Monday, October 28, 2019

I see a lot of Trumpets with regrets in the future

When it's all said and done, the last fruit from the poison Trump tree eaten. Damages left behind like global warming, racism, immigration.  These things will rise up and end up biting us all in the ass like hidden land mines blowing up. Right now we are only thinking about today and forgetting what our actions will have on the future. The future is not looking good

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sorry Trump there is no such thing as an instant DNA test so your wrong again, if there was there wouldn't be 10,000's plus untested rape kits

Trump proves he stupid again claiming they did an instant DNA test on some terrorist leader and right then that very minute proved they had the head of ISIS,


It takes days to do a DNA test not seconds, not minutes, not hours., Of course, Trump who has no clue when it comes to science wouldn't know that.

Lots of rapists would be in jails if DNA tests were so easy but sadly 10's of thousands of rape tests are sitting on shelves rotting away becoming useless.

I don't the rest of the lies in his statements today, I try to limit the amount of crap I put in my brain
so I put a strict limit to the time I watch Trump lay brain farts.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Trumpty The Evil Clown

They got the Joker, Penny Wise, But This Clown does more evil than any of them

GOP is playing to an audience of one , but they forget we are watching too.

That pathetic attempt to barge into a meeting saying they aren't be represented was as phony as a pig saying it isn't fat. There are Republicans represented in all meetings in congress, no party is not represented. It's all some farce and gameplay to Republicans, they think it's ok to sell out the country for personal reasons when you're the president as long as the president is in your own party. Representing America doesn't come first, or probably second. It's president first, party second, wealthy people third, American people last.    It should always be American people first. But it's not that until we get a new president who doesn't live to be the center of attention.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

No Impeachment is open to the public in the beginning

I've lived through two impeachments, Nixon then Clinton, both started out with private hearings, that's the way it works. Even most of the so-called waste of time Benghazi hearings were closed to the public.

All this fake outrage by the GOP is just there only way to try to save Trump, It is pathetic, funny, and contrary to anything they've said or done in the past and makes them look foolish'

All you have to do is look old video footage of Graham or ODonnell during the impeachment of Clinton and you will notice the complete opposite of what there trying to sell now.

Trey Gowdy during the Benghazi hearing said closed hearings were a good thing.

So now they build mountains out of molehills. like good lemmings Trumpets, they gladly jump off the cliff with a stupid grin on there faces

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Trump Is A Negative Black-Hole That Sucks All The Positiveness And Goodness Out Of The People Around Him

Most people who work for Trump in the White House get all the goodness and positive emotions sucked out of their souls. In that empty husk, all that's rotten and evil comes in to fill the void. Lies become normal, hate becomes expected, they give up ideas like honor, freedom is only something they want for themselves, others freedoms don't matter.

Trump a disease of the soul enters them and takes over completely, Pompeo has the disease, Sarah Sanders is still sick, Many Republicans are still invected by the Trump bug. Truth is the cure, they need to quit lying to others and to themselves.

Reality will come back someday and hit them like a ton of bricks, hopefully, the world will still have a chance and it won't be too late

Trump is a dog in human clothing.


Like a dog, Trump has been easily trained by dictators to take orders with a few nice words and pats on the head. He is simple in that way all you have to do is be nice to his face and you got a loyal puppy who will do whatever you want him to. Sad but that's who we got as president, a  person so needy of the spotlight that he will jump through hoops to get it.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Kurds joined with Isis and commited terrorism against the United States

That has become a possibility that wasn't there just a month ago. Trump has created more people that hate America, it's not like there aren't enough of those after 4 years of Trump's actions on the world stage. He's alienated our allies in NATO, he alienated most Latinos, he alienated most Muslims,  he alienated most truly religious people, not the fake and phony religious right who sold out Jesus Christ for personal glory.

So I can see new hoards of terrorists looking at the United States as a great evil in the world. We willing invited the devil in and gave him a crown. We let him lead us down a hole into the pits of hell. We bring hate and every negative emotion and sin once kept in a box and let free by Pandora, to life and spread it with lies to others and many who lie to themselves. We are doomed unless we change course toward heaven and the light.   GOD SAVE US FROM OURSELVES

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Using the word lynching by Trump shows how racist he really is.

He shows his ignorance daily about racism, and history, in general, every time he opens his cakehole or tweets one of his factless tweets. His stupidity gets put on display all the time it makes it almost impossible to believe he has a high IQ.  He is not a mental genius or even close to it, he most likely because of his father's wealth was passed through school without a thought to grades or how well he actually did, He got a free ride like many wealthy people do.

Trump easily buys every crackpot conspiracy theory because he thinks everyone is corrupt as he is.

