Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Trump fake facade is crumbling he not as rich , not as smart , and did not make it on his own.

He was pretty much bankrolled by his father , having gotten almost 1/2 a billion . If you check him out he maybe has close to  a billion now. He would of made more or just about what he has now just in interest.<br><br> The myth that he is such a great business man is just that a myth and has no basis in reality in fact he's mediocre and that's being nice. He hooked and crooked his way through life by shorting on his taxes , failing to pay contractors and just being a con.<br> As for being smart just by listening to him talk you know that's crap , he got his whole stick by stealing the ideas he says are his from a past Republican Candidate who ran in the past. The ideas sucked then and they suck now. Crappy ideas from the late 1980's and 90's from Pat Buchanan .<br><br> History repeating itself seems new to people who are ignorant but that's this countries education system in a nutshell

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