Saturday, March 30, 2019

With Trump as President We Get to Learn What Rich White Trash Looks Like

He and his family really are just Rich White Trash

They have very little morals, very little honor , and lie every minute of every day. They have almost no redeeming values. Greed is their god and they worship at it's alter daily, they will do any vile act to make sacrifices to this pagan deity.

By hook or by crook they live making fun of others way better then they will ever be so they can feel superior ,which no matter how much they try they can never do it's just not in their character to be something they know nothing about.

It's all a cracked mirror showing lies , Trump is a person built on myth with almost no grains of truth, a conman is living in the White House and everyone that votes can evict this squatter

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Trump brought thr Mueller investigation on himself

If Trump didn't act so weird to Russia after they tried to  rig our election making him president there wouldn't of been an investigation.

So many strange acts by Trump here are just a few

Saying Russia if your listening release Hilary Clintons Emails.

Going on and on about Wiki Links.

Trump tower meeting between his son and Russian agents ,and then making up lies about it.

Trying to build a Trump Tower in Russia almost right up to the day of the election and keeping it a secret then later lying about it after he became president

Not wanting to sanction Russia for interfering in our elections.

Firing James Comey then the next day saying it was because of this Russia Thing.

There still weird things happening every time Putin and Trump meets like not making records of there meetings.

So if they thought Trump needed to be investigated you should be able to see why.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Is Being a Tool to Russia in the Job Description of Trumpets?

I don't know why Patriotic Americans willingly  want to be tools of Russia and being Putin's bitch. If their so patriot to the constitution why are they tearing it up by trying to destroy freedom of speech,  They daily try to destroy News Organizations that won't bow down and kiss Donald Trumps ass, Most I believe have no clue what's in the constitution expect for the 2nd amendment. The rest of it is completely ignored by the followers in the cult of Trump.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Trump fears creativity

He hasn't come up with anything new or used creativity of any kind. His ideas are old retreads he has stolen from others that were found out not to work years ago.

Those who forget history are bound to make mistakes over and over again. Trump does that over and over and he doesn't want you to notice he has no new ideas; He wants to limit your education and your creativity so of course his budget tries to limit art and creativity of all kinds. He doesn't like people who are smarter then him or better then him in anyway.  People with courage frighten Donald Trump , Look how he puts down John McCain because frankly Trump is a coward with a big mouth, People who are smarter then Trump is another thing he fears. So expect him to start his immature name calling when smarter people challenge him. He's in reality is weak , small, and petty

Monday, March 11, 2019

Trumps Budget Proposal IN Four Words: SCREW THE POOR AGAIN

Dam pretty tired of the rich & wealthy getting a free ride on the backs of the poor and minorities .

But what do you expect from politicians who never did manual labor , or ever missed a meal? They never had to struggle to get by on the piddley amount they dole out in care. The amount of Food Stamp or as there called now SNAP benefits is every month becoming less and less. The free clinics for medical care are substandard and 3rd world like in some places. You already have to work to have a home in a place that makes you feel like your in prison because of HUD.

Now Trump wants to again on the back of the poor to get his sick twisted agenda paid for. His wall and giving the military money there not even asking for so he can act like a big dictator like General.

The deficit goes higher and higher as he mortgages the young Americans future and saddles them with Trillions upon Trillions more debt.

The future under Trump looks like a waste land as caring about the world we live in is becoming more about getting rich people more money then saving the planet. He will cut education , cut help to the poor and middle class , and cut environmental protection which in the end will hurt the poor more then the wealthy. Poor can't move as easily as the wealthy when there home gets covered in crap, when their air get so think it's unbreathable or the water undrinkable without poisoning someone.

Trump legacy will be a rotten smell that lingers in the air long after he dies.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Major Number of American Believe Trump Commited Crimes and is a Liar.

For only the second time in history the majority of American's believe a president is a crook.

Let that sink in  First was Richard Nixon

Now we have Donald Trump who lies on a daily basis and even before he was president he thought he was above the law and did whatever he wanted. Now that he is president. that he is above the law become a danger to us all. He thinks he a dictator and answers to no one. His word is law and is the only one that counts.

Anyone who challenges that is called an enemy of America ,or a traitor. Anyone who says that Trump lies is called fake news or called names like something a 2 year old would do. Trump does not act like a grown up or a mature adult at most times. He instead acts like what he is a spoiled , pampered , person who never had to live in the real world.