Monday, July 30, 2018

Under Trump The Economy Is Actually Worse Then It Was Under Obama

Under Obama the average monthly job growth was higher . Under Obama more people were getting raises in wages . Check the math use your brain , That's the facts Jack

Trumps numbers just aren't as good ,so those tax cuts for the rich aren't trickling down and making many companies pay their employees better. Not Happening. Now add in those pesky tariffs and job growth will start to decline . Any benefits from tax cuts will fade into nothing for the middle class as the cost of living rises. You're being sold a bill of goods that is based on lies from Donald Trump and this house of cards will come tumbling down around your head.

Your families future is at stake , you need to wake up and do your own thinking. Going through life on cruse control is going to ram you into a mountain of a mess.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Trumps Deflecting From The Russia Probe puts American Lives In Danger.

His latest tweets and rants at Iran isn't making us safer it instead is putting a target on every American by every crazy terrorist with a axe to grind. He uses his tweets to keep his follows occupied with trivial bullshit so they won't see what's really going on. None of them are big thinkers and any shiny object even if it's total carp draws their attention from reality. But these Trump rant offs are dangerous to us , because to many crazies with a grudge might take them for truth and act on them. He's loading up a gun barrel of crazy without giving it a target so when it goes off anyone can be hit. I hope no one in your family becomes cannon fodder from Trump

Monday, July 16, 2018

Marvelous and wonderful in Trump's dictionary means he made a fool of himself and almost lost all our allies

Can anyone be so full of himself and be so clueless then Donald Trump? Did he think those people who hate him were cheering for him when they were protesting. He's losing the support of a large percentage of the worlds population and if we need them do you think they'll put there lives on the line for Trump? Probably not. I wouldn't and I won't. As long as that fools president I won't support Trump at all in any way. He make think everything roses and wonderful but people who use their brains to think now different.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Zero Tolerance Policies And Laws Are The Government Just Being Lazy

Some of us as children went to school and lived under stupid zero tolerance rules that suspended kids for bring squirt guns or small one inch G.I.Joe guns from school. Another one was a little boy kissing a little girl on the cheek and being suspended and it being almost treated like he committed sexual assault. Common sense is put on hold. Every minor crime treated like it was 10 times worse then it is. Putting people in jail for life for three strike that were minor crimes is stupid but that happens.

This Zero tolerance border law is just as stupid , putting people in interment camps for what is a very minor crime is stupid. With the technology we have now days we should be able to keep track of a person without confinement . Ankle bracelets have come a long way and work great. When are we under Trump going to stop living in the past century , really are we ever going to grow up and stop living in the past.