Tuesday, March 20, 2018

FBI Framing Donald Trump More BullCrap From The White House

Lie then lie some more then add another layer of lies.

That's the world of Trump a card house built of lies that with the slightest wind could easily come tumbling done. Why would the FBI which many people who happen to be Republican work want to frame a Republican president? Doesn't make any sense. They claim so many things with zero evidence. But on collusion there seems to be a lot of meeting between Trumpers and Russians and them trying to cover those meetings up. Why ? If nothing happened why is Trump fighting tooth and nail to stop the investigation. Wouldn't an innocent person just let the investigation go and not worry about it? Why is Trump acting like someone caught in a lie? Why would he even be talking about collusion everyday keeping the idea open like a weeping wound? Trump smart I don't believe that like I don't believe anything he says.

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