Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The New Symbol For The GOP Has Been Decided , In a Race Between Spineless Jellyfish and Ostrich With It's Head In The Sand The Winner Is......

The Ostrich with its head in the sand. GOP has decided to not listen or see anything Trump does that is illegal or unethical. They will totally ignore anything no matter how bad it is.

You Know as Soon as Trump isn't President The GOP is going to suffer mass amnesia and forget he ever exsisted

Trump who? 

 Republican case of amnesia is coming as soon as the spotlight goes off Trump. No one will remember him in 10 years. He if, remembered at all it will be as a mistake and as a clown. No one currently a Republican politician who hasn't been purged from office will own up to ever supporting Donald Trump once he's gone.

He is not Ronald Reagan, there will be no rose-colored memories, He will be remembered as a little hate-filled man with no morals who by hook or by crook became president through lies.

Monday, November 4, 2019

The Ying-Yangity , Flippy-Floppy , GOP Response To Trump's Impeachment.

Was it Prid Pro Quo was it not, It's like listening to someone talking out one side of their face and out of their ass at the same time. One says yes one says no. One says high one says low. There is no one answer from the GOP because they have no answer. They can't tell the truth because it will end up destroying them. So all they got is lies.

Here's the truth a president cannot legally ask other countries to do things that will help him in an election. Not if he has that as his only reason. Sorry, Trump had no other reason. Not that make sense, that crap about fighting corruption, why only one instance of corruption about a political rival.

So far Trump has done almost nothing about corruption as it relates to Russia    WHY?

Monday, October 28, 2019

I see a lot of Trumpets with regrets in the future

When it's all said and done, the last fruit from the poison Trump tree eaten. Damages left behind like global warming, racism, immigration.  These things will rise up and end up biting us all in the ass like hidden land mines blowing up. Right now we are only thinking about today and forgetting what our actions will have on the future. The future is not looking good

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sorry Trump there is no such thing as an instant DNA test so your wrong again, if there was there wouldn't be 10,000's plus untested rape kits

Trump proves he stupid again claiming they did an instant DNA test on some terrorist leader and right then that very minute proved they had the head of ISIS,


It takes days to do a DNA test not seconds, not minutes, not hours., Of course, Trump who has no clue when it comes to science wouldn't know that.

Lots of rapists would be in jails if DNA tests were so easy but sadly 10's of thousands of rape tests are sitting on shelves rotting away becoming useless.

I don't the rest of the lies in his statements today, I try to limit the amount of crap I put in my brain
so I put a strict limit to the time I watch Trump lay brain farts.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Trumpty The Evil Clown

They got the Joker, Penny Wise, But This Clown does more evil than any of them

GOP is playing to an audience of one , but they forget we are watching too.

That pathetic attempt to barge into a meeting saying they aren't be represented was as phony as a pig saying it isn't fat. There are Republicans represented in all meetings in congress, no party is not represented. It's all some farce and gameplay to Republicans, they think it's ok to sell out the country for personal reasons when you're the president as long as the president is in your own party. Representing America doesn't come first, or probably second. It's president first, party second, wealthy people third, American people last.    It should always be American people first. But it's not that until we get a new president who doesn't live to be the center of attention.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

No Impeachment is open to the public in the beginning

I've lived through two impeachments, Nixon then Clinton, both started out with private hearings, that's the way it works. Even most of the so-called waste of time Benghazi hearings were closed to the public.

All this fake outrage by the GOP is just there only way to try to save Trump, It is pathetic, funny, and contrary to anything they've said or done in the past and makes them look foolish'

All you have to do is look old video footage of Graham or ODonnell during the impeachment of Clinton and you will notice the complete opposite of what there trying to sell now.

Trey Gowdy during the Benghazi hearing said closed hearings were a good thing.

So now they build mountains out of molehills. like good lemmings Trumpets, they gladly jump off the cliff with a stupid grin on there faces

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Trump Is A Negative Black-Hole That Sucks All The Positiveness And Goodness Out Of The People Around Him

Most people who work for Trump in the White House get all the goodness and positive emotions sucked out of their souls. In that empty husk, all that's rotten and evil comes in to fill the void. Lies become normal, hate becomes expected, they give up ideas like honor, freedom is only something they want for themselves, others freedoms don't matter.

Trump a disease of the soul enters them and takes over completely, Pompeo has the disease, Sarah Sanders is still sick, Many Republicans are still invected by the Trump bug. Truth is the cure, they need to quit lying to others and to themselves.

Reality will come back someday and hit them like a ton of bricks, hopefully, the world will still have a chance and it won't be too late

Trump is a dog in human clothing.


Like a dog, Trump has been easily trained by dictators to take orders with a few nice words and pats on the head. He is simple in that way all you have to do is be nice to his face and you got a loyal puppy who will do whatever you want him to. Sad but that's who we got as president, a  person so needy of the spotlight that he will jump through hoops to get it.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Kurds joined with Isis and commited terrorism against the United States

That has become a possibility that wasn't there just a month ago. Trump has created more people that hate America, it's not like there aren't enough of those after 4 years of Trump's actions on the world stage. He's alienated our allies in NATO, he alienated most Latinos, he alienated most Muslims,  he alienated most truly religious people, not the fake and phony religious right who sold out Jesus Christ for personal glory.

So I can see new hoards of terrorists looking at the United States as a great evil in the world. We willing invited the devil in and gave him a crown. We let him lead us down a hole into the pits of hell. We bring hate and every negative emotion and sin once kept in a box and let free by Pandora, to life and spread it with lies to others and many who lie to themselves. We are doomed unless we change course toward heaven and the light.   GOD SAVE US FROM OURSELVES

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Using the word lynching by Trump shows how racist he really is.