No matter how stupid or completely impossible a conspiracy theory sounds Trump will buy it because if you're being honest Trump is the most corrupt president in the history of the United States. In his world view being corrupt is normal ,  So he can't believe anyone is less corrupt then he himself is. Sad, sick, view of the world Trump lives in  it's not the place I live, I don't trust everyone but I don't think every day, saying what's in it for me or being greedy to the point of it being a sickness

Monday, October 21, 2019

Trump spewed out more lies today then he has in a long time

Why do news reporters let this fool ramble on with piles of bullshit? We aren't bringing soldiers back home we are just moving them from here to there but not back to the United States. He just throws out a ton of crap, meaningless shit, like I give up my salary, but he spends more money that comes out of your pocket every day on trips to his properties around the world. His cabinet spends money on crap they don't need, $30,000 on some table really. He lies, every day, every second, every minute of the day. He corruptly takes money every day from sources all over the world.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Another couple more nails in Trump coffin, how many more before he is dead and barried

Every day more evidence comes out that Trump is a crook. I remember Nixon getting the boot and information took months to come out, wherewith Trump it spills out in days and weeks, Crazy how much is coming out so quickly on Trump's corrupt actions.Now even some Republicans who  have a conscience and actually care about America might speak out , not saying there will be many, but a few.

Why Do So Many Americans Got Sucker Plastered On There Forehead When It Comes To Donald Trump?

Sheep follow the shiny object and Trump is loud and lives to make himself the center of the universe. He does everything he can to get attention even if he doesn't deserve it. He a child starved for attention never getting any from his parents. He grew up being deprived of a parent's love shipped off to private schools never getting what he needed to be a human. So he grew up or he never grows mentally staying a child who never learned manners or how to feel normal emotions. He can't feel love or any good emotions. He feels only hate and negative emotions.

But people who aren't wise, or what I call Streetwise buy the facade that is Trump. Trump puts up the biggest phony front playing on the stage of life. It's all smoke and mirror to hide how insecure he is s a person. He constantly talks himself up which proves how insecure he is. But some people buy into the bull crap and that I think is a problem of education. We are not educated or some of us don't learn to find the truth but accept whatever comes our way as true. I never bought what anyone says, I always check facts as much a possible. With Google and the internet, you don't have an excuse to be stupid. Sorry if your to lazy or only watch FOX News you only got your self to blame for being stupid.

Trump making his payment on his last Trump Hotel in hell with the bodies of Dead Kurdish Children

Trump's final Trump Property will be his permanent last one in hell. He will be there for an eternity. With every person, he killed by his action which in the end will probably in the 100,000.s  Kurds he killed poor people in America, immigrants who die at our border, people who lost their healthcare. So much blood on his hands. That gets you a place in hell, along with the phony religious right who supported him.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

We picked the village idiot to represent us around the world.

  Anyone who goes around the world saying how smart they are and that they have a high IQ usually isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Most truly smart people show there smart by doing smart things. Does Trump do smart things, is it smart to hold countries up by asking them to do your dirty business. Was it a smart thing to leave our allies high and dry in Syria, Imposing a sanction on Turkey after they kill thousands of Kurds is a little too much, a little too late. It's not going to be a lot of comfort to the dead women and children in a war-torn Syria 

  Trump hasn't come through on a lot of promises he made that his ass couldn't cash. A lot of hot air, like bringing back coal jobs, that hasn't happened and won't, A wall across the whole border that Mexico would pay for, that had a snowball chance in hell of ever coming true. That his tax giveaway to the rich would trickle down to help out the middle class and poor. The only thing trickling down from the rich is crap on the poor.

  Oh, he put in more judges, yeah those judges he put in are shills for the rich and the religious right, who in the end aren't going to do anything for the middle class and poor. The constitution is being ripped and shredded daily, we are daily losing more freedom of speech if you don't agree with Trump in some places your shunned and treated like a leper. Trump is not the United States him acting like every time anyone speaks out against him that they hate America and that they are a traitor is stupid and kind of childish.


Monday, October 14, 2019

We keep playing for second place with Trump as President.

Second Place as we give up our leadership role around the world.

We should be leading in the fight against Climate Change, Trump made that not happen

We should lead in education, that's not happening.

We lost the world superpower label to Russia pretty much by default, by giving up and not even trying in places like Syria, and by hanging our allies, the Kurds out to dry.

We are really failing as a moral compass as under Trump morals get thrown out the door on a daily basis.

We are becoming a leader in corruption, racism, hate, and bad things, evil things. 

The Guy who kept tally of Trumps lies has suffered a stroke from the stress of the job

Really how could anyone not suffer either a nervous breakdown or a heart attack if their job was keeping track of how many lies Trump tells? It would take a  supercomputer to keep track of how many lies he tells every day. He lies about the littlest things, big things, almost everything He lies like he breathes.

