

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