He shows his ignorance daily about racism, and history, in general, every time he opens his cakehole or tweets one of his factless tweets. His stupidity gets put on display all the time it makes it almost impossible to believe he has a high IQ.  He is not a mental genius or even close to it, he most likely because of his father's wealth was passed through school without a thought to grades or how well he actually did, He got a free ride like many wealthy people do.

Trump easily buys every crackpot conspiracy theory because he thinks everyone is corrupt as he is.

No matter how stupid or completely impossible a conspiracy theory sounds Trump will buy it because if you're being honest Trump is the most corrupt president in the history of the United States. In his world view being corrupt is normal ,  So he can't believe anyone is less corrupt then he himself is. Sad, sick, view of the world Trump lives in  it's not the place I live, I don't trust everyone but I don't think every day, saying what's in it for me or being greedy to the point of it being a sickness

Monday, October 21, 2019

Trump spewed out more lies today then he has in a long time

Why do news reporters let this fool ramble on with piles of bullshit? We aren't bringing soldiers back home we are just moving them from here to there but not back to the United States. He just throws out a ton of crap, meaningless shit, like I give up my salary, but he spends more money that comes out of your pocket every day on trips to his properties around the world. His cabinet spends money on crap they don't need, $30,000 on some table really. He lies, every day, every second, every minute of the day. He corruptly takes money every day from sources all over the world.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Another couple more nails in Trump coffin, how many more before he is dead and barried

Every day more evidence comes out that Trump is a crook. I remember Nixon getting the boot and information took months to come out, wherewith Trump it spills out in days and weeks, Crazy how much is coming out so quickly on Trump's corrupt actions.Now even some Republicans who  have a conscience and actually care about America might speak out , not saying there will be many, but a few.

Why Do So Many Americans Got Sucker Plastered On There Forehead When It Comes To Donald Trump?

Sheep follow the shiny object and Trump is loud and lives to make himself the center of the universe. He does everything he can to get attention even if he doesn't deserve it. He a child starved for attention never getting any from his parents. He grew up being deprived of a parent's love shipped off to private schools never getting what he needed to be a human. So he grew up or he never grows mentally staying a child who never learned manners or how to feel normal emotions. He can't feel love or any good emotions. He feels only hate and negative emotions.

But people who aren't wise, or what I call Streetwise buy the facade that is Trump. Trump puts up the biggest phony front playing on the stage of life. It's all smoke and mirror to hide how insecure he is s a person. He constantly talks himself up which proves how insecure he is. But some people buy into the bull crap and that I think is a problem of education. We are not educated or some of us don't learn to find the truth but accept whatever comes our way as true. I never bought what anyone says, I always check facts as much a possible. With Google and the internet, you don't have an excuse to be stupid. Sorry if your to lazy or only watch FOX News you only got your self to blame for being stupid.

Trump making his payment on his last Trump Hotel in hell with the bodies of Dead Kurdish Children

Trump's final Trump Property will be his permanent last one in hell. He will be there for an eternity. With every person, he killed by his action which in the end will probably in the 100,000.s  Kurds he killed poor people in America, immigrants who die at our border, people who lost their healthcare. So much blood on his hands. That gets you a place in hell, along with the phony religious right who supported him.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

We picked the village idiot to represent us around the world.

  Anyone who goes around the world saying how smart they are and that they have a high IQ usually isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Most truly smart people show there smart by doing smart things. Does Trump do smart things, is it smart to hold countries up by asking them to do your dirty business. Was it a smart thing to leave our allies high and dry in Syria, Imposing a sanction on Turkey after they kill thousands of Kurds is a little too much, a little too late. It's not going to be a lot of comfort to the dead women and children in a war-torn Syria 

  Trump hasn't come through on a lot of promises he made that his ass couldn't cash. A lot of hot air, like bringing back coal jobs, that hasn't happened and won't, A wall across the whole border that Mexico would pay for, that had a snowball chance in hell of ever coming true. That his tax giveaway to the rich would trickle down to help out the middle class and poor. The only thing trickling down from the rich is crap on the poor.

  Oh, he put in more judges, yeah those judges he put in are shills for the rich and the religious right, who in the end aren't going to do anything for the middle class and poor. The constitution is being ripped and shredded daily, we are daily losing more freedom of speech if you don't agree with Trump in some places your shunned and treated like a leper. Trump is not the United States him acting like every time anyone speaks out against him that they hate America and that they are a traitor is stupid and kind of childish.


Monday, October 14, 2019

We keep playing for second place with Trump as President.

Second Place as we give up our leadership role around the world.

We should be leading in the fight against Climate Change, Trump made that not happen

We should lead in education, that's not happening.

We lost the world superpower label to Russia pretty much by default, by giving up and not even trying in places like Syria, and by hanging our allies, the Kurds out to dry.

We are really failing as a moral compass as under Trump morals get thrown out the door on a daily basis.

We are becoming a leader in corruption, racism, hate, and bad things, evil things. 

The Guy who kept tally of Trumps lies has suffered a stroke from the stress of the job

Really how could anyone not suffer either a nervous breakdown or a heart attack if their job was keeping track of how many lies Trump tells? It would take a  supercomputer to keep track of how many lies he tells every day. He lies about the littlest things, big things, almost everything He lies like he breathes.

