Monday, March 18, 2019

Trump fears creativity

He hasn't come up with anything new or used creativity of any kind. His ideas are old retreads he has stolen from others that were found out not to work years ago.

Those who forget history are bound to make mistakes over and over again. Trump does that over and over and he doesn't want you to notice he has no new ideas; He wants to limit your education and your creativity so of course his budget tries to limit art and creativity of all kinds. He doesn't like people who are smarter then him or better then him in anyway.  People with courage frighten Donald Trump , Look how he puts down John McCain because frankly Trump is a coward with a big mouth, People who are smarter then Trump is another thing he fears. So expect him to start his immature name calling when smarter people challenge him. He's in reality is weak , small, and petty

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