Wednesday, November 14, 2018

After midterms Trump heart isn't in being president he finally found out it's a job and not a game.

The shine has worn off ,and Trump's finding out being a president isn't all sun and roses

He's lost his heart for being president and sees the writing on the wall , he's heading into a storm being brought by a Democratic House and a lot of things he thought that have been dead and buried will be dug up and brought into the light of day. All his shady business deals with countries like Saudi Arabia , Russia , and others will finally be looked into. His taxes which he once said he would gladly show America then for some strange reason changed his mind is coming out soon. What will it show ,that he's not as rich as he claims , or that he doesn't pay his fair share and is a leech on this country.

Trump is going to hide in his little lair lick his wounds for awhile , then come out like a beast on it's last leg and blindly lash out in his final death throws

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