Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Just found out HUD wants older people to not have the internet

In the apartment I'm being sent to because my mother died.,They will not provide free internet but only free TV. What century are we living in?

Can't be the 21st century where the internet is lots more important the old fashion TV.

Sorry to say I wasn't working but was working to make my 91 year old mother last few years on earth enjoyable as possible, never been one who thought storing old people in old folks homes away from their families so they were out of sight out of mind was a great thing.

Right now I'm poor in money but rich in having a soul and that's what really counts. I can hold my head high and knew I did the right thing.

Back to the internet thing , I know most government agencies don't have a clue about using the internet to it's fullest , if they did they wouldn't do such a crappy job running things. Living in public housing is at best of times like living in a prison. But even prisoners get free internet. Just Saying it's the way most people communicate now days. But the poor aren't thought of as people , We are nothing and lazy , use our food stamp to buy lobster and caviar , drink champagne , well that's what rich GOP Senators , Congressman and the President think. Those  thoughts are a million miles from the truth. We barely get enough at sometimes to survive.

So if I can't find a way to keep my internet , these few last posts will be my swan song. So I'll be seeing you on the dark side.

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