Sunday, October 7, 2018

False values on the rise as true values suffer

All these so called religious leaders letting things slide as they pertain to Trump and the GOP. <br><br> While Trump bares false witness against another person or covets another man wife those so called religious phonies stand silent. They stand silent as the bread is taken away from the poor. They stand silent as someone made homeless by a Trump policy dies alone in a cardboard box in a cold alley. They stand silent as children are ripped from the arms of their mothers.<br><br> We who speak up are called angry mobs and dismissed as criminals . They think in someway they are superior then us who fight the dying of the light and what is good, They wrap them selves in patriotism and old glory but it is a false fa├žade they don't have one patriotic bone in their entire body.<br><br> We won't forget , we won't be still , we won't be silent , we will continue till our last breath. You have woken a sleeping giant the time for slumber is over , WE ARE READY

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