Friday, October 11, 2019

We're Lauching A No Way Trump T-Shirt Collection Come Check It Out. It has our sense of Twisted Humor

Ok I know there are tons of Anti-Trump T-Shirts out there but do they have our twisted sense of humor displayed on them. NOOOO! Here are a few examples CHECK THEM OUT HERE

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Trump Not Changing His Mind ,He's Just Not Able To Keep His Lies Straight

He lies so much that he is unable to keep his lies straight. That is the simple reason why he seems to change his mind all the time. He says one lie to this person, another lie to this other person. Then he forgets which lie he told to whom. He has no mind to change, he has no thoughts on a subject but blows in the wind between opposite ideas with no true commitment to any one thought. He is not a great thinker because he is incapable of seeing the big picture and take in the complete information he needs to make a good judgment. There's old saying garbage in garbage out so most of what comes out of Trump's mouth is garbage plain and simple.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

If Trump Isn't Crooked Why Is He Still Hiding His Taxes and Why Won't He Let Anyone Testify Before Congress

He still hasn't shown his taxes because there are things in there that make him look like the scum he is. He if he doesn't have anything to hide why won't he let people testify and why does he continue to obstruct justice. I know not many younger people where around when Tricky Dick was president , I was only a child during that time, but do remember Nixon obstructing justice by erasing audio tapes that were bad for him. Trumps doing the same thing by hiding stuff on a hidden server. TRUMP IS A CROOK

Trump Sold Out The Kurds , Now ISIS Can Come Back and Start Terrorism All Over The World Again

Trump's stupidity is giving ISIS life again. He sells out our allies. They decide to release 1000's of ISIS fighters back into the world. God they better hurry up impeaching this brainless fool before he does more damage. Well, expect another war in the U.S future. As Turkey commits genocide on the Kurds, in the end, the United States will be forced to step in.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Saw Trumps First Advertisement For His Reelection it was full of lies , looks like it was made by a kindergattener

It made me laugh , it seemed like it was made by a child . He is good , the others lie , the swamp , the swamp. Pathetic pitiful , what a crock of crap. He can't get people who actually now how to make a commercial he had to go a few hacks and they came out with crap.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Funny Trump saying Hunter Biden wasn't qualified to wotrk in an oil related company

First selling anything oil , widgets , or anything is basically the same thing. It only needs someone to know the basics of business . The laws of supply and demand. You don't have to know everything about what your selling.

But being a politician does need someone who knows how to be a leader something Trump hasn't got a clue about and proves that everyday. He had no prior experience ,was never a mayor ,a councilman . a dog catcher . he never before ran for any office or held any. To have a clueless know it all as president was only ever going to be mistake.

In The End You Realize Rosie O'Donnell was Right Trump is an A-Hole

Really how many people have been saying Trump was an a-hole over the years have you ignored ? There are a lot of them out there but no one was listening . Little to late now that he's been breaking America . Maybe it's time to listen. Remember when the Dixie Chick said the Iraq war was stupid , they got roasted alive. But in the end they were proved right. It was a stupid war that has caused the birth of a lot more wars with pain and suffering and has totally destabilized the middle east. So Rosie O'Donnell was right and was ignored and this fool was voted in as president and we all get to suffer a lot of needless stress.

Now Trump want China to investigate his political opponent

Investigate just because Trump wants them to , NOOOOO plus it's illegal to ask any foreign government to get involved in our elections but Trump does it right out in the open. It is illegal to have a foreign government investigate a political opponent

In Trumps Mind Everyone is as Scummy and corrupt as Him

It's sad Trump thinks we all got the same morals as he has. But he's wrong we aren't all as scummy as Trump. It isn't possible to be that amoral and corrupt. No many Americans actually would give there lives to preserve freedom. No Americans fight racism and hate on a daily basis . We don't go around lying all day but face up to our mistakes something Trump could never do.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Pompeo was listening in why Trump became a crook and commited a crime , Now he does a Homer Simpson and goes around with DUH in his face,

Mike Pompeo acts like a moron , with a glazed look on his face whenever the call Trump made giving another world leader a shakedown to help in his reelection is brought up. He was on the line listening in by latest reports so he's just another phony ass Trumpet lying to America. It's sad how many people will sell out America and there soul for a loser like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump a real like Captain Queeg , next time you see Trump look if he's twirling marbles in his fingers

Trump is cracking he slowly losing his mind , he says things lashing out at everyone . He's on the verge of doing something really bad . It's coming declaring martial law , taking hostages , or god knows what. Pushing the button you know the one that ends all life on the planet. Who knows to what limits he will go to keep power. Some of this stuff I hope I'm saying jokingly but in the end with Trump who knows.

Monday, September 30, 2019

Civil War , I say Bring it , After it's all over we can put the Trumpet against a wall and shoot them as traitors to the constitution and the American People

Funny how the evil ones all call for a civil war.

The corrupted sick and twisted Trumpets want a civil war lets give it to them. If history is correct the evil always loses in the end. Hitler lost the racist south lost , and Trump the racist will lose in the end. I can see if there's a civil war foreign countries lending aid to Anti-Trump forces. Many in our own military joining the anti-Trump side. So lets do it really.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Just another Trump lie saying the Democrats are a do nothing party

Democrats have created 100's of bills that once sent to the GOP in the Senate they are killed by Mitch and the Republicans . The GOP is the real Do Nothing Party and they been doing nothing for regular Americans for over 15 years, Trump doing what he does best lie

Donald's Fallen and This Time He's Not Getting Back Up

I really don't think he's going to get out of this trouble and if the GOP doesn't see the writing on the wall they are going with him, Fox News is already feeling the loss of sponsors , viewers , and is being taken off many TV provider services. A long time ago I said Trump would in the end do a lot of damage to the GOP. The Republican party if it's going to survive will need to drop Trump. They need to get back to there founders ideals Lincoln was the founder of the Republican Party. He wouldn't have anything to do with it now. It is corrupt and instead of helping everyday Americans it has become the puppet of the wealthy and big corporations.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Fox has chosen sides that back Trump no matter what, should they feel the consequences of that action /take the poll

A lot of TV Services are in the process of removing Fox Channels from them , Sling and a few other plan on getting rid of Fox completely , personally I'm ok with that , I think Fox chose the side of what is not in the best interest of America. They chose to ignore that Trump was never ready or up to the task of being president. They twisted facts in an attempt to let Trump destroy the moral fabric of the United States. Now it's time to pay the fiddler. Take the poll below and leave your view.

