Wednesday, June 20, 2018

We The People Used Our Power And Forced Trump To Do The Right Thing.

I'm not giving Trump any Brownie Points for signing an Executive Order stopping a problem that he created and never should of ever happen in the first place.

That doesn't impress me at all , I would rather have a president with enough brains not to cause problems in the first place.

But we don't have that but likely in the midterms we can vote in enough Democrats to curb this renegade idiot. Then they can evict him from the peoples house. If not hopefully we can last another 2 years till we vote him out.

But till or if that happens we the people will exercise are rights by speaking out and forcing the issues till the right thing happens.

Never forget that the government works for us , we pay there salaries , and if we ever get the balls to say no more we can decide to not pay them.

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