Saturday, August 31, 2019

Trump thinks taking care of sick immigrants is immoral I think taking sick people and dumping them in a place where they can't get help is immoral.

This picture will become the norm , taking sick people who came to America for life giving medical care being deported on a stretcher .That's what Trump see as a good thing. What kind of morals does it take to slow kill poor immigrants , Donald Trump's kind of morals. What next digging of the bodies of illegal immigrants so you can send them back. That would be the next logical step.
Why does Donald Trump's America become more like hell everyday?  Think about what hell or heaven stands for and you'll see hell reflected by America

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Trump heard the Rolling Stones song "Paint It Black" and thought he meant his stupid wall

Ok maybe not but could be. He wants the whole wall painted black so you can see it from miles away during the day but then will he want it lighted next so you will be able to se it at night. Oh wait he will paint it with glow in the dark paint so you can see it at night. More foolishness to distract from his tanking of the economy and the destruction of the environment. Like a bad Magician it won't work and only fool the people who are already fools.

The war on immigrants is nothing new and it's always been fueled on ingnorance.

We should be fighting a war on ignorance and foolish fears of others. But again we go back to old stupidity and need scapegoats to lay on a cross to be our whipping boys. Just like in the past which we can't seem to grow past we need people to blame for our own problems. We did to the Irish , the African Americans , the Chinese .and other ethnic groups . Now we are doing it to Latin Americans. This need to have boogie men is childish and something we don't seem to be able to grow out of.. Now with a child like man as president who governs not out of thought but feelings we go back to digging up old tired crap that should of been allowed to die a long time ago.

Taking money from disaster relief to pay for Trumps war on immigrants

There will be 200 million dollars less ready to use for disasters . That's 200 million that won't be there for hurricanes , tornados , earthquakes ,fires , or any other natural disasters that might come along. Then by doing nothing on global warming natural disaster could sky rocket and increase . Guess Trump was never a boy scout and learned the rule to be prepared

Monday, August 26, 2019

The record is skipping again and it's stuck on the phrase we are very close to a deal.

How many times have you heard from Trumps lips we are very close to a deal and well no deal yet. He said it months ago guess what no deal yet. I'll make a deal and bring coal back , well no deal yet , I will create a better health care plan , no deal or plan yet, Every promise broken , no deal yet no great big wall yet. Only thing he promises coming true is a growth of hate and violence

He couldn't make money honestly when he wasn't president , and he can make money as president by being his normal dishonest self

He was never a great business man he went bankrupt over and over, he created cons like his charities and Trump University . So when was he a great business man . He reality only in his mind and never. He's one of the biggest liars in history.

Plane loads of cash , Why does he have to sound like an moron ?

He sounded so childlike when he says stupid stuff like that. Plane load of crap come out of his mouth everyday. His weird exaggerations make him sound  like a 5 year old describing something. It was weally weally big and I know ewerything  Duh Duh Duh . I'm brain dead duh duh duh

What stupid stuff will Trump declare mext?

That the United States owns the moon because we are the only country that has planted a flag on it.  He's kind of pushing a war with Iran another unneeded war we had the problem solved and he kicked the hornets nest and we are all in danger again. He claims he has lots of Iranian friends that crap again he's bringing up his imaginary friends again. I really doubt he has many real friends but only butt kissers who follow him around waiting to get a taste of ass.

Just waiting for Trump to embarass us at the G-7 summit.You know he can't help himself

So far he skipped the meeting on the fires in Amazon , He say he wants to host the next G-7 in Miami and make money off it. But wait he's only warming up , Hopefully he won't be president long .Sounds like he threatened China , saying they have to kind of is a threat. That will more likely make them do the opposite to save face. This tariff is going to last out Trump and he will get booted out as President . All the Chinese have to do is wait till after the Presidential election

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Why would Greenland want to be a possession of the United States?

So they can be treated like other possessions 0f the United States Remember how shabby Puerto Rico was treated. You think the people of Greenland weren't watching and didn't notice. Trump is becoming more erratic daily and more crazy.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Trump is living in his own weird little world

He can say stuff like Jews should be ashamed for not voting Republican and not realize he's being racist. Clueless, mindless ,so many words for dumb Trump is everyone of them. Biggest lie he tells everyday is that he has a High IQ . Wouldn't surprise me if they found out he had the lowest IQ of any president in history. You can't have a high IQ and not read or try to learn.