Nixon had his secret tapes and he was a crook , Trump has his secret server and he is a crook.

History is repeating itself

It's just funny how closely it mirrors Watergate
But does it surprise anyone , it shouldn't during his first campaign he right out in the open asked Russian to hack Hillary Clinton and to release the hacked information. He still doing that and this time he's actually president and this makes it 100 times worse. If he was smart he would resign now. Dragging the country through this crap to save his own crooked ass , to massage his weak ego , that is sad. But what can you expect from a sad ,morals less little man,

Friday, September 27, 2019

Gave Trump to much rope to hang himself and his feet are dragging on the ground

Can Trump do even more damage to himself?

Really , it's become to be a joke , and Trump is the punchline . Now he want to basically hang the whistle blower and he says it out loud in the speech. Remember how we used to treat spies he stated wish we still could do that. He considers the whistle blower a spy , I say he was loyal to the country , Trump is not the country. He keep putting his foot in his mouth if Trump was smart he would keep h shut. But he's not

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Trumps meandering speech today hit a new record of lies made up stuff and just plain stupidity

Lindsey did you really say that after you read the transcript that Trump was so nice that sounds I'm going to say it GAY. Most of the stuff that came from his month was one long punchline from a bad joke. Really most of us was senseless drivel and evade question like a bullfighter evades a bull.

This is funny they tried with all there heart to impeach Clinton over Monika but when Trump does something that really is crooked and could hurt America they defend Trump

It's funny watching Lindsey Graham two faces through his political career , one when he lead the impeachment of Bill Clinton and now Trump does something way worse and he defends Trump. Shows he full of something that rhymes with hit. What a steaming pile the Republicans are creating , If I say If now but that I know will change soon , If Trump told another government to investigate dirt on a political opinionate he broke the law sorry he's looking more guilty. In my country I want voting to be fair without outside interference. It's that simple

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Trump will release Doctored Transcripts and a report by whistleblower after they took an axe to it saying they will cut out clasified stuff.

What a joke and scam Trump will do a Nixon and have the transcript doctored to say what he wants it to say and they will under saying something is classified in the whistleblowers report hide it from congress. Trump thinks everyone in America is as stupid as his followers . NO WE AREN"T and WE SEE YOU.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Putting Sanctions on Iranian Banks Not Used by Anyone That's Going to Hurt NOT

Keeping heaping those useless sanction on Iran so it looks like your doing something. That's Trump idea to put on a show and sell more Indian voodoo medicine to the Trumpets. In the real world not many people except Iranian use those banks so it's pretty meaningless to add on more sanctions. It's like shooting a dead horse one's that been dead for a year. Waste of bullets waste of time , just a dam waste

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Funny the Trump administration wants every one in Afghanistan to vote but try to keep every American from voting

They care more about Afghanistan's voting then American's voting.

Strange isn't it , they create hoops to jump through that limit and keep Americans from voting with stupid laws to fight a non existing problem called voter fraud. The amount of so called voter fraud has never changed the result of any election. But billion are being spent by mostly Republicans to protect them from being voted out. They are afraid that African American's voting they are afraid of Latin Americans voting they know that will be a nail in there coffins.

Monday, September 16, 2019

We had a treaty with Iran that they where following , Trump decided to use it for toilet paper and wipe his ass with it.

So if Trump gets reelected expect a war with Iran that might kill thousands of Americans and leave more soldier crippled for no good reason. Expect trillions more added to the bill the government will never pay. A war we can't afford with a bill we shove on our children , and probably on there childrens , children. Just think of all the new terrorists it will create , not that there aren't enough now. The cycle that's never broken keeps rolling one war leading to the next. The only way for a war to end all wars is that no one survives to keep fighting another one.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

If Trump Flip Flopped Any Faster He Would Die From A Heart Attack.

One Minute he says this a second later he says the exact opposite , sometimes I wonder if he doesn't have a split personality one dark and evil and one that's plan stupid. He's brings about chaos daily or even hourly so the stock market jumps up and down like a yo-yo .Nothing is for sure mostly people get emotional wrung out and our stress out on a pins edge. Being in a world where up is down on a moments notice doesn't give people a sense of security. Being in a country where gun nuts run around with guns spouting racist garbage and spewing hate doesn't make it feel safe. Even as a kid during the cold war I felt safer even after the monthly nuclear war drills. Today doesn't feel safe not when the next time your kid goes to school he can come home in a body bag because some racist decided to go on a killing spree. I don't fear immigrants there not the enemy I fear the followers of Donald Trump because they obviously are crazy.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Why does Trump say we hate America?

Just because we hate everything Trump stands for doesn't mean we hate America ,actually it's the opposite we have love for what America should be and used to stand for before Trump came along. Not saying we always did the right thing but at least we keep trying. Under Trump doing the right thing has become a rare and almost extinct. We became a country of haters and destroyers , bring stuff down instead of make stuff better.

Latest excuse Trump doesn't know where Alabama is

Well they haven't used that one yet to explain Trump saying the latest hurricane could hit Alabama even when that would of been almost totally impossible. No matters how much Trump is wrong about anything he has people who will make excuses no matter how stupid it makes them look. Look how stupid Sarah Sanders looked , and before her Shaun Spicer. They turn themselves into a clone of Baghdad bob . Sad when you can almost never get the truth from your government specially in one that's supposedly Democratic and not a dictatorship.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

People With Small Minds Can't Think Ousidet of The Box

If you know anything about history you would know that most of Trump  ideas were tried in the past and eventually failed.

Using immigrants as a scapegoat was used in the past many times and each time that eventually failed. It was used against Chinese immigrants , Irish immigrants , and many other kinds of immigrants all ending in final acceptance of those immigrants..

