Thursday, March 29, 2018

Emma Gonzalez a modern day Joan of Arc

I'm sure Joan of Arc was hated by some who didn't agree with her actions,some wished her death.

Sorry today some people wish the same for Emma Gonzalez , some will hate her for standing for what is right. Some will wish her harm. But I don't think that will stop her , that's what make heroes they will fight no matter the risks to themselves. They won't let the agents of evil silence them. I will support Emma as much as I can she is a light in the darkness a person who deserves your respect.

Those congressmen who never had a dog in the fight , who are clueless to how it feels to be under the cloud of gun violence in a place that should be safe. You should shut your mouth till you walk a mile in these young Americans shoes.

I never had to worry about being shot in school as a child it's sad our children of today have to.

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