Tuesday, August 28, 2018

One Of These Things Are Not Like The Other One Of These Things Just Doesn't Belong Right Donald

We all know who doesn't belong in a picture of a hero , Trump hasn't done one heroic thing in his whole life . He snipes hidden in the weeds from twitter , he hasn't got the guts to go face to face with anyone. He takes the cowards way out in every situation..  

Now John McCain was a true hero, he risked everything for his country , he was never afraid to do the right thing . He lived an honest life without lying to anyone . He did what he did not to make himself look good he did what he did to make America better.

Friday, August 24, 2018

When you surround yourself with ass kisser and boot lickers loyalty only goes to far

In the end they'll all turn on Trump like Brutus turned on Cesar .

He's has surrounded himself with fair weather friends and has no truly deep friendships. He has no friends that will tell him the truths he needs to hear. Only boot lickers like Sara Sanders , General Kelly , Kelly Ann Conway , Sean Hannity , and others of their ilk that when things turn bad will quickly drop him like a bad case of clap that they don't want.

Trump Putting a Stop to Talks with North Korea? Creating a War to Cover for his Legal Troubles?

Would Trump create a wag the dog like war to save his presidency?

I wouldn't doubt it , he could care less if Americans lose their lives covering his ass. His ship is sinking and his grasp of reality is slowly loosening. The pressure may make him lass out in one last ditch effort to save his name and legacy. Because right now it looks like the Trump family name stands for liar , cheat , crook , and in the end biggest loser in history. Sad this country bought the hype and ended up making us all look stupid

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dud Heard Around The World The White Nationalist Rally in Washington D.C

This little Donny Jr. is what a real nothing burger looks like.

A pathetic showing by the Neo Nazis , KKK losers who realized they are out numbered , out classed. It's time for the roaches to crawl back into their dark corners and back under their rocks. To die out and fade from history and just go away.