Tariffs been tried and always ended up with the United States on the losing end of the stick especially the middle class and poor Americans.

Ok building a big ass wall is a first but that idea didn't hatch from Trumps mind but was given to him by one of his toadies and was never meant as a serious one.

So far all we're getting is old failed the first time ideas from the way gone by past. Giving tax breaks to the rich never helped the middle class or poor only the wealthy benefit from that. Nothing trickles down except more  sweat on the brows of the over worked middle class who have to work multiple jobs to feed there families.

Nothing will change Trump mind from his stuck in the mud ways and ideas , he's an old dog that can't learn new tricks and need to be put out to pasture.

A logical look at Trumps claim of having a high I.Q

This one is easy to prove Trumps claims are false.

  1. He doesn't read most people with high IQ's are avid readers
  2. He most likely doesn't watch shows on science or history
  3. He's mentally lazy , most of his ideas are taken from others
  4. He is not a person who wants to learn new things
  5. Most high IQ people have creative minds.
Those things taken in all to me is proof his IQ is not much above average or below average . It's simple reasoning that he is probably the lowest IQ president in history. All you got to do ,is do the math his claim doesn't add up.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Do you wonder if Trump is on some kind of drug , or he is just getting senile ?

Trump Mentally Stable?

I do every time he says something totally stupid or just plain creepy and weird which lately is daily when ever he opens his mouth. He's come up with some really crazy stuff like  wanting to buy Greenland or thinking he was ordained by god . Is Satan god now when did that happen?

In Trumps Greater America

Trumps America

Poor peoples lives getting worse , more mental illness , dirty water , dirty air , more people losing there land , worse weather , more hate , more intolerance , more gun nuts killing innocent people ,more gay bashing , more of everything that's bad less of anything that's good

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Trumps Brainfarts Might Bring About the Death of Democracy in America


  One more lie piled one on top of another , one more day of misinformation warping the minds of our children . Will this have a permanent effect on our country ? One time is all it took for Pandora to open a box and  release 7 deadly sins. What boxes has Trump opened ?  What things is Trump letting lose that no matter how hard we try will never go back in there bottle. Some people already have been change into machines of hate, violence , and destruction. There out there ready to lose control and kill innocent people.


How Trump Brain Washed the Trumpets

Trumpets are the kind of people who live under constant fear of people who are different then they are. They are the same kind of people who need a gun like a safety blanket to protect themselves from there mythical boogie men.

Trump used them and brain washed them by feeding them fear and more hate . Giving there boogie man a name and a face even though it's all a pile of crap.  He gave them the mythical caravans of illegal aliens , the rapist coming to rape there women and bring boatloads of drugs to give to there kids. He gave them a wall which won't stop a thing as a nightlight to turn on so they won't fear the dark. He feeds there racism of others built on illogical stereotypes that in no way come close to any truth.

Is Trumps wall to keep immigrants out or make us prisoners and keep us in

I'm being real asking this question cause if Trump is reelected it maybe the right one to ask.
Would you like to live under Trumps leadership for four more years?

I don't think I would . It's bad enough now just think how bad it will be with 4 more years of crapping on America , changing it into a hate filled place where no one will be safe. That's the path we are on now , finding scapegoats to blame for whatever ills come our way. 

Like Trump we will become whiney little bitches who put blame on others

Oh Obama did it
Hillary Did It

The boogie man did it

Sounds like a 5 year old who missed his nappy

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Trump thinks taking care of sick immigrants is immoral I think taking sick people and dumping them in a place where they can't get help is immoral.

This picture will become the norm , taking sick people who came to America for life giving medical care being deported on a stretcher .That's what Trump see as a good thing. What kind of morals does it take to slow kill poor immigrants , Donald Trump's kind of morals. What next digging of the bodies of illegal immigrants so you can send them back. That would be the next logical step.
Why does Donald Trump's America become more like hell everyday?  Think about what hell or heaven stands for and you'll see hell reflected by America

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Trump heard the Rolling Stones song "Paint It Black" and thought he meant his stupid wall

Ok maybe not but could be. He wants the whole wall painted black so you can see it from miles away during the day but then will he want it lighted next so you will be able to se it at night. Oh wait he will paint it with glow in the dark paint so you can see it at night. More foolishness to distract from his tanking of the economy and the destruction of the environment. Like a bad Magician it won't work and only fool the people who are already fools.

The war on immigrants is nothing new and it's always been fueled on ingnorance.

We should be fighting a war on ignorance and foolish fears of others. But again we go back to old stupidity and need scapegoats to lay on a cross to be our whipping boys. Just like in the past which we can't seem to grow past we need people to blame for our own problems. We did to the Irish , the African Americans , the Chinese .and other ethnic groups . Now we are doing it to Latin Americans. This need to have boogie men is childish and something we don't seem to be able to grow out of.. Now with a child like man as president who governs not out of thought but feelings we go back to digging up old tired crap that should of been allowed to die a long time ago.

Taking money from disaster relief to pay for Trumps war on immigrants

There will be 200 million dollars less ready to use for disasters . That's 200 million that won't be there for hurricanes , tornados , earthquakes ,fires , or any other natural disasters that might come along. Then by doing nothing on global warming natural disaster could sky rocket and increase . Guess Trump was never a boy scout and learned the rule to be prepared

Monday, August 26, 2019

The record is skipping again and it's stuck on the phrase we are very close to a deal.

How many times have you heard from Trumps lips we are very close to a deal and well no deal yet. He said it months ago guess what no deal yet. I'll make a deal and bring coal back , well no deal yet , I will create a better health care plan , no deal or plan yet, Every promise broken , no deal yet no great big wall yet. Only thing he promises coming true is a growth of hate and violence

He couldn't make money honestly when he wasn't president , and he can make money as president by being his normal dishonest self

He was never a great business man he went bankrupt over and over, he created cons like his charities and Trump University . So when was he a great business man . He reality only in his mind and never. He's one of the biggest liars in history.

