Monday, March 11, 2019

Trumps Budget Proposal IN Four Words: SCREW THE POOR AGAIN

Dam pretty tired of the rich & wealthy getting a free ride on the backs of the poor and minorities .

But what do you expect from politicians who never did manual labor , or ever missed a meal? They never had to struggle to get by on the piddley amount they dole out in care. The amount of Food Stamp or as there called now SNAP benefits is every month becoming less and less. The free clinics for medical care are substandard and 3rd world like in some places. You already have to work to have a home in a place that makes you feel like your in prison because of HUD.

Now Trump wants to again on the back of the poor to get his sick twisted agenda paid for. His wall and giving the military money there not even asking for so he can act like a big dictator like General.

The deficit goes higher and higher as he mortgages the young Americans future and saddles them with Trillions upon Trillions more debt.

The future under Trump looks like a waste land as caring about the world we live in is becoming more about getting rich people more money then saving the planet. He will cut education , cut help to the poor and middle class , and cut environmental protection which in the end will hurt the poor more then the wealthy. Poor can't move as easily as the wealthy when there home gets covered in crap, when their air get so think it's unbreathable or the water undrinkable without poisoning someone.

Trump legacy will be a rotten smell that lingers in the air long after he dies.

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