Friday, January 25, 2019

Another Stone Over Turned and a Coach Roach Named Roger Crawled Out

Why does everyone associated with Trump turn out to be a crook?

You can't tell me someone who surrounds himself with crooks isn't a crook himself . Trump must be a crook , or he's very, very stupid.

Roger Stone the latest coach roach to crawl out from under the shadow of Donald Trump . Just another in a long line of bugs and critters who worked for Donald Trump. Will there be more, I'm sure plenty more will be crawling out of Trump lower orifices.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Once Known as America's Mayor Working For Trump Has Turned Him Into a Fool

Once he was thought of as a good person when he was mayor of New York during the disaster of 9-11, he now looks like a clown and a fool as he spouts total gibberish as he tries to defend Trump from Robert Mueller. You can't believe he was once a top prosecutor in New York as he gives interviews that make him sound deranged or totally out of it. Does he suffer from loss of memory ? Is he getting senile ?  What excuse is there for him to say the meaningless crap he says? 

Who knows why he sells his dignity and name for cheap bobbles Trump throws his way ?


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Trump thinking 5 billon dollars is a pittance proves he is out of touch with most Americans

It pisses me off how Trump wastes money while other Americans live paycheck to paycheck and in some cases go without.<br><br>
It pisses me off when there are homeless people including Veterans broken by wars created mostly by Republicans left to starve and aren't given the mental health care they need and deserve while Trump wastes money on a stupid campaign promise that is totally foolish.<br><br>
This foolish wall is a joke that will do nothing to slow drugs coming into this country. It will do nothing to stop terrorists if they want it there are more ways to get here. It won't stop gangs , the only thing it will do is waste money and keep people who are suffering from violence from getting relief. If we had that same kind of crap right after  any of our countries wars we would of not had many people from Europe or Asia in our country right now. When violence happens we have always taken people in to save them. Until Trump came along , We have lost our morals and the will to do the right thing, and that's a sad commentary on where the United States is and how degraded we have become