Sunday, April 28, 2019

Trump is out there selling hate and when haters buy in and commit violence he acts surprised , REALLY

Trump proves his ignorance everyday

He riles people up with hate speech and they go out and do what haters do commit violence and then he does a major dumb act like he isn't to blame.Who is this fooling except people who are fooling themselves by thinking Trump is a good person.Anyone who buys that is selling out there morals and there religious beliefs for a person who is rotten to the core Hope they like there room in hell after they die

Friday, April 26, 2019

Trump one of the most insecure presidents in history

Some people who don't put a lot of thought into it see Trump as a confident man I see the exact opposite. Confident people don't have to tear other people down or lie on daily basis to make them self look better. He is very insecure because in reality he knows he's inferior to people like John McCain and other people he makes fun of daily. He has to tear them down because he will never measure up to people who are in intelligent , honorable , and really have morals.

Donald is way down there at the bottom of the barrel looking up through the scum with envy at the truly beautiful people he can never be. A Frog prince no one would ever kiss

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Only Emotion Trump Seems capable of is hate.

Well he loves to hate if that's a separate emotion,

Is self love an emotion he does have that , but most of his emotions revolve around hate.

He loves other haters like Putin and other dictators put he seems to really hate people who are morally good, like John McCain because frankly he can never measure up to them ,because he is morally bankrupt.  He simple in his emotions and lets them rule him instead of using his brain to figure things out to me that means he's stupid. Anyone ruled by emotions instead of logical thought is a person who should never be a leader of anything. They are incapable of making the right choice in an emergency which in the end will only make things worse.  Like Trump does on a daily basis he make the wrong choice in most situation .

Monday, April 8, 2019

Trump can never feel your pain

It's beyond his ability to feel empathy for anyone except himself. He is incapable of feelings about anyone except his own welfare . His solutions for any problem is how will it benefit him the best . That is not what we need in a leader of any kind. The United States is not all about Trump or should it ever be. A president should be more interested in doing things that are best for America, Trump is failing at that as he placates his humongous ego on a daily basis.

Getting Harder on Immigration? What Next Lining People Against A Wall And Shooting Them?

Harder, really permanently destroying families or keeping kids in dog kennel like cages isn't enough. Firing teargas at women and children. Destroying peoples emergency water supplies. Letting children die because there to incompetent to know when a kids needs medical attention.

Trump doesn't think that's enough , so I ask again what next?

Torture . murder , do we become people like the Nazi's who put people in concentration camps. What twisted thoughts are running through Trump's fevered demented mind?

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Trumps World View is That of One Looking Down on The Rest of Us

When your looking down, your not getting  close to the true picture of how life really works. Your missing a lot of experiences that are what the real world is all about. Trump has no idea on how it is to live without people catering to his every whim.

Most of don't have assistants , maids , or others to do our work for us. We mere mortals do everything for ourselves without any help. We are expected to do that , we don't leech off others work and claim it as our own.

Trump on the other hand never during his entire live has lived without servants or people who treat him like a master. He's been coddled and protected from what most of us live through on a daily basis.

So I don't understand people who think Trump can relate in anyway to there problems. That Trump can know how to solve problems he never had any experience in.

Trump is clueless to the lives of the middle class and poor. Any ideas he has is based on hearsay and in many cases myths' that have no basis in reality. The idea that the poor can buy steaks and caviar and buy champagne are total bullshit. If they did that they would eat about once a month since most get less then $200.00 dollar a month in SNAP Benefits .

Hud assisted housing is not glamorous , in most they try to force you how to live by making arbitrary meaningless rules. No Smoking , No Drinking , No Pets , No this no that . You must give up your freedom to live there.

Some on Healthcare are forced to use special clinics where healthcare is either poor or inadequate. You won't get the latest treatment or the best treatment possible. You in many cases will get outdate treatment.

Trump wants to make cuts to programs that are all ready struggling to fulfill  the missions they are taxed with preforming. How is this supposed to make America Great Again unless the only people you want to make greater are the rich and wealthy.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

The fear of the border being closed is fueling the increase in border crossings

If you close it they will come.

Trump with his talk and his wall is fueling the increase of people willing to make the trip to the border as they believe it maybe there last chance and last hope. It's now or never for many immigrant who see there chance at a better life slipping away.

Trump is doing everything he can to make the problems at the border worse so he can use it as a campaign issue.  Cutting funding to countries where these immigrants come from will do what ?  Create even more immigrants feeling to this country.

Trump is about creating a problem , then act like he's trying to solve them in a bumbling stupid way that only makes things even worse.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Just found out HUD wants older people to not have the internet

In the apartment I'm being sent to because my mother died.,They will not provide free internet but only free TV. What century are we living in?

Can't be the 21st century where the internet is lots more important the old fashion TV.

Sorry to say I wasn't working but was working to make my 91 year old mother last few years on earth enjoyable as possible, never been one who thought storing old people in old folks homes away from their families so they were out of sight out of mind was a great thing.

Right now I'm poor in money but rich in having a soul and that's what really counts. I can hold my head high and knew I did the right thing.

Back to the internet thing , I know most government agencies don't have a clue about using the internet to it's fullest , if they did they wouldn't do such a crappy job running things. Living in public housing is at best of times like living in a prison. But even prisoners get free internet. Just Saying it's the way most people communicate now days. But the poor aren't thought of as people , We are nothing and lazy , use our food stamp to buy lobster and caviar , drink champagne , well that's what rich GOP Senators , Congressman and the President think. Those  thoughts are a million miles from the truth. We barely get enough at sometimes to survive.

So if I can't find a way to keep my internet , these few last posts will be my swan song. So I'll be seeing you on the dark side.