Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Trump say Global Warming isn't real to a persons whose house was and life was destroyed by a hurricane , tornado or fire

Trump doesn't even read reports about global warming or climate change. Just because you hide your head in the sand , cover your ears so you can't hear the truth, doesn't mean it's not effecting peoples lives in very negative ways<br><br> You can't hide from destructive weather like hurricanes ,tornados ,or flooding rains. You can't prevent fires caused by droughts, You can't stop loss of water in some areas turning into rains and floods somewhere else. Land slides , mudslide , sinkholes ,and other things are all caused by the weather. 'If nothing is done at some point it will be to late then nothing can stop it and we all will be in a world of hurt . Food supplies will be decimated , air will become more toxic , water supplies less clean or in some places non existent . Life will become a struggle and government , civilization as we know it will end.

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