Monday, October 29, 2018

The lame arm guard excuse again where will the end?

Do you want armed guards in every public place or event?<br><br<
Schools , school buses , malls , churches , parks , beaches ,movie theaters ,sports events , parades ,music concerts ,anywhere people gather in numbers. <br><br> Is that where the GOP and the NRA what to take us, if it is I don't want to go there. Seeing all these guards everywhere won't make me feel more safe because won't gun nuts figure out that they can dress like a guard blend in and when the time is right go postal and start killing people. How do we know the guards are really guards? We don't .Many people will just stay home more , which will kill the economy

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Trump will never man up , because he's still mentally a little boy

He's blaming democrats and the news for stirring up violence by hate speech

Come on if you buy that your either blind ,dumb, or stupid

Just this week in one rally Trump said he thought it was good that member of congress body slammed a reporter. He has said Mexican immigrants are rapists , gangbangers ,and lazy. He's called women various bad things like horse faces , dogs , and whatever. He continues to say news organizations are evil because frankly truth is something evil to Trump. His policies continue to denigrate more and more Americans. His latest is an attack on transgender people. Whose next ? On Trump kick in the nuts list. Who Next? Is Trump going to make fun of or call names. Whose Trump next scapegoat to blame his failures as a human being on.

Winding up the crazies with hate speech by Trump was preditably leading to what happened today

So far 4 bomb sent by the mail and who knows how many more

All this calling News agencies enemy of the people , all this crap about making immigrants boogiemen, and all this name calling by Trump . Anyone with a brain knew where this was heading. With the almost pathetically inadequate mental health care system , and the cutting of funds to mental health you get a lot of crazy people living in your neighborhood.

Someone who took Trumps hate speeches to heart and knew how to makes some bombs is out there now. We are living in a dangerous hate filled country that like a bomb on a hair trigger can go off at anytime. Be safe and aware

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Are you with stupid ?


He's says things that make him look stupid on a daily basis

Like I'm a natural scientist because my uncle was a scientist . You don't inherit scientific knowledge that's not how it works, you have to actually get off your fat ass and study science and learn something. Trump is to lazy to do that.

He's to lazy to study the science behind global warming so of course he will poop poop on it and act like it's a myth.

Trump a very lay person who is afraid of truth , he fears the things he doesn't understand , so instead of trying to learn to fight those fears , he hides his head in the sand , covers his ears , puts a blindfold on , and play his normal self being dumb

Monday, October 15, 2018

Remember When They Said The Tax Cuts Would Pay for themselves ,Now They Say Just Kidding

A trillion dollars a year is being added to the national debt<br>
It's not because the government is really spending more , it's because there not taking enough in,They knew they couldn't keep those tax promises , and now they want to take an axe to the real programs that keep America safe. That's not the military , it's the programs that help Americans treat every American with some kind of dignity and respect. If this country fails it won't be terrorists taking us down , it won't be foreign invaders destroying us , Nope it will come as a cancer from within. We will in mass,in large numbers lose faith that the system of government we have works. Then the death spiral of the United States begins.   Trump is the beginning of the end

Who is the average Trump Voter?

Some one who is ignorant and proud of it , they seem to revel in the fact they aren't educated. <br><br> They do not do research or take the time to learn about the world around them. They have no curiosity and live in their own little world where truth is a foreign thing .<br><br> Sadly they sprout up in so called red states where limited amounts of money are spent on educational programs, The GOP does this on purpose to keep a voter base that will vote for them because only stupid ignorant people will fall for their lies. These people vote not out of helping themselves but out of a cult type loyalty that has been put in their head by years of brainwashing and mind control.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Trump say Global Warming isn't real to a persons whose house was and life was destroyed by a hurricane , tornado or fire

Trump doesn't even read reports about global warming or climate change. Just because you hide your head in the sand , cover your ears so you can't hear the truth, doesn't mean it's not effecting peoples lives in very negative ways<br><br> You can't hide from destructive weather like hurricanes ,tornados ,or flooding rains. You can't prevent fires caused by droughts, You can't stop loss of water in some areas turning into rains and floods somewhere else. Land slides , mudslide , sinkholes ,and other things are all caused by the weather. 'If nothing is done at some point it will be to late then nothing can stop it and we all will be in a world of hurt . Food supplies will be decimated , air will become more toxic , water supplies less clean or in some places non existent . Life will become a struggle and government , civilization as we know it will end.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

False values on the rise as true values suffer

All these so called religious leaders letting things slide as they pertain to Trump and the GOP. <br><br> While Trump bares false witness against another person or covets another man wife those so called religious phonies stand silent. They stand silent as the bread is taken away from the poor. They stand silent as someone made homeless by a Trump policy dies alone in a cardboard box in a cold alley. They stand silent as children are ripped from the arms of their mothers.<br><br> We who speak up are called angry mobs and dismissed as criminals . They think in someway they are superior then us who fight the dying of the light and what is good, They wrap them selves in patriotism and old glory but it is a false fa├žade they don't have one patriotic bone in their entire body.<br><br> We won't forget , we won't be still , we won't be silent , we will continue till our last breath. You have woken a sleeping giant the time for slumber is over , WE ARE READY

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It's almost a game of wack-a-mole as them move children from one camp to another

How many immigrant children still in the system ? <br><br> Who knows as they move them around like their playing a game of hide and seek ? A few 100 or are there still 1000's . In a system with poor record keeping , that lose children it's almost impossible to keep a list with accurate numbers. <br><br> A pitifully run idea of separating  families at the border with no way to keep track has destroyed families and may of created children time bombs that will someday explode , doing great damage.

Trump fake facade is crumbling he not as rich , not as smart , and did not make it on his own.

He was pretty much bankrolled by his father , having gotten almost 1/2 a billion . If you check him out he maybe has close to  a billion now. He would of made more or just about what he has now just in interest.<br><br> The myth that he is such a great business man is just that a myth and has no basis in reality in fact he's mediocre and that's being nice. He hooked and crooked his way through life by shorting on his taxes , failing to pay contractors and just being a con.<br> As for being smart just by listening to him talk you know that's crap , he got his whole stick by stealing the ideas he says are his from a past Republican Candidate who ran in the past. The ideas sucked then and they suck now. Crappy ideas from the late 1980's and 90's from Pat Buchanan .<br><br> History repeating itself seems new to people who are ignorant but that's this countries education system in a nutshell