Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump Could Sign an Executive Order Tomorrow to Stop Children From Getting Seperated From There Parents

Lies while children suffer is SICK

When Trump if he every gets to the pearly gates tries selling this one he will get a one way elevator ride to hell. It's on Trump , and on Sessions they can't wash their hands on this one. Every bad thing that sprouts and causes damage from this evil seed in the future got fertilized by Trump.

I'm not going to let people forget , sorry folks if you let this crap happen I'm going to keep smashing it into your face. No one getting a free ride on this. An act of terrorism in the future happens at the hands of one of these children , I will bring this up and remind you that it's on you. One of these children die of violence , I will remind you it's on you.I'll be your conscience that some how you missed having , I'll be whispering in your ear every bad thing that happens because of this , reminding you ,you are to blame.

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