Plane loads of cash , Why does he have to sound like an moron ?

He sounded so childlike when he says stupid stuff like that. Plane load of crap come out of his mouth everyday. His weird exaggerations make him sound  like a 5 year old describing something. It was weally weally big and I know ewerything  Duh Duh Duh . I'm brain dead duh duh duh

What stupid stuff will Trump declare mext?

That the United States owns the moon because we are the only country that has planted a flag on it.  He's kind of pushing a war with Iran another unneeded war we had the problem solved and he kicked the hornets nest and we are all in danger again. He claims he has lots of Iranian friends that crap again he's bringing up his imaginary friends again. I really doubt he has many real friends but only butt kissers who follow him around waiting to get a taste of ass.

Just waiting for Trump to embarass us at the G-7 summit.You know he can't help himself

So far he skipped the meeting on the fires in Amazon , He say he wants to host the next G-7 in Miami and make money off it. But wait he's only warming up , Hopefully he won't be president long .Sounds like he threatened China , saying they have to kind of is a threat. That will more likely make them do the opposite to save face. This tariff is going to last out Trump and he will get booted out as President . All the Chinese have to do is wait till after the Presidential election

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Why would Greenland want to be a possession of the United States?

So they can be treated like other possessions 0f the United States Remember how shabby Puerto Rico was treated. You think the people of Greenland weren't watching and didn't notice. Trump is becoming more erratic daily and more crazy.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Trump is living in his own weird little world

He can say stuff like Jews should be ashamed for not voting Republican and not realize he's being racist. Clueless, mindless ,so many words for dumb Trump is everyone of them. Biggest lie he tells everyday is that he has a High IQ . Wouldn't surprise me if they found out he had the lowest IQ of any president in history. You can't have a high IQ and not read or try to learn.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Trump is out there selling hate and when haters buy in and commit violence he acts surprised , REALLY

Trump proves his ignorance everyday

He riles people up with hate speech and they go out and do what haters do commit violence and then he does a major dumb act like he isn't to blame.Who is this fooling except people who are fooling themselves by thinking Trump is a good person.Anyone who buys that is selling out there morals and there religious beliefs for a person who is rotten to the core Hope they like there room in hell after they die

Friday, April 26, 2019

Trump one of the most insecure presidents in history

Some people who don't put a lot of thought into it see Trump as a confident man I see the exact opposite. Confident people don't have to tear other people down or lie on daily basis to make them self look better. He is very insecure because in reality he knows he's inferior to people like John McCain and other people he makes fun of daily. He has to tear them down because he will never measure up to people who are in intelligent , honorable , and really have morals.

Donald is way down there at the bottom of the barrel looking up through the scum with envy at the truly beautiful people he can never be. A Frog prince no one would ever kiss

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

The Only Emotion Trump Seems capable of is hate.

Well he loves to hate if that's a separate emotion,

Is self love an emotion he does have that , but most of his emotions revolve around hate.

He loves other haters like Putin and other dictators put he seems to really hate people who are morally good, like John McCain because frankly he can never measure up to them ,because he is morally bankrupt.  He simple in his emotions and lets them rule him instead of using his brain to figure things out to me that means he's stupid. Anyone ruled by emotions instead of logical thought is a person who should never be a leader of anything. They are incapable of making the right choice in an emergency which in the end will only make things worse.  Like Trump does on a daily basis he make the wrong choice in most situation .

Monday, April 8, 2019

Trump can never feel your pain

It's beyond his ability to feel empathy for anyone except himself. He is incapable of feelings about anyone except his own welfare . His solutions for any problem is how will it benefit him the best . That is not what we need in a leader of any kind. The United States is not all about Trump or should it ever be. A president should be more interested in doing things that are best for America, Trump is failing at that as he placates his humongous ego on a daily basis.

Getting Harder on Immigration? What Next Lining People Against A Wall And Shooting Them?

Harder, really permanently destroying families or keeping kids in dog kennel like cages isn't enough. Firing teargas at women and children. Destroying peoples emergency water supplies. Letting children die because there to incompetent to know when a kids needs medical attention.

Trump doesn't think that's enough , so I ask again what next?

Torture . murder , do we become people like the Nazi's who put people in concentration camps. What twisted thoughts are running through Trump's fevered demented mind?

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Trumps World View is That of One Looking Down on The Rest of Us

When your looking down, your not getting  close to the true picture of how life really works. Your missing a lot of experiences that are what the real world is all about. Trump has no idea on how it is to live without people catering to his every whim.

Most of don't have assistants , maids , or others to do our work for us. We mere mortals do everything for ourselves without any help. We are expected to do that , we don't leech off others work and claim it as our own.

Trump on the other hand never during his entire live has lived without servants or people who treat him like a master. He's been coddled and protected from what most of us live through on a daily basis.

So I don't understand people who think Trump can relate in anyway to there problems. That Trump can know how to solve problems he never had any experience in.

Trump is clueless to the lives of the middle class and poor. Any ideas he has is based on hearsay and in many cases myths' that have no basis in reality. The idea that the poor can buy steaks and caviar and buy champagne are total bullshit. If they did that they would eat about once a month since most get less then $200.00 dollar a month in SNAP Benefits .

Hud assisted housing is not glamorous , in most they try to force you how to live by making arbitrary meaningless rules. No Smoking , No Drinking , No Pets , No this no that . You must give up your freedom to live there.

Some on Healthcare are forced to use special clinics where healthcare is either poor or inadequate. You won't get the latest treatment or the best treatment possible. You in many cases will get outdate treatment.

Trump wants to make cuts to programs that are all ready struggling to fulfill  the missions they are taxed with preforming. How is this supposed to make America Great Again unless the only people you want to make greater are the rich and wealthy.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

The fear of the border being closed is fueling the increase in border crossings

If you close it they will come.

