Friday, April 27, 2018

It's Not Immigrants Stealing Your Job It's Mr. Roboto

Blaming Illegal or legal immigrants for the lose of your job is ignorant and not seeing the real picture. Automation , robotics , and in the future artificial intelligence with replace most if not all humans in the work place. It's a trend that in the end will make human workers obsolete. How many human workers have already been replaced by machines? What plans are in the work to replace even more? Automated cars will replace my guess Millions of Taxi Drivers. Internet stores are already causing many of the major store chains of the past to close up shop. People have become more and more lazy , Robotic Vacuums , Robotic this, automatic that, and other things supposedly created to make life more easier. Is that why there are more fat people now days? '

Possible Future , robots building robots , Manufacturing plants will no people in them , buzzing away 24/7 making this or that under the control of AI computers. Just cause you have the ability to automate everything it doesn't mean you should. In the end Humans will be the thing of the past. We will be stuck in a chair to fat to move with robots to cater to our every need. They will feed us , dress us , and make be wipe are ass after we go to the bathroom.

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