Friday, October 11, 2019

We're Lauching A No Way Trump T-Shirt Collection Come Check It Out. It has our sense of Twisted Humor

Ok I know there are tons of Anti-Trump T-Shirts out there but do they have our twisted sense of humor displayed on them. NOOOO! Here are a few examples CHECK THEM OUT HERE

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Trump Not Changing His Mind ,He's Just Not Able To Keep His Lies Straight

He lies so much that he is unable to keep his lies straight. That is the simple reason why he seems to change his mind all the time. He says one lie to this person, another lie to this other person. Then he forgets which lie he told to whom. He has no mind to change, he has no thoughts on a subject but blows in the wind between opposite ideas with no true commitment to any one thought. He is not a great thinker because he is incapable of seeing the big picture and take in the complete information he needs to make a good judgment. There's old saying garbage in garbage out so most of what comes out of Trump's mouth is garbage plain and simple.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

If Trump Isn't Crooked Why Is He Still Hiding His Taxes and Why Won't He Let Anyone Testify Before Congress

He still hasn't shown his taxes because there are things in there that make him look like the scum he is. He if he doesn't have anything to hide why won't he let people testify and why does he continue to obstruct justice. I know not many younger people where around when Tricky Dick was president , I was only a child during that time, but do remember Nixon obstructing justice by erasing audio tapes that were bad for him. Trumps doing the same thing by hiding stuff on a hidden server. TRUMP IS A CROOK

Trump Sold Out The Kurds , Now ISIS Can Come Back and Start Terrorism All Over The World Again

Trump's stupidity is giving ISIS life again. He sells out our allies. They decide to release 1000's of ISIS fighters back into the world. God they better hurry up impeaching this brainless fool before he does more damage. Well, expect another war in the U.S future. As Turkey commits genocide on the Kurds, in the end, the United States will be forced to step in.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Saw Trumps First Advertisement For His Reelection it was full of lies , looks like it was made by a kindergattener

It made me laugh , it seemed like it was made by a child . He is good , the others lie , the swamp , the swamp. Pathetic pitiful , what a crock of crap. He can't get people who actually now how to make a commercial he had to go a few hacks and they came out with crap.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Funny Trump saying Hunter Biden wasn't qualified to wotrk in an oil related company

First selling anything oil , widgets , or anything is basically the same thing. It only needs someone to know the basics of business . The laws of supply and demand. You don't have to know everything about what your selling.

But being a politician does need someone who knows how to be a leader something Trump hasn't got a clue about and proves that everyday. He had no prior experience ,was never a mayor ,a councilman . a dog catcher . he never before ran for any office or held any. To have a clueless know it all as president was only ever going to be mistake.

In The End You Realize Rosie O'Donnell was Right Trump is an A-Hole

Really how many people have been saying Trump was an a-hole over the years have you ignored ? There are a lot of them out there but no one was listening . Little to late now that he's been breaking America . Maybe it's time to listen. Remember when the Dixie Chick said the Iraq war was stupid , they got roasted alive. But in the end they were proved right. It was a stupid war that has caused the birth of a lot more wars with pain and suffering and has totally destabilized the middle east. So Rosie O'Donnell was right and was ignored and this fool was voted in as president and we all get to suffer a lot of needless stress.

Now Trump want China to investigate his political opponent

Investigate just because Trump wants them to , NOOOOO plus it's illegal to ask any foreign government to get involved in our elections but Trump does it right out in the open. It is illegal to have a foreign government investigate a political opponent

In Trumps Mind Everyone is as Scummy and corrupt as Him

It's sad Trump thinks we all got the same morals as he has. But he's wrong we aren't all as scummy as Trump. It isn't possible to be that amoral and corrupt. No many Americans actually would give there lives to preserve freedom. No Americans fight racism and hate on a daily basis . We don't go around lying all day but face up to our mistakes something Trump could never do.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Pompeo was listening in why Trump became a crook and commited a crime , Now he does a Homer Simpson and goes around with DUH in his face,

Mike Pompeo acts like a moron , with a glazed look on his face whenever the call Trump made giving another world leader a shakedown to help in his reelection is brought up. He was on the line listening in by latest reports so he's just another phony ass Trumpet lying to America. It's sad how many people will sell out America and there soul for a loser like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump a real like Captain Queeg , next time you see Trump look if he's twirling marbles in his fingers

Trump is cracking he slowly losing his mind , he says things lashing out at everyone . He's on the verge of doing something really bad . It's coming declaring martial law , taking hostages , or god knows what. Pushing the button you know the one that ends all life on the planet. Who knows to what limits he will go to keep power. Some of this stuff I hope I'm saying jokingly but in the end with Trump who knows.