Wednesday, February 27, 2019

GOP Decides to Shoot The Messenger Because They Don't Like the Message

They can't handle the truth that Trump is the Swamp , he is the scum you find at the bottom of the barrel. They will sling arrows into the heart of anyone who speaks truth to the power of Trump.

We all by now by know Trump lies on daily basis . Anyone who doesn't see that is lying to themselves.

Calling Cohen a liar while they are either willfully blind to Trump tons of lies , or just plain stupid is so pathetically funny in a sad sick twisted way. Really how can they keep a straight face while calling anyone else a liar when they lie for Trump everyday.

Every Time Sarah Sanders talks to the press she lies.

Every time Trump opens his mouth it leaves the taste of lies in his mouth.

The GOP as a whole has caught the bug that causes grown man mostly to like a 2 year old lie because their afraid of getting spanked.

Fromthe beginning the GOP tried to do everything it could to keep Cohen from telling the truth about what kind of scumbag Trump is.

Many of Trumps lies get dragged kicking and screaming out of his family skeleton closet. Cohen is the tour guide to this sick twisted man's history who by hook or by crook became president of the United States. The wool got pulled over the eyes of the Republican Party now they cover their own asses with lies upon lies mountains deep.

Truth has become a foreign idea in the Trump presidency. Truth has died in the hands of the GOP as they try to twist and kill it with every breath.

Now they ask can you believe Cohen?

The real questionis how can anyone believe Donald Trump a daily proven liar.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sadly standards in the era of Trump are at an all time low

How low can you go?

Right now your bellies touching the ground with no daylight showing. You can't get any lower then what Trump is dragging this country down into his swamp .We are now the joke of most of the world , no one claps anymore when they hear Trump's name only the bottom of the barrel scum that are at his rallies.

Those mental challenged that are easily fooled with fake facts and bald faced lies lead like sheep to slaughter. The education system that has been raped by the  GOP with slashed budgets and lower and lower standards that keep the American People far stupider then the rest of the world. They want you to be a blind stupid sheep so they can pull fast ones not behind your back but right in front of your face.  Look around you those people laughing are laughing at you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Wall of Wasted Dreams

This is what Trumps wall will not represent.

Dreams of others finding a better living for there families , Dreams of better kinder , gentler America. Dreams of country living under a Christian sky ,but instead a land more filled with dark clouds and people with hate. Dreams of clean air , with clean water to drink but instead in reality will be a dumping ground ravaged by violent storms created by the ever increase heat.

Trump's wall will represent an end of all America once stood for.

Just as Predicated Trump's State of The Union Another Campaign Speech Filled With Lies

Piles of lies upon lies almost no truth or reality , that's what Trump's state of the union consisted of. Greatest economy ever well if your already wealthy that is , if your poor you'll get even more poor. Large amount of illegal immigrants even though it's almost at the lowest amount in history. He single handled stopped a war with North Korea and ended there threat of using nuke's. Well that's just another lie. He making it sound like he will do it himself he will end HIV in 10 years time. If that does happen it will have nothin to do with anything Trump has done.

All Bullshit from one of the biggest creators of bullshit in history

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Why Watching Trump's State of The Union Speech Will Be A Big Waste of Time

He will blubber about coming together and working together on helping American's and tomorrow will go back to twitter and start dividing the country.

It's just theater ,it won't have anything to do with reality like most of the things he says, Just more puffery and bullshit meant to appeal to people who are clueless about how the world works. More lies about building a wall that doesn't need to be built , more lies about boogie men meant to frighten those who live in a state of paranoia.

Do you want to waste your time on this nonsense?

Go spent quality time with your family , go do something , anything else ,and your time will be better spent.