Sunday, April 7, 2019

Trumps World View is That of One Looking Down on The Rest of Us

When your looking down, your not getting  close to the true picture of how life really works. Your missing a lot of experiences that are what the real world is all about. Trump has no idea on how it is to live without people catering to his every whim.

Most of don't have assistants , maids , or others to do our work for us. We mere mortals do everything for ourselves without any help. We are expected to do that , we don't leech off others work and claim it as our own.

Trump on the other hand never during his entire live has lived without servants or people who treat him like a master. He's been coddled and protected from what most of us live through on a daily basis.

So I don't understand people who think Trump can relate in anyway to there problems. That Trump can know how to solve problems he never had any experience in.

Trump is clueless to the lives of the middle class and poor. Any ideas he has is based on hearsay and in many cases myths' that have no basis in reality. The idea that the poor can buy steaks and caviar and buy champagne are total bullshit. If they did that they would eat about once a month since most get less then $200.00 dollar a month in SNAP Benefits .

Hud assisted housing is not glamorous , in most they try to force you how to live by making arbitrary meaningless rules. No Smoking , No Drinking , No Pets , No this no that . You must give up your freedom to live there.

Some on Healthcare are forced to use special clinics where healthcare is either poor or inadequate. You won't get the latest treatment or the best treatment possible. You in many cases will get outdate treatment.

Trump wants to make cuts to programs that are all ready struggling to fulfill  the missions they are taxed with preforming. How is this supposed to make America Great Again unless the only people you want to make greater are the rich and wealthy.

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