Sunday, November 4, 2018

The World and America doesn't doesn't got a good history with interment camps.

Andersonville during the Civil War , Interment camps during World War 2 , Concentration  camps during World War 2., plus many more  examples that in the end turned out as a dark spot on history.

Interment Camps
                                                             Concentration Camps

Trump wants to create new interment camps for illegal migrants entering America

This isn't going to be a high point in this countries history ,It's going to be remembered as a big tragic mistake , Just like every time it was done before in the past. The care won't be good enough and people will die like they did every time it was done before. People died in Andersonville , People died in the Japanese Interment Camps , and People were murdered in Concentration Camp.

Those deaths won't be on my head they will be on every ones head who thought Trump was a good leader or let him get away with his crazy ideas.

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