Wednesday, February 27, 2019

GOP Decides to Shoot The Messenger Because They Don't Like the Message

They can't handle the truth that Trump is the Swamp , he is the scum you find at the bottom of the barrel. They will sling arrows into the heart of anyone who speaks truth to the power of Trump.

We all by now by know Trump lies on daily basis . Anyone who doesn't see that is lying to themselves.

Calling Cohen a liar while they are either willfully blind to Trump tons of lies , or just plain stupid is so pathetically funny in a sad sick twisted way. Really how can they keep a straight face while calling anyone else a liar when they lie for Trump everyday.

Every Time Sarah Sanders talks to the press she lies.

Every time Trump opens his mouth it leaves the taste of lies in his mouth.

The GOP as a whole has caught the bug that causes grown man mostly to like a 2 year old lie because their afraid of getting spanked.

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