Trump with his talk and his wall is fueling the increase of people willing to make the trip to the border as they believe it maybe there last chance and last hope. It's now or never for many immigrant who see there chance at a better life slipping away.

Trump is doing everything he can to make the problems at the border worse so he can use it as a campaign issue.  Cutting funding to countries where these immigrants come from will do what ?  Create even more immigrants feeling to this country.

Trump is about creating a problem , then act like he's trying to solve them in a bumbling stupid way that only makes things even worse.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Just found out HUD wants older people to not have the internet

In the apartment I'm being sent to because my mother died.,They will not provide free internet but only free TV. What century are we living in?

Can't be the 21st century where the internet is lots more important the old fashion TV.

Sorry to say I wasn't working but was working to make my 91 year old mother last few years on earth enjoyable as possible, never been one who thought storing old people in old folks homes away from their families so they were out of sight out of mind was a great thing.

Right now I'm poor in money but rich in having a soul and that's what really counts. I can hold my head high and knew I did the right thing.

Back to the internet thing , I know most government agencies don't have a clue about using the internet to it's fullest , if they did they wouldn't do such a crappy job running things. Living in public housing is at best of times like living in a prison. But even prisoners get free internet. Just Saying it's the way most people communicate now days. But the poor aren't thought of as people , We are nothing and lazy , use our food stamp to buy lobster and caviar , drink champagne , well that's what rich GOP Senators , Congressman and the President think. Those  thoughts are a million miles from the truth. We barely get enough at sometimes to survive.

So if I can't find a way to keep my internet , these few last posts will be my swan song. So I'll be seeing you on the dark side.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

With Trump as President We Get to Learn What Rich White Trash Looks Like

He and his family really are just Rich White Trash

They have very little morals, very little honor , and lie every minute of every day. They have almost no redeeming values. Greed is their god and they worship at it's alter daily, they will do any vile act to make sacrifices to this pagan deity.

By hook or by crook they live making fun of others way better then they will ever be so they can feel superior ,which no matter how much they try they can never do it's just not in their character to be something they know nothing about.

It's all a cracked mirror showing lies , Trump is a person built on myth with almost no grains of truth, a conman is living in the White House and everyone that votes can evict this squatter

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Trump brought thr Mueller investigation on himself

If Trump didn't act so weird to Russia after they tried to  rig our election making him president there wouldn't of been an investigation.

So many strange acts by Trump here are just a few

Saying Russia if your listening release Hilary Clintons Emails.

Going on and on about Wiki Links.

Trump tower meeting between his son and Russian agents ,and then making up lies about it.

Trying to build a Trump Tower in Russia almost right up to the day of the election and keeping it a secret then later lying about it after he became president

Not wanting to sanction Russia for interfering in our elections.

Firing James Comey then the next day saying it was because of this Russia Thing.

There still weird things happening every time Putin and Trump meets like not making records of there meetings.

So if they thought Trump needed to be investigated you should be able to see why.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Is Being a Tool to Russia in the Job Description of Trumpets?

I don't know why Patriotic Americans willingly  want to be tools of Russia and being Putin's bitch. If their so patriot to the constitution why are they tearing it up by trying to destroy freedom of speech,  They daily try to destroy News Organizations that won't bow down and kiss Donald Trumps ass, Most I believe have no clue what's in the constitution expect for the 2nd amendment. The rest of it is completely ignored by the followers in the cult of Trump.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Trump fears creativity

He hasn't come up with anything new or used creativity of any kind. His ideas are old retreads he has stolen from others that were found out not to work years ago.

Those who forget history are bound to make mistakes over and over again. Trump does that over and over and he doesn't want you to notice he has no new ideas; He wants to limit your education and your creativity so of course his budget tries to limit art and creativity of all kinds. He doesn't like people who are smarter then him or better then him in anyway.  People with courage frighten Donald Trump , Look how he puts down John McCain because frankly Trump is a coward with a big mouth, People who are smarter then Trump is another thing he fears. So expect him to start his immature name calling when smarter people challenge him. He's in reality is weak , small, and petty

Monday, March 11, 2019

Trumps Budget Proposal IN Four Words: SCREW THE POOR AGAIN

Dam pretty tired of the rich & wealthy getting a free ride on the backs of the poor and minorities .

But what do you expect from politicians who never did manual labor , or ever missed a meal? They never had to struggle to get by on the piddley amount they dole out in care. The amount of Food Stamp or as there called now SNAP benefits is every month becoming less and less. The free clinics for medical care are substandard and 3rd world like in some places. You already have to work to have a home in a place that makes you feel like your in prison because of HUD.

Now Trump wants to again on the back of the poor to get his sick twisted agenda paid for. His wall and giving the military money there not even asking for so he can act like a big dictator like General.

The deficit goes higher and higher as he mortgages the young Americans future and saddles them with Trillions upon Trillions more debt.

The future under Trump looks like a waste land as caring about the world we live in is becoming more about getting rich people more money then saving the planet. He will cut education , cut help to the poor and middle class , and cut environmental protection which in the end will hurt the poor more then the wealthy. Poor can't move as easily as the wealthy when there home gets covered in crap, when their air get so think it's unbreathable or the water undrinkable without poisoning someone.

Trump legacy will be a rotten smell that lingers in the air long after he dies.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

A Major Number of American Believe Trump Commited Crimes and is a Liar.

For only the second time in history the majority of American's believe a president is a crook.

Let that sink in  First was Richard Nixon

Now we have Donald Trump who lies on a daily basis and even before he was president he thought he was above the law and did whatever he wanted. Now that he is president. that he is above the law become a danger to us all. He thinks he a dictator and answers to no one. His word is law and is the only one that counts.

Anyone who challenges that is called an enemy of America ,or a traitor. Anyone who says that Trump lies is called fake news or called names like something a 2 year old would do. Trump does not act like a grown up or a mature adult at most times. He instead acts like what he is a spoiled , pampered , person who never had to live in the real world.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

GOP Decides to Shoot The Messenger Because They Don't Like the Message

They can't handle the truth that Trump is the Swamp , he is the scum you find at the bottom of the barrel. They will sling arrows into the heart of anyone who speaks truth to the power of Trump.

We all by now by know Trump lies on daily basis . Anyone who doesn't see that is lying to themselves.

Calling Cohen a liar while they are either willfully blind to Trump tons of lies , or just plain stupid is so pathetically funny in a sad sick twisted way. Really how can they keep a straight face while calling anyone else a liar when they lie for Trump everyday.

Every Time Sarah Sanders talks to the press she lies.

Every time Trump opens his mouth it leaves the taste of lies in his mouth.

The GOP as a whole has caught the bug that causes grown man mostly to like a 2 year old lie because their afraid of getting spanked.

Fromthe beginning the GOP tried to do everything it could to keep Cohen from telling the truth about what kind of scumbag Trump is.

Many of Trumps lies get dragged kicking and screaming out of his family skeleton closet. Cohen is the tour guide to this sick twisted man's history who by hook or by crook became president of the United States. The wool got pulled over the eyes of the Republican Party now they cover their own asses with lies upon lies mountains deep.

Truth has become a foreign idea in the Trump presidency. Truth has died in the hands of the GOP as they try to twist and kill it with every breath.

Now they ask can you believe Cohen?

The real questionis how can anyone believe Donald Trump a daily proven liar.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Sadly standards in the era of Trump are at an all time low

How low can you go?

Right now your bellies touching the ground with no daylight showing. You can't get any lower then what Trump is dragging this country down into his swamp .We are now the joke of most of the world , no one claps anymore when they hear Trump's name only the bottom of the barrel scum that are at his rallies.

Those mental challenged that are easily fooled with fake facts and bald faced lies lead like sheep to slaughter. The education system that has been raped by the  GOP with slashed budgets and lower and lower standards that keep the American People far stupider then the rest of the world. They want you to be a blind stupid sheep so they can pull fast ones not behind your back but right in front of your face.  Look around you those people laughing are laughing at you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The Wall of Wasted Dreams

This is what Trumps wall will not represent.

Dreams of others finding a better living for there families , Dreams of better kinder , gentler America. Dreams of country living under a Christian sky ,but instead a land more filled with dark clouds and people with hate. Dreams of clean air , with clean water to drink but instead in reality will be a dumping ground ravaged by violent storms created by the ever increase heat.

Trump's wall will represent an end of all America once stood for.

Just as Predicated Trump's State of The Union Another Campaign Speech Filled With Lies

Piles of lies upon lies almost no truth or reality , that's what Trump's state of the union consisted of. Greatest economy ever well if your already wealthy that is , if your poor you'll get even more poor. Large amount of illegal immigrants even though it's almost at the lowest amount in history. He single handled stopped a war with North Korea and ended there threat of using nuke's. Well that's just another lie. He making it sound like he will do it himself he will end HIV in 10 years time. If that does happen it will have nothin to do with anything Trump has done.

All Bullshit from one of the biggest creators of bullshit in history

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Why Watching Trump's State of The Union Speech Will Be A Big Waste of Time

He will blubber about coming together and working together on helping American's and tomorrow will go back to twitter and start dividing the country.

It's just theater ,it won't have anything to do with reality like most of the things he says, Just more puffery and bullshit meant to appeal to people who are clueless about how the world works. More lies about building a wall that doesn't need to be built , more lies about boogie men meant to frighten those who live in a state of paranoia.

Do you want to waste your time on this nonsense?

Go spent quality time with your family , go do something , anything else ,and your time will be better spent.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Another Stone Over Turned and a Coach Roach Named Roger Crawled Out

Why does everyone associated with Trump turn out to be a crook?

You can't tell me someone who surrounds himself with crooks isn't a crook himself . Trump must be a crook , or he's very, very stupid.

Roger Stone the latest coach roach to crawl out from under the shadow of Donald Trump . Just another in a long line of bugs and critters who worked for Donald Trump. Will there be more, I'm sure plenty more will be crawling out of Trump lower orifices.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Once Known as America's Mayor Working For Trump Has Turned Him Into a Fool

Once he was thought of as a good person when he was mayor of New York during the disaster of 9-11, he now looks like a clown and a fool as he spouts total gibberish as he tries to defend Trump from Robert Mueller. You can't believe he was once a top prosecutor in New York as he gives interviews that make him sound deranged or totally out of it. Does he suffer from loss of memory ? Is he getting senile ?  What excuse is there for him to say the meaningless crap he says? 

Who knows why he sells his dignity and name for cheap bobbles Trump throws his way ?


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Trump thinking 5 billon dollars is a pittance proves he is out of touch with most Americans

It pisses me off how Trump wastes money while other Americans live paycheck to paycheck and in some cases go without.<br><br>
It pisses me off when there are homeless people including Veterans broken by wars created mostly by Republicans left to starve and aren't given the mental health care they need and deserve while Trump wastes money on a stupid campaign promise that is totally foolish.<br><br>
This foolish wall is a joke that will do nothing to slow drugs coming into this country. It will do nothing to stop terrorists if they want it there are more ways to get here. It won't stop gangs , the only thing it will do is waste money and keep people who are suffering from violence from getting relief. If we had that same kind of crap right after  any of our countries wars we would of not had many people from Europe or Asia in our country right now. When violence happens we have always taken people in to save them. Until Trump came along , We have lost our morals and the will to do the right thing, and that's a sad commentary on where the United States is and how degraded we have become