Wednesday, May 9, 2018

So Many Promises From Trump So Many Failures.

He said he could make health care better , Failed on that one.

Pulled out of Paris Accords , Now he wants to rejoin it. FAILURE

Failed on getting Roy Moore elected

Dropped out of the Pacific Trade deal . So far China has stepped in making them stronger , America Fails

Couldn't get his shit together over Puerto Rico . BIG FAILURE

Passes Tax Give Away for the wealthy , Failed to help the middle class

DACA said it would be better/ FAILED

So many ticking bombs ripe for future failures

Iran Nuclear Deal canceled by Trump , Could really go bad with Iran getting a nuclear bomb or America in another long war with no win in the end.

North Korea , with pulling out of Iran Deal how can North Korea Trust the United States in any deal. Can They , will they

NAFTA will he pull out of that, expect prices to sky rocket in the United States . Wealthy won't feel it. Middle class and poor get the pain. Any tax cut will quickly disappear.

The wall one of his stupidest White Elephants , Billion taken out of social programs that help the middle class and poor to pay for this huge waste of money.

He drained the swamp then flooded the whole United States with it, We will all be treading water up to are necks in the stench. TRUMP STINKS

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