Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tariff's never worked before why does Trump think they will now?

We always end up on the losing side in a trade war

That's a fact if you look at history,and this time it's almost a certainty , China doesn't need us as much as we need them. They can trade with the rest of the world with no problem. They own our national debt they loan us money to keep America going they could decide no more . That would tank the whole United States economy. If we really want a infrastructure program it can't be done without Chinese metals. There are not enough steel makers in America ,sorry but that's a fact. The cost of the projects would increase to much and many would most likely not happen,

Other products would be effected in a trade war. Farmers would lose if there products get tariffs added to them. Plus every other manufacturer would lose money , That would increase the costs of everything in the United States , those tariffs get passed on to the consumers that's you and me.

In the end many people will lose there jobs

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