Saturday, March 17, 2018

How Stupid Do You Think We Are ? We All Know McCabe Was Fired Over This Russier Thing

Session just made himself complicit in the whole obstruction of justice thing by doing Trumps bidding and firing McCabe.

Why did Trump have McCabe fired ? My theory he did it to make others who know things about Trump and Russia from coming forward and talking. He's being a bully like he always does to make others fear him and the consequences. Trump if you look will notice he's a open book he's childish, Petty ,vindictive , morally bankrupt, totally incompetent. He's the worst of America putting on display as our leader ,making us all look like fools. Firing McCabe right before he could get his pension is so revolting and disgusting it will only hurt the GOP cause in 2018 and Trump reelect in 2020.

Trump is a drama queen whose dragging down everyone with his drama

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