Monday, April 2, 2018

Dictator Trump's Tokyo Rose is Fox News

During World War 2 Japan had a propaganda Woman named Tokyo Rose who would spew lies across the air waves on a daily basis. Trump's got a whole army of liars all on one so called news station called Fox News. It isn't just the National brand of Fox spewing lies it's all those little local versions of Fox News also spewing half truths and lies.

Sad how a News organization in the United States acts like a puppet of a dictator. News should be free from political influence , they shouldn't be parroting the lies of one political party or the other. They should to the best of there ability being reporting the truth based on verified facts.

Trump is like the devil who is the father of lies , he lives by his lies ,he run this country based on his lies. Those sick lies determine how people will live there life.

Creating policies based on lies can hurt a large part of this countries people. We in the end will all in some way become a victim of Trumps lies, We may be thinking how can they effect us but by the time we get the answer it will be to late, WAKE UP

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