Friday, September 28, 2018

Want to do something about sexual assaults in this country request the back log in rape kits be addressed

It could number in the 10's of thousands rape test kits sitting in a warehouse degrading and becoming unusable or never being tested before the statue of limitation on the rape running out. <br><br>
You want women to go through the invasive test of having their vaginas swabbed to collect sperm cells from their rapists then do nothing with those tests. That is sick and tragic.<br><br> No wonder most rapes go unreported why bother when things like this happen, <br><br>

Never heard one Republican address this problem or come up with funding to help solve the back log

Kavanaugh lies and more lies

  1. He said 4 people said it never happen -lie they said they didn't remember it
  2. Said he never was drunk so much that he forgot-lie others say he was frequently drunk to forgetting
  3. Said he didn't know what personal limits of drinking meant.  Really that doesn't make sense that he doesn't know when he is drinking to much.
  4. He acted like the things in his yearbook meant things that really meant something else , Devil's Triangle , Boof , 100 Keg Club , and other disgusting things ,
He lied to cover his ass ,it's obviously true he's a chip off the Trump block

Thursday, September 27, 2018

How many seeming reasonable named orgamizations are just fronts for the Koch Brothers political machine.

I find new ones everyday that by there name could be anything but with a little research you most every time find that they are funded or associated with the Koch Brothers.<br><br>

Americans for Prosperity<br><br>
Veterans for Change <br><br>
Independent Women's Forum <br><br>

These groups or organizations have a hidden agenda to push Koch Brothers ideas and agendas that are not in the best interests of most Americans. It's easy to figure that out using Google you can find out who funds them many it will be in black and white   KOCH BROTHERS ,<br><br>
There may be many more that I haven't discovered , keep your eyes open

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Look Behind The curtain of Almost Any Anti-Democrat ad on TV and you'll Find Organization That Are Fronts For The Koch Brothers

Americans For Prosperity    created by the Koch Brothers<br><br>
Concerned Veterans of America   Koch Brothers behind this one to<br><br>
I'm sure there are other Koch Brother fronts behind phony patriotic sounding organizations,  Be wise look them up before you believe any of this crap. It's mostly a small grain of truth behind a shit load of lies. The Koch agenda isn't something to benefit most Americans it's to benefit the one percenters, Don't sell your own future for a few shiny lies.