Sunday, December 30, 2018

Trump Greatest Hits " Lies "

Trump lies a lot a very lot , So no way I can I list them all here

  1. Mexico will pay for the wall
  2. He will bring coal jobs back
  3. The wall is necessary to stop illegal immigration
  4. There was no collusion
  5. He did not obstruct justice
  6. He is a great deal maker
  7. The government shutdown wasn't his fault
  8. He has a high IO
  9. His father only gave him a million dollars to start his business life
That are just a few off the top of my head , there are thousands more because he is a person whose whole life is a fiction based on daily lies. It's sad that so many people bought these lies

Friday, December 21, 2018

Trump McScrooge decide government worker don't need a Christmas

Not getting paid right before Christmas<br><br>
Who would do something like that?<br><br>
If You guessed Donald Trump ,you would be correct.<br><br>
Stupid shutting down the government for a stupid wall most Americans think is stupid. But that's what Donald Trump wants to do. The rest of the GOP is hostage to there lunatic leader, Hopefully this will wake them up and they will see the light. Trump may be signing his own bill of impeachment. As even the Republicans in congress sour on him. With the new democratic house , only the Republicans in the Senate need a change of heart, Trumps recent erratic behavior may force that change.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Aren't you sick of Trump putting his ego ahead of what's best for America?

It's all about Trump not about what's best for a majority of America and the world. Trump has to small a view of the world to see the big picture and that in the end is going to cost American peoples lives and a future. Running a country is about making money , it's not about getting a profit and that why Trump is the biggest failure as a president in the history of this country.  He doesn't get that being a leader means helping the American people have the American dream. Not the wealthy Americans but the ones in the middle class, It not to long from now the shit is going to hit the fan , Trump lying hype without many real results is going to catch up with reality. Then the economy is going down fast and painfully.

Did You Think When You Voted For Trump You'd Be Voting In Crazies Like Ann Colter , Rush Limbaugh.and those goof balls on FOX NEWS?

That's basically who those who voted for Trump voted for because Trump gets his policy ideas from the goofballs on Fox News , Ann Colter , and Rush Limbaugh. These extreme Right Wing Nut Jobs are the true leaders of the country with Trump as their figure head poster boy.<br><br>
Trump proves this by doing a very stupid thing , causing a government shutdown over his stupid wall that a majority of America hates. But the talking heads of the GOP started screaming in his ear with their deluded ideas and convinced this weak man who we got as president into killing the Republican Party and driving in the nails into the coffin to finish it.

Monday, December 17, 2018

I'm a real person ,don't work for any foreign government , I give my opinion as I see it

In this day and age you don't really know whose posting on Facebook , twitter , or some random blog.It's a sad fact but it's true<br><br> I am an American that lives in the state of Michigan , just putting that out there. But here's the thing I want you to do , just don't take my word for it. Check me out I'm in any search engine , you can find out all about me. I've created lots of websites, been active on social networks , I got a trail a mile long. But before you believe anything anywhere you need to look up the source . I'm all for that ,most people who spread manure on the net , hide behind phony names , phony aliases . Check out who owns a dot com by using an online domain name search. There are lots of ways to find out things.

Friday, December 7, 2018

They always say your lies will catch up to you and Trump got a life times full coming home to roost.

I would never lie that much in a hundred life times <br><br>
It's got to be super bad karma and when it comes around it won't be pretty. All those lies coming out and proved false will be like a thousand little knife cuts. A mountain built on a weak foundation of untruth will always crumble and fall. Humpty Trumpty is in for a big fall and a million trumpets won't be able to put him together again.

Trump Christmas Won't Be Jolly

Santa Trumps elves are turning on him one right after another , Cohen , Flynn , soon Roger Stone. Who next will give him a lump of coal that matches his black heart? His sleigh is slowly losing altitude and will fall from the sky soon. All his candy cane dream will turn to sugar plume nightmares. He will be the first orange Grinch.