Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sick and Twisted Way to Run a Country Creating Problems So You Can Act Like You Fix Them Later

Trump created the DACA problem so he could come in riding a white horse to save the day and save the DACA kids. He's trying to create a problem with health care when a small simple fix could make it work for everyone. Dam I'm not even sure that he didn't create the whole North Korea thing so he could look good stopping the madness. Trump does know Dennis Rodman , Rodman did go visit the leader of North Korea then the words of war did seem to ramp up between North Korea and Trump. Was it all theater ? A play on the world. Trump in the past has done publicity stunts to sell his brand. Was this all just another stunt to get a Nobel Prize. I wouldn't put anything past Trump , he has no morals to create a boundary to his action. No filter like loyalty to America or anything else will stop Donald from doing what's best for Donald.

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