Tuesday, March 27, 2018

All the ways Trump is failing as president

Here's a list probably not complete.

Comforter in chief :
Look at his actions in Puerto Rico they were totally wrong , he did very little to make those people feel better it was more a photo op for Trumps benefit then anything else. In many other instance when comforting was needed he just failed.

Commander in chief :
Does he got the respect of the soldiers I doubt it. He was deferred multiple times over something so small as a bone spur that could of been corrected with a simple surgery. Plus his judgement on war is something no one believes is stable in any form.

As a role model:
Not many Americans want there children to have Trump as a role model. He's a liar , who uses women , lives by the rule money before anything and he treats others as inferior to him in everyway.

There are more things that Trump fails at that most presidents hadn't. You go through your mind and think of them yourself.

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