Saturday, September 14, 2019

If Trump Flip Flopped Any Faster He Would Die From A Heart Attack.

One Minute he says this a second later he says the exact opposite , sometimes I wonder if he doesn't have a split personality one dark and evil and one that's plan stupid. He's brings about chaos daily or even hourly so the stock market jumps up and down like a yo-yo .Nothing is for sure mostly people get emotional wrung out and our stress out on a pins edge. Being in a world where up is down on a moments notice doesn't give people a sense of security. Being in a country where gun nuts run around with guns spouting racist garbage and spewing hate doesn't make it feel safe. Even as a kid during the cold war I felt safer even after the monthly nuclear war drills. Today doesn't feel safe not when the next time your kid goes to school he can come home in a body bag because some racist decided to go on a killing spree. I don't fear immigrants there not the enemy I fear the followers of Donald Trump because they obviously are crazy.

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