Saturday, March 24, 2018

Why isn't Bullying being discussed as a factor in many acts of gun violence?

Is it because that might offend the big bully in Washington Donald Trump?

In many cases it's the person bullies have been picking on who become the kid with a gun shooting up a school. Why do we let it get to that point? Why don't we put bullies in there place? I like being real I don't have a problem bringing up things that make people unconvertible. This mental illness stuff is only going so far what about the bullies that took another kid and pushed them into a place where they will commit acts of violence as a cry for help. Gun violence is a symptom of a greater disease the disease of bullying. Until we learn to deal with bullying we need to make sure certain people are not allowed assault rifles. I am for limiting guns of mass destruction. I am for coming up with a zero tolerance for bullying in our schools, I am for better mental health care in this country. All these things working together